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Madison Lewis 4.8/5 Henry Harvin TEFL / TESOL Reviews

Hi friends, I am Madison Lewis. I have been working as an English tutor for a year. But recently I figured out that I was not getting many opportunities to apply for my job growth as I was lacking something. I have been trying to apply to many good institutes but could not make it. […]

Elizabeth Garcia 4.8/5 Henry Harvin TEFL / TESOL Reviews

Hello everyone, this is Elizabeth Garcia writing this post to share my reviews and feedback on the TEFL course which I have recently completed from Henry Harvin. If you wish to teach English abroad, then this certification is a must to possess. Almost all the public and private organizations out there demand this certification course […]

Sophia Gonzalez 4.8/5 Henry Harvin TEFL / TESOL Reviews

Hello friends, I am Sophia Gonzalez. I recently completed Henry Harvin’s TEFL course and was asked by so many friends about my experience with the institute and the course it offers. I was working as a Design Thinking Specialist at Finastra, Florida but my love for teaching pushed me to quit my job and pursue […]

James Miller 4.8/5 Henry Harvin TEFL / TESOL Reviews

Did you guys reach here searching for some career opportunities in English but not clear with the picture yet? If that’s the case then this post could be the one to rescue you. Hi friends, my name is James Miller. Even though I was in a dilemma till last year about how to proceed with […]

Ema Cyrus 4.7/5 Henry Harvin TEFL / TESOL Reviews

I started my studies with The Henry Harvin Academy, During this pandemic, the assistance and service were great Could not have asked for a better teaching institute during this time. Life is sometimes really difficult, but Henry Harvin will always assist their students in any way necessary. Showing their learners that there is much more […]

Lily Rusol 4.7/5 Henry Harvin TEFL / TESOL Reviews

I am Lily Rusol, I completed my TEFL Certification from Henry Harvin in February 2020, and it was one of the most enjoyable courses and from my experience, they stand by their reputation of quality. As of 2020, Henry Harvin has trained 100,000 proficient students for English teaching to Foreign Language speakers. The Henry Harvin […]

Alexander Brown 4.5/5 Henry Harvin TEFL / TESOL Reviews

Hi friends, I am Alexander Brown. Are you looking for TEFL reviews here? I would say you have made an appropriate choice, firstly by thinking about the right course and secondly by coming to the right page. TEFL is no doubt the correct choice if you have a passion for teaching and you are fluent […]

Noah Williams 4.8/5 Henry Harvin TEFL / TESOL Review

I was a newbie with little to no knowledge about TEFL and its courses. From being a marketing manager at a top firm in New York to being jobless, I was alone exploring the deep waters of teaching English. What was driving me was a desire to teach, shape young minds, and travel the world […]

Ava Green 4.8/5 Henry Harvin TEFL / TESOL Review

As a fresher with no prior experience in the field, I was a little apprehensive about joining the TEFL course. Hailing from Utah, USA, I was working as a marketing manager in an MNC, but I always felt a passion for teaching. Being a native English speaker and a travel addict, the perfect career opportunity […]

Benjamin Wilson 4.7/5 Henry Harvin TEFL / TESOL Reviews

About Me: Introduction Hi, I am Benjamin Wilson. I am here to share with you my experience with the TEFL Certification course that I have completed recently with Henry Harvin.  Let me first tell you how did it all start? While searching for the course options I came across this website which I found quite […]