Out of various beneficial things at Henry Harvin institute, one which I was highly gratified for was the trainer. They were very much skilled professionals with many years of experience in the corporate world as well as in the teaching field. Our tutor himself had many years of experience in teaching different HR courses. It was evident through his teaching style. He interacted with all the students individually and created a lively atmosphere to encourage students to take part in the discussion.

When I first got enrolled in the HR social compliance course from Henry Harvin, I had many things on my mind like if it would be a worthy one, will the certificate be a valuable one, would I be able to manage it or not as it was the first time, I took a course like this on. But now, I am pleased to share my wonderful experience at the institute. The live sessions were so informative and fascinating. It was definitely a very good experience to be a part of them. The instructor explained everything so well using live examples, video sessions, use of tools and technologies and what not. He made sure all his students understood the concepts efficiently.

He also guided us with strategies to clear the exam and the upcoming projects. The bootcamp sessions and the hackathons were arranged very well. Everything was so pleasing. I am thankful to Henry Harvin for coming up with such an amazing course.

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