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Prerna Bharadwaj, 4.6/5 Henry Harvin Programming for Non-Programmers Course Review

Due to financial constraints faced by my family as my mother was a single parent, I had to work as a part-timer various times to support my family and my expenses. But after the completion of my post-graduation I knew, now I have to find a permanent job to sustain my family.   Being a […]

Pritha Nag,4.6/5 Henry Harvin AI in Finance Course Review

I am from Kolkata. Last year I had completed my 12th grade examinations. Due to this pandemic situation, there was a lot of uncertainty regarding the results. Sitting at home, having nothing interesting to do, I started surfing the web to look for short courses. And that is when I came across the AI in […]

Mohammad Ishan, 4.6/5 Henry Harvin SAP Security Training Course Review

Out of several advantages of joining Henry Harvin institute for a technical, one which I highly appreciate them for is their trainers. They were technical experts with many years of experience in the SAP and also in the teaching field. Our trainer had a very good knowledge about different SAP academic courses. It was obvious […]

Amaya Sinha, 4.7/5 Henry Harvin SAP Security Training Course Review

 I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration recently. And before joining an organisation for my career, I decided to take up a technical course to boost up my skills. One of my friends had completed her certification course in SAP Security Training from Henry Harvin a few months ago and she recommended this course […]

Shashank Rajput, 4.8/5 Henry Harvin SAP Security Training Course Review

I just recently got certified for SAP Security Training Course from Henry Harvin institute through online. They led 44 Hours of Live classroom sessions virtually for the course and also conducted projects on different aspects of SAP. Our training sessions were very interactive and enlightening. The instructor had adequate knowledge in his topic. The course […]

Trilesh Gupta, 4.9/5 Henry Harvin SAP Security Training Course Review

SAP Security Training Course is one of the most technical components of SAP courses. It is well versed and helps the learners in managing the customers and growth of SAP system. I knew the benefits of this course through my professor. I started looking for it and saw this course in Henry Harvin’s official website […]

Sagar M, 4.8/5 Henry Harvin SAP Security Training Course Review

I joined the SAP Security Training Course at Henry Harvin in late January and it was certainly a very good decision. I had a prolific experience at Henry Harvin, as the training I received there was highly beneficial and helped me in developing the much-required skills in this field. This SAP Security Training Course was […]

Saniya Malhotra – 4.6/5 Henry Harvin COBIT 5 Training Course Review

My dream is to work in top IT companies and take up new and exciting projects. For this dream to come true, I felt that I should work harder and equip myself with strong knowledge about how things work. A single undergraduate degree in computer science would not be sufficient as I was not so […]

Prashanth Tripathi – 4.7/5 Henry Harvin COBIT 5 Training Course Review

I enrolled in the COBIT 5 training course by Henry Harvin to sharpen my skills and get some knowledge about the objectives of information technology and related architectures. The major reason why I took up a training course is because I used to become very nervous during job interviews due to lack of knowledge. Therefore, […]

Amit Trivedi – 4.5/5 Henry Harvin COBIT 5 Training Course Review

I am an old student of Henry Harvin as I had pursued several training programmes and certificate courses from this education centre during my college days. With every certification that I completed from Henry Harvin, I always learnt a brand new skill that I did not possess in the past. These courses are so effective […]