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Six Sigma with Marketing Analytics Certification Training Course | CSSE-GB + CMAP Certification Surat

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No. 1 Ranking in Marketing Analytics Course in India | Trained 9735+ Participants | Get Exposure to 12+ projects | Acquire Thorough Training In Analytics Using Python + R | Classroom and Live Both Online Options Available

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Key Features

Ranked No.1

Henry Harvin Six Sigma Course has been ranked as Top 1 and Marketing Analytic Course is ranked Top 3 in the industry by Trainings360

Training by Multi-Industry Exposure Trainers

Guidance of Certified Trainers + End to End Support + Aim on Extensive Project Knowledge + Focus on Practical use

Develop Skills with 12+ Projects

Acquire Expertise with 12+ Projects + Gain practical knowledge of Marketing Analytics Tools + Enhance your skills with constant learning over a period of 1 year

Job guidance and 1-year support of Management Academy

Total job support + Skill enhancement session for interview + E-Learning Access + 12 Monthly Brush Up Sessions

Globally Accepted Curriculum and Alumni Status

Globally accepted Curriculum of Lean Six Sigma Certification with Marketing Analytic Certification + Henry Harvin Alumni Status to network with more than 2350 satisfied alumni + Certification CSSE-GB + CMAP

Trusted by 180+ Corporates and 75+ Colleges

Trusted by Leading Corporates such as Abbott Pharma, Avon Cosmetics, Hostbooks, NTPC, SAB Miller, Apollo Tyres, Deloitte, Fidelity Investments & More. And 12+ IIM's including IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore & IIM Calcutta, and 7+ IIT's including IIT Bombay & IIT Delhi. Request Detailed Syllabus

About the Course

Duration of Six Sigma Course With Marketing Analytics Course


    • Classroom Training: 64 hrs duration
    • Live Online Training: 52 hrs duration

    Candidates are given a certificate after clearing an online exam after training. Constant support for the project with case studies along with monthly Brush Up sessions for 1 year is provided.

About the Six Sigma Course With Marketing Analytics Certification

    Get a globally acclaimed testimonial certification after the training. Certified Six Sigma Executive- Green Belt + Certified Marketing Analytics Practitioner (CSSE-GB + CMAP) credentials will add to your prior achievements as an enhanced skill. Use it as a symbol of upgraded expertise with your name. Eg. Sandeep Kumar (CSSE-GB + CMAP)

Trainer Profile of Six Sigma Certification With Marketing Analytics

    Trainers with intensive knowledge about the subject provide training in Henry Harvin. Their multi-industry exposure and experience adds to the success. These trainers focus on making the candidates industry-ready by helping them identify root causes of issues, generate solutions with applications on various industry case studies.

Membership Program: Henry Harvin Management Academy provides 1-Year Membership along with;

    • E-Learning Access: With Recorded Videos, Games, Projects, Case Studies
    • Brushup Sessions: Free 12 Brush Up sessions monthly for 1-Year
    • Internship: Henry Harvin or partner firms internships are assured
    • Job Opportunities: Total Job support with regular emails regarding openings
    • Interview Skills: Assistance in acquiring skills to clear interviews with Corporates

Career Benefits

    • With us at Henry Harvin evolve your project management skills.
    • Enhance problem-solving techniques along with decision making.
    • Achieve eligibility for better job opportunities and networks to grow in the field of analytics.
    • Make yourself available with a specialization in the Six Sigma Green Belt certification and Marketing Analytics Certification program for higher positions.
    • Contribute to leadership development by setting short and long term goals.
    • Acquire organizational growth or job roles in analytic skills with higher-paying options.
    • Upgrade your CV with certification credentials CSSE-GB + CMAP and get professionally developed.
    • Become a qualified professional and get globally accepted with the course.

Learning Benefits

    • Understand the DMAIC methodology improvement cycle which is the core tool.
    • Analyze and Control Business Problems using Analytics Tools like R, Python, SAS & others.
    • Learn the ‘Do’s and Don'ts’, ‘How and what’, and ‘what works’ and ‘what does not’ in machine learning.
    • Learn to get invaluable insights into your business by structuring and interpreting data which is the basic tool of Marketing Analytics.
    • Master the skill of quality management to be able to improve the working with skill sets of Six Sigma Course.
    • Understand emerging technologies that can assist you to focus on marketing analytics for the growth of the industry.
    • Gain expertise in the real-time application of the learned concepts.
    • Learn to calculate brand value and customer value over time to build marketing strategies.
    • Learn to make predictions that can avoid spams and can make specific marketing decisions to improve sales and ROI.

Know the complete offerings of our Six Sigma with Marketing Analytics Certification Training Course | CSSE-GB + CMAP Certification

Course Curriculum

    • History & Evolution of Six Sigma
    • Six Sigma & Lean Definition
    • COPQ
    • Variation
    • DMAIC Phases
    • Six Sigma Roles & Responsibilities
    • Project Charter
    • Project Charter Contents
    • Process Mapping
    • SIPOC
    • Identifying Customers & VOC
    • Establishing VOC to CTQ
    • KANO Model
    • RACI Model
    • Quiz
    • What is Data?
    • Data Classification & Type
    • Data collection plan
    • Sampling & Sampling Strategies
    • Mean
    • Median
    • Mode
    • Range
    • Variance
    • Standard Deviation
    • Case Study – Basic Statistics
    • Normal Distribution
    • Testing Normality
    • Histogram
    • Dot Plot
    • Box Plot
    • Time Series Plot
    • Measurement System Analysis
    • Accuracy & Precision
    • Repeatability
    • Reproducibility
    • Gage R & R study
    • Process Capability
    • Capability Formulas
    • DPMO, DPU, DPO
    • Rolled Throughput Yield
    • 7 QC Tools
    • Central Limit Theorem
    • Hypothesis testing
    • Alpha risk
    • Beta Risk
    • t-test
    • Improvement Strategy
    • Regression
    • Correlation
    • Scatter Plot
    • Brainstorming
    • 5S
    • FMEA
    • Piloting Solutions
    • Automation
    • Regression
    • Correlation
    • Scatter Plot
    • Brainstorming
    • Automation
    • Mistake Proofing
    • Statistical Process Control
    • SPC Selection Process
    • Control Plan

    Introductory Topics to Analytics

    Understanding the need for Analytics in Specific Domain; CRISP Modeling

    Introduction to Data Management

    Properties & Types of Data, Measurement Scale, Basic Statistics on Data

    Basics of Python Programming

    Need for R, Features of R, Download, Setup, Installation; Python & Python Studio; Configuration. eg. Learning to set up Python and share Code

    Data Structures in R
    Creating and Understanding Basic Data Structures in Python - Vector, List, Matrix, Array, Data Frame & Factors which help in creating data in Python programming.

    Data Manipulation & Summarisation in R

    Understanding how data can be summarised in different ways to do Descriptive Analysis which describes features of data.

    Analytical Modeling

    Understand what is Modeling and how it can be used in Various Domain

    Statistical Tests

    P-Value, Z Value, Hypothesis, Null Hypothesis, Alternative Hypothesis, F Test, ANOVA Introduction)

    Linear Regression (Using Python)

    Start of Machine Learning, Develop a Prediction Model for predicting financial values based on one or more than 1 Independent Variable; Understand the assumptions and measures of goodness of Model, Understand its prediction ability

    Visualization using Graphs

    Creating Graph in Python and understanding which graph to be used when.

    Missing Value and Outlier Analysis

    Understanding how missing values & outliers are handled in data summarisation & modeling

    Logistic Regression

    Predicting Binary Outcome (Buy or not, Churn or not, Loan Default or not) based on Independent Variables eg. Predicting Cases for Fraud, Default on Payment, etc.


    Grouping customers based on characteristics so that they can be a target for sale increase

    Decision Trees

    When to use CART & CHAID to create a decision tree based on categorical variables.

    Ensembles (Bagging & Boosting)

    Random Forest, XGBoost: Problems of Decision Tree covered in Random Forest, How group thinking impacts the decisions (from a business point of view).

    Understand how Association Rules can be created using Market Basket Analysis. Finding Interesting association between items purchased by Customers and building strategy to sell more.

    Twitter Analysis
    Configure Twitter Account & Application; Setup for downloading tweets and analyse them for positive and negative sentiments related to Financial News/ Articles.

    Post Learning

    • Final Assessment
    • Certificate Dispatch
    • Monthly Brush Up Sessions- Live Online (12months)

Know the complete offerings of our Certified Six Sigma with Marketing Analytics Course

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Tools Covered

Know more about 50+ tools covered in this Certified Six Sigma with Marketing Analytics Course

Get Ahead with Henry Harvin® Certified Six Sigma with Marketing Analytics Course Certification

  • Lead with CSSE-GB + CMAP Certification

    Be assured to get acclaimed with our specific and precise Six Sigma Certification with the Marketing Analysis course. The certification portrays the fact that you have extensive knowledge of marketing metrics and you are eligible to evaluate the marketing strategies and help in the growth of the organization.

  • Get Transformed with a Henry Harvin Six Sigma Course with Marketing Analytics Certification Program

    Lean Six Sigma certification and Marketing Analytics certification course is a mandatory skill that introduces you to the world of data analytics. With the extensive knowledge gained you can be ready to advance in a career in marketing analytics to set you ahead in any organization.

  • Display your Accomplishments

    Portray about your Certification of Master in Marketing Analytics - on LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter; Magnify your resume and share with your network across different domains.

Our courses and Course Certificates are trusted by these industry leaders

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Why Henry Harvin for Six Sigma with Marketing Analytics Certification Training Course | CSSE-GB + CMAP Certification


Ranked No.1 Lean Six Sigma Certification with Marketing Analytics by Trainings360

Project Reviews

Thorough monthly brushup sessions over a period of 12 months. Get personalized feedback and support from our experienced Business Analytics Experts.

100% Fund Reimbursement

Get guaranteed reimbursement of your money if not contented after your first session.

Technical Mentor Support

Personal assistance with skill enhancement and career guidance with regular brush up sessions. Total support with video recordings, preparation for interviews, and answers for all your technical questions even after training sessions are over.


Henry Harvin Education cherishes affiliations from the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, Content Writing Association in India, MSME & Govt of India & many more.

Know more about what makes Henry Harvin Certified Six Sigma with Marketing Analytics Course Best in the Industry

Certified Six Sigma with Marketing Analytics Course Training Certification Process



Get your registration for the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification with Marketing Analytics Course.


Take Training sessions for Six Sigma Certification Online Course with Marketing Analytics Certification Program

Be present for the Marketing Analytics Certification Course along with Lean Six Sigma Course for gaining expertise in the required skillset and be eligible for the certification. In addition to it, if you missed or want to revisit some of the training sessions, you are provided with recorded videos of the sessions.


Real-World Projects From Industry Experts

Gather experience with real-world assignments and practical projects to upgrade the skills. Get the CSSE-GB + CMAP certification for mastering the analytical skills that top companies search for.


Get the CSSE-GB + CMAP Certification

As soon as you complete your course, receive a CSSE-GB + CMAP Certification from Henry Harvin and add the Hallmark ofCSSE-GB + CMAP next to your name (For Example, Sandeep Kumar (CSSE-GB + CMAP). Post it on social media or get framed and increase your value in the industry.

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Starts Every Week Live Virtual Classroom INR INR 17,500

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Jyoti Bhatia
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The course at Henry Harvin includes basic learning of handling data, identifying problems, and providing techniques for solutions. Right marketing skills are the mandatory skill required in every organization. The course is perfect for professionals as well as freshers looking out for a career in marketing analytics. It can be an advantage for already working professionals for enhancing their knowledge to upgrade their opportunities for growth.

Rishav Saha
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

As no particular qualification is required for taking this course, The Six Sigma Course Green Belt and Marketing Analytic Course at Henry Harvin are perfect for candidates from any field. If you are interested in Marketing Analytics and have a basic understanding of computers, the course will guide you to gain the basics of marketing analytics. It will help you use data as well as manage it effectively.

Know the complete offerings of our Certified Six Sigma with Marketing Analytics Course

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Know the complete offerings of our Certified Six Sigma with Marketing Analytics Course

Commonly Asked Questions

There are numerous advantages while enrolling with Henry Harvin including mainly 1-year Project experience sessions along with refresher sessions.

Python has gained prominence in Data Science along with R which is a programming language for statistical computing. Both of which are important for current marketing professionals for effective research. All these skills in accordance with Six Sigma certification which is crucial for leadership roles is a demand of the hour. The certification course will provide extensive knowledge and versatility to help you land with better opportunities.


Henry Harvin’s program offers the best solution for candidates that are new to data analysis in marketing. Handling data, identifying problems and solutions and correct marketing skills are the mandatory skill required in every organization. The course is perfect for professionals as well as freshers looking out for a career in marketing analytics.

Anyone can enroll in the course. However, it is advisable if you are at least undergraduate or have some experience in Quality Management, marketing professionals, product managers, market researchers.

There are a few options available if in case you miss a class. You can view recorded videos of your class or either attend the same class in another ongoing batch. You also have the option of changing your batch entirely. 


No, there is no difference between the classroom course and the online course. The online course is provided for your convenience in regard to time, place, and device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.)

Excited to Learn?

Lean Six Sigma course is designed for identifying the problems and eliminate the cause of the defect. It uses the tools to improve the quality of the product as well as procedure by managing process cycle time, reducing cost, improve customer satisfaction as well as focus on increasing profits. 

Whereas the Marketing analytics certification program includes programming languages like Python and R that have made a prominent place in the industries. The tools of marketing analytics work to maximize the effectiveness of marketing in order to optimize return on investment.

The course is beneficial for freshers who want to start a career in this field as it lays a foundation for real-world jobs. Henry Harvin’s program offers the perfect solution for candidates that are new to data analysis in marketing.


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