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  • Get the most in-demand Skill Diploma from Jain Online University & 100% Job Guarantee

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Mentored by Chetan Bhagat
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About the Course

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the fastest growing and the most demanded field of Marketing that offers a promising career path. It offers various job roles such as Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Manager, Analytics Manager, Inbound Marketing Manager, and more. Each Job role develops the required skills and strategies. The arena of Digital Marketing is job-oriented and result-driven. It also enhances knowledge and creativity due to its dynamic nature. Digital Marketing is a type of Advertising delivered through Search Engines, Websites, Social Media Platforms, and more.

Roles of a Post Graduate Digital Marketer

  • Optimize website Structure
  • Optimize Website Content for SEO
  • Drive relevant traffic to the website
  • Develop Various Digital Marketing strategies through SEO & SEM
  • Create more engagement on the website through Social Media
  • Check the regular update of Google Algorithms
  • Create Optimized Digital Content such as Video, infographics, etc.

10-in-1 Program

  • Training: 12 Months of Two-way Live Online Interactive Classroom Session
  • Projects: Facility to undergo projects in related fields of Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, etc.
  • Internship: 100% Guaranteed Internship to gain practical experience of the learnings
  • Certification: Distinguish your profile with the global credential of Post Graduate in Digital Marketing and showcase expertise by using the Hallmark of Post Graduate in Digital Marketing next to your name. Avinder Singh (PGDM)
  • Placement: 100% Placement Support for 1-Year post successful completion
  • E-Learning: Access with abundant tools and techniques, video content, assessments, and more
  • Masterclass: Access to 52+ Masterclass Sessions for essential soft skill development
  • Hackathons: Free Access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions
  • Membership: Get 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® Digital Marketing Academy for the Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship Mentorship: Mentorship from Young Successful Entrepreneurs to set up a sustainable & scalable Business from scratch at both Freelance and entrepreneur level

Trainers at Henry Harvin®

  • Internationally acclaimed Certified Digital Marketing trainers with 10+ years of Industry Experience.
  • The trainers not only possess topic expertise but also an enormous amount of teaching experience, having trained over 900+ individuals globally.
  • Can attend multiple sessions from multiple trainers.

Gold Membership Benefits

  • Avail 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin®️ Digital Marketing Academy that includes E-Learning Access through recorded Videos, Games, Projects, CPDSPe Studies
  • Masterclass Sessions for 1-Year
  • Earn the Prestigious Henry Harvin®️ Alumni status and become one of the reputed 4,60,000+Alumni across the globe
  • 100% Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin®️ or partner firms
  • Weekly 10+ job opportunities offered
  • Experience Industry Projects during the training

Learning Benefits

  • Acquire Comprehensive knowledge about the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Understand the process including factors such as Targeted Traffic, retention, and Conversion
  • Prepare a Site Structure, Wireframe of Webpage
  • Learn about Technical SEO, Mobile SEO, Off-page SEO, Social SEO, Local SEO, and more
  • Get Versed in Social Media Marketing such as Facebook and Instagram Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Youtube Marketing, and more
  • Launch Mobile Ads Campaigns and Google Ads
  • Learn to save cost on Marketing Expenses by going Digital
  • Understand to gauge Progress in Marketing
  • Earn a Global Audience for your Business
  • Learn Social Media Marketing tips for all Big Social Media Platforms to build or expand your business

About the Course

  • Course Duration: Both classroom and online training course duration is 24 hours
  • Candidates earn a globally acknowledged certification on clearing an online exam after training
  • Constant support for the project with case studies along with monthly brush-up sessions for 1 year is provided

About the Content Writing Master Course

Get a globally acclaimed testimonial certification after the training. Certified Technical Writer (CTW) + Certified Research Writer (CRW) + Certified Medical Writer (CMW) credentials will really enhance your overall portfolio as a writer. Use it as a symbol of upgraded expertise with your name. For example, Sandeep Kumar (CTW + CRW + CMW).

Trainers with 10+ Years Experience

Henry Harvin® has expert trainers on board with in-depth knowledge to become a mutifaceted content writer. Their multidisciplinary experience helps the candidates to gain intensive knowledge regarding writing or drafting technical communications or creating compelling guides that are required in different occupational fields. These trainers focus on making the candidates industry-ready by helping them acquire the combined skillset of a technical, research and medical writer.

Gold Membership Program

Henry Harvin® Writing Academy provides 1-year membership along with;

  • E-Learning Access: Get access to recorded videos, games, projects, case studies
  • Brush-up Sessions: Free 12 brush-up sessions delivered on a monthly basis for 1 year
  • Internship: Get assured internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms
  • Job Opportunities: Complete job support with regular emails regarding openings
  • Interview Skills: Assistance in acquiring skills to clear interviews with top corporates and start-ups

Career Benefits of Master Content Writing Certification

  • With Henry Harvin evolve your writing skills to become a dynamic and mutifaceted content writer
  • Learn techniques to write high-quality, well-versed write-ups and documents
  • Become eligible for better job opportunities and join various networks to grow in the field of technical, research and medical writing
  • Make yourself available with a specialization in the technical, research and medical writing for higher positions in respective fields
  • Acquire organizational growth or job roles with enhanced professional formatting & presentation skills with our content writing master course
  • Upgrade your CV with certification credentials (CTW + CRW + CMW) and get professional recognition
  • Become a qualified professional writer for highly specialized domains and get globally accepted with the course

Learning Benefits

  • Understand how to structure the documents which is part of the core module of our content writing master course
  • Understand different forms of content and strategically playing with keywords while maintaining coherence in sentences/paragraphs
  • Develop research skills through advanced Google search and other platforms
  • Learn both the basic and advanced techniques for editing and proofreading
  • Learn to simplify the process around medical writing — managing flow, cohesiveness and structure of research paper
  • Acquire knowledge on how to brainstorm for topic ideas for research
  • Learning to collect and collate data, references and citations for the research paper
  • Gain expertise in analyzing the audience and content purpose
  • Understanding essential skills and process of technical writing
  • Managing grammar along with skills and processes to become a refined professional content writer for specialized domains
Course Curriculum

Module 1: Initialisation of Digital Marketing


  • What is Marketing
  • How many types of marketing
  • What is Digital Marketing
  • Difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing
  • What is Internet
  • Difference between LAN and WAN
  • How to convert traffic into leads
  • Difference between inbound and outbound marketing
  • Success Factors of Digital Marketing
  • Core concept of conversion process
  • Case Study for popular startups
Module 2: Facebook Marketing


•   Introduction to social media marketing
•   How to use Facebook for lead generation?
•   Ways to use Facebook for branding?
•   How to target the right audience?
•   How to increase the likes of Facebook business pages?
•   How to create Facebook Ads?
•   Facebook Ads Automation
•   How to generate leads through Facebook Marketing?
•   How to add conversion tracking pixel code?
•   Make regular reports keeping a check on the insights

Module 3: Google AdSense


•   What is Google?
•   What is Google Adsense?
•   Difference between Google Adwords vs Google Analytics
•   Easy steps to follow for Google Adsense
•   Difference between Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing?
•   Plugin for AdSense integration
•   Reports Study
•   Different types of Ad unit
•   Which size for Adsense is the most effective?
•   Case Studies to work for Google Adsense

Module 4: Bing Webmaster


 My Site
•   How to configure my site
•   Image feed specification
•   Sitemaps
•   Video Feed Specifications
•   Submit URLs to Bing
•   Ignore URL Parameters
•   Crawl Control
•   How to manage Deep Links
•   Messages and Alerts Set Email Preferences Remove Broken links/ outdated cache Webmaster guidelines Link Buildings Malware and Spam
•   Site Move
•   Verify Bingbot Tools
•   SEO Analyzer
•   Using SEO Reports
•   Markup Validator
•   Mobile Friendliness
•   Page Traffic Reports
•   Using Reports and Data
•   How to add New User
•   Verify Ownership
•   Geo-targeting your website
•   Connected pages

Module 5: Email Marketing


•   Introduction to Advanced Email Marketing
•   Write Better Subject Lines
•   Develop Emails that Drive Results
•   Optimize Your Email Content
•   List Management Strategies
•   Automating Your Emails
•   Create Optimal Landing Pages
•   Create an Email Campaign Checklist
•   GDPR for Digital Marketers

Module 6: Earn as a Freelancer


  • What is Freelancing?
  • How do you make your venture in the field of freelancing?
  • How to get projects on freelancing?
  • How to get the project on Upwork?
  • How to make contacts on Fiverr?
  • How to initiate Gigs on Fiverr?
  • How to generate sales on Fiverr?
  • Know-how to use the portal effectively
  • Bid for the projects easily and smartly
  • Simple selling basics
Module 7: Search Marketing


What is Google Adwords?

•   Campaign ideations
•   Differentiating between Ads and Keywords
•   What are Bing Ads?
•   Introduction to PPC
•   Selection of relevant keywords
•   Options for advanced locations
•   Bid stimulator
•   How to control fraud click on your Ads
•   Creation of Search Ads
•   Differentiating dynamic search Ads and dynamic keyword insertion?
•   The process of marketing

Module 8: Lead Generation for Business


•   What is a Lead?
•   Build a website for Lead Generation
•   Add a live chat function to your website
•   Difference between Leads Vs Sales?
•   What is SEO?
•   How to generate leads through Search Engine Optimization?
•   Social media & Content marketing
•   Generate customer testimonials
•   Include calls to action on your website
•   Collect online revenues
•   How to generate leads through Google Adwords?
•   Difference between Micro conversion and Macro conversion

Module 9: Pinterest Marketing


•   What is Pinterest?
•   What is Pinterest marketing?
•   When to use Pinterest Marketing?
•   Key factors to using Pinterest Ads
•   How to generate sales with Pinterest?
•   Learn to choose the right category for your content.
•   Share your content on other social networks other than Pinterest
•   Learn to optimize your boards with Keyword-Rich Descriptions.
•   Automate your content
•   Know-how the other strategies to have a successful marketing campaign

Module 10: Website Planning


•   Introduction to a Website
•   Webpage and Website
•   Webpage and Web Media
•   Blogs and Websites
•   Importance of a Website
•   Need of a Website
•   Types of Websites
•   How sales Boom according to layout
•   Sales fluctuate according to theme
•   Adding a domain to hosting
•   Choosing the best hosting for websites
•   Types of Hosting
•   What is Hosting
•   How to buy a domain
•   Creating a blueprint of the Websites
•   What is Landing Page
•   Web Application
•   Popular Frameworks - Magento / WordPress
•   The framework used to create a website

Module 11: Brand Communication


•   Arriving at a role or roles for the brand
•   Identifying stakeholders
•   Prioritizing stakeholders
•   Segmenting primary audiences
•   How to analyze macro environments
•   How to reverse engineer competition's communication plans
•   Consumer pyramids and funnels
•   Crafting messages
•   Putting all of the above in one logical plan

Module 12: Search Egine Optimzation


Introduction to SEO How Search Engines Work

•   Indexing & Crawling Basics
•   Optimizing Crawl Budget
•   Organic Search vs. Paid Search Results
•   Anatomy of a Search Result (Search Snippet)
•   What is On-page SEO (Content, Architecture, HTML)
•   What is Off-page SEO / Link Building (Social, Content-based, PR)
•   Keyword Research- Finding Seed Keywords: Mind Map for Keyword Research
•   Using Wikipedia, Forums for Keyword Research
•   Keyword Research Process - Identify SeedKeywords, Collect metrics, Map Keywords
•   Local SEO- What is Local SEO, Pigeon Update
•   Scribd and other social channels for SEO
•   YouTube Video SEO
•   Quora
•   Link Building Metrics Social SEO
•   Manual Link Building Process
•   Link Building Tactics
•   What is Link Building
•   A career in SEO
•   Off-page SEO- Link Building
•   Google My Business, Bing Places
•   Local Pages on your website
•   Local listings / citations Backlink
•   Backlink audit of one website
•   How to audit backlinks of competitors and gain
•   SEO Audit, Tools, Measurement- What are SEO Audits?
•   Different Types of SEO Audits.
•   Complete SEO Audit with Checklist - Screaming Frog SEO Spider, SEMRush Backlink Audit, Page Speed Audit with GTMetrix / Google Pagespeed Insights, Mobile Site Audit
•   Free Learning Resources-Moz, Google Analytics
•   Technical SEO- URL Architecture
•   Google Keyword Planner Tool
•   On-page SEO- HTML Basics
•   Web Page Basics: What is HTML, JavaScript,CSS
•   Basic HTML Tags to create a web page
•   HTML Tags for SEO: Title, H1, META Tags, IMG, A
•   Title, H1, Meta Description, Keyword Usage
•   Crawling: XML, HTML Sitemaps, Robots.txt
•   Content Clusters (Creating SEO-based content)
•   Negative on-page to avoid
•   How Schema shows up in SERPs
•   Page Speed Analysis (GTMetrix / YSlow / Google Page Speed Insights)
•   301 Redirects
•   Mobile SEO- App Store Optimization
•   Mobile Websites: Responsive, Adaptive, Dynamic
•   Optimizing for Voice Search Schema Markups
•   What is Schema & Why is it relevant to SEO.
•   Schema Types - Micro, JSON-LD
•   Common JSON Schema Tags - Organization, Website, BlogPosting, LocalBusiness

Module 13: Online Reputation Management


•   What is Online Reputation Management?
•   Know-how to use ORM tools
•   Neutralize the reviews in a polite manner
•   Improving the reputation
•   Hiding of the negative reviews
•   Creation of ORM strategies
•   Increasing the star rating
•   Flagging inappropriate reviews
•   Analyzing Real-Time case studies
•   Get more customers

Module 14: E-Commerce Marketing


•   What is E-commerce Marketing?
•   Basic concepts of E-commerce
•   Effective strategies to plan for an eCommerce website
•   Difference between Normal SEO and eCommerce website SEO?
•   How to boost sales through E-commerce?
•   Easy checkout and cart development techniques
•   Product presentation and"ROI" parameter
•   How to promote large products in a single click?
•   How to avoid failure on-site auctions?
•   How to increase eCommerce sales through marketing?

Module 15: Instagram Marketing


•   What is Instagram?
•   A basic introduction to Instagram Marketing
•   How to create Instagram ads?
•   Creating remarkable content for Instagram Ads
•   Analyze and run your Ads
•   Use Instagram Marketing for influencing
•   Get in touch with influencers for better reach and engagement
•   Drive traffic to your website with Instagram Ads
•   Tips and Tricks to tackle the account/business page

Module 16: Advanced Excel


Ranked Advanced Excel Course in India. Learn to apply Advanced Formulas, Perform Data analysis & Data Visualization, and create Pivot tables & dashboards. This course will provide comprehensive knowledge of MS Excel and its function. The learner will be equipped with the knowledge about Power query and user-defined functions with skills on Advanced VBA

•   Gain basic knowledge of MS Excel
•   Work flawlessly with the Basic Excel Function
•   Understand the Advanced Excel Functions and work with it
•   Get introduced to Lookup Functions
•   Learn the essential functions of Excel and the Pivot Table
•   Know the basics of VBA and its analysis
•   Acquire knowledge about Power Query and User-Defined Functions
•   Get Acquainted with the Basics of Advanced Excel
•   Data Validation
•   Mail Merge
•   Dynamic Array Formula
•   Using Conditional Formatting
•   Macros (Only Recording, Non-VBA)
•   Summarizing Data with Pivot Tables
•   Working with Slicers
•   Power Pivot / Power Query
•   Charts
•   Other Topics
•   Excel Dashboard
•   Protecting and Security
•   Using Named Ranges
•   Lookup and Information Functions
•   Working with Dates and CountIfs and SumIfs
•   If Functions and text Functions
•   Basics of Formula/Functions
•   Filtering Data
•   Sorting Data
•   Basics Functions of Excel
•   Understanding Cell References
•   Working with Tables
•   Course Curriculum- Introduction to MS Excel
•   Learn to work with Advanced Excel Functions
•   Acquire Knowledge of Advanced VBA

Module 17: Website Creation


•   Introduction to WordPress
•   Choosing the right hosting
•   How To Install WordPress?
•   Finding a right domain name
•   Choosing a free/premium template
•   Know your WordPress dashboard
•   Adding a sitemap, widgets, and themes
•   Create Posts and Pages
•   WordPress categories and tags
•   Critical Concerns to Address on Landing Page
•   Investment in Landing Page
•   Conversion Oriented Landing Page Design
•   Pattern #1 - Pop-Ups
•   Pattern #2 - Pop Under Call-to-Action
•   Pattern #3 - Inside Article CTA Placement of call to actions
•   Decide placements of important elements- Patterns for Engaging Website Visitors
•   Long Landing Page
•   Prepare wireframe of pages- Short Landing Page
•   Prepare site structure - What all pages
•   Site speed- make it faster
•   Integrating Google Analytics
•   Our 20-step plan to create your website
•   How to upload Demo content?
•   Creating multiple pages

Module 18: Marketing Communication


•   Marketing Communication Overview
•   Marketing Communication & Relationship
•   Corporate Communication

Module 19: Marketing Analytics


•   Marketing in the Digital World
•   Customer in the Digital World
•   Customer Journey
•   Reaching and Engaging the Customer
•   Making Digital Work: Strategies for Paid Ad Campaigns
•   Email, Display and Social Media Advertising
•   Strategies and Evaluation: Metrics, and ROI
•   Digital Strategy and Analytics
•   Digital Marketing: Strategy, Planning and Execution
•   Emerging Technologies for Digital Marketing

Module 20: Twitter Marketing


•   What is Twitter?
•   What is Twitter Marketing?
•   How to create Twitter Ads?
•   Ways to Increase website visitors through Twitter Ads
•   Increase followers with the help of Twitter Ads
•   How to process App installation with the help of Twitter Ads?
•   How to Tweet most effectively?
•   Twitter embedded/block/ widgets
•   Usage of effective hashtags
•   Campaign planning and ideations

Module 21: Google Webmaster


Introduction to Dashboards
•   Site Dashboard
•   The Right Panel
•   Search Appearances- Structured Data
•   Data Highlighter
•   HTML Improvements
•   Site Links
•   Structured Data Tools
•   Search Traffic- Search Analytics
•   Link to your site
•   Security Issues and Other Resources
•   Sitemaps and URL Parameters
•   Fetch as Google and robots.txt
•   Crawl- Crawl Error and Crawl Stats
•   Remove URLs
•   Content Keywords and Blocked Resources
•   Google Index- Index Status
•   Penguin and Panda Updates
•   Internal Links

Module 22: Digital Content Writing


Content Writing is the most demanded in the Industry. This Course will Specialise in the fundamentals of content writing. It will help you with a basic understanding of various types of writing. Develop writing skills for Creative Writing, Business Writing, Technical Writing, Medical Writing, Social Media Writing, SEO Writing, Book Writing, Copywriting, and much more. Transform yourself into a Content Strategist and earn online with projects from the US & UK.

•   Learn the Basic Writing and Language skills
•   Get in-depth knowledge of the Basic Internet Skills
•   Learn the fundamentals of various types of writing such as Technical, creative, Business Academic, and more.
•   Acquire the Skills of Various Content Creating Strategies
•   Learn the techniques of creating Academic Content
•   Get exposed to International Projects with high Remunerations
•   To earn online from International Projects
•   Course Curriculum-Language skills
•   Simulated Content Writing Projects
•   Earn Online & get International Projects
•   Email Writing
•   Copywriting
•   Creative Writing
•   Academic Writing
•   Technical & Research Writing
•   Content Strategy
•   Business & Marketing Writing
•   Internet Skills

Module 23: Creative Designing


•   What is Creative Designing?
•   How to create appealing creatives?
•   Introduction to typography
•   Colour combination and schemes
•   Logotype Design
•   Learn to create infographics
•   Deciding an appropriate size according to the platform
•   Maintaining the text ratio of the creative
•   Alignment to be taken care of
•   Using CTA terms in the creatives
•   Use instant creative designing tools
•   Use creative taglines

Module 24: Affiliate Marketing


•   What is Marketing?
•   What is Affiliate Marketing?
•   Easy steps to earn from Affiliate Marketing
•   How to start earning from Affiliate Marketing?
•   Ways to find low competitive keywords with high potential?
•   Learn about Affiliate Earning Models
•   Know about Affiliate Landing Pages
•   Ways to redirect visitors to the Affiliate page?
•   Get knowledge about B2B and B2C industry
•   Tips & Tricks to drive in more sales and reach more people

Module 25: Linkedin Marketing


•   An introduction to Linkedin marketing
•   How does Linkedin work?
•   When to use Linkedin as a way to market/drive leads?
•   How to generate B2B leads?
•   Create different types of Linkedin sponsored Ads
•   Selection of the Best Ads for promotion
•   Keeping a track of Linkedin sales
•   How to target the precise audience?
•   Usage of relevant keywords in the bio and description of the page
•   Adding links for better leads

Training Certification Process



Consult with our counsellors to check your eligibility and the right batch. And then Register for our Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing.


Attend The Training Program

Attend classes of our Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing to get credits and become eligible for the certification. View session recordings in case you missed any training.


Submit Projects Assigned

Deliver the projects and assignments allocated during the Training as part of the practical assessment system to become eligible for the Certification of PGDM


Get Certified

Post completion, get PGDM Certification from Henry Harvin® Digital Marketing Academy. Post it on social media and apply for the internship, placement, and freelancing projects.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is a Post Graduate Digital Marketing Course? What skills will I learn from the course?

A Post Graduate Digital Marketing Course is designed to successfully equip a candidate in all major aspects of the new digital marketing environment. Therefore, this course touches on a wide range of topics such as Web Analytics, Webpage Designing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing, 3D Printing, KPI creation and measurement and many more. A Digital Marketing Course will help you to effectively explore and handle Digital Marketing Campaigns.

What is the duration of the Digital Marketing Course?

This is an online course and it enjoys the same structure and guidance and will be completed after 12 months of active training including Internship in various aspects of digital marketing. The classes for the Post Graduate program in Digital Marketing will be scattered over a 12-months period.

Is digital marketing a good career path? Do digital marketers have a bright future?

Digital Marketing is the new way of advertising and marketing which is adopted by almost every company and brand, as it helps to connect them with more people and generate more business. With massive digitalization of businesses, there has been an enormous surge in demand for digital marketers, and it is one of the most sought after jobs today. With a sound knowledge of various digital/online marketing skills you can easily command a salary in six figures.

Does this Post Graduate digital marketing course cover all relevant aspects of online marketing?

Post Graduate in Digital Marketing Program has a comprehensive curriculum and it includes all important aspects of Digital Marketing such as

  • 1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • 2. Effective Web Page Designing
  • 3. Search Engine Marketing with Google Ads
  • 4. Organic Social Media Marketing
  • 5. Paid Social Media Marketing
  • 6. Digital Content Writing
  • 7. Marketing Analytics
  • 8. 80+ Ideas to Earn Online

Why are people increasingly opting for digital or online marketing courses over traditional or offline marketing courses?

There are several reasons for candidates to select online marketing over traditional marketing but the most obvious reasons are:

  • As most businesses have shifted from traditional to digital mode of marketing, the demand for qualified digital marketers has skyrocketed
  • Salary range for those who opt for digital marketing is better than their counterparts involved in conventional marketing, which gets better with experience
  • Can kickstart your own business, own portal or pick up freelancing projects
  • Showcase your creativity and set yourself apart from the crowd
  • Upgrade your skills and remain relevant in the industry

What job opportunities are available after completing digital marketing certification from Henry Harvin?

After the successful completion of Digital Marketing Certification from Henry Harvin you can choose to apply for any digital marketing role — Digital Marketing Executive, SEO Specialist, PPC Executive, Marketing Influencer or Social Media Executive.

Who should opt for the Post Graduate program in digital marketing ? Can anyone enroll in the Post Graduate program in digital marketing ?

With the Internet reaching out to all regions across the world, and an increasing number of people having access to smartphones, laptops, computers, a Digital Marketing Course is relevant to both professionals and freshers from all walks of life. From people looking to make a flourishing career in digital marketing to students’ eager to explore a new career avenue, everyone can take up this course.

Thus, if you are tech savvy and enthusiastic to learn tips and tricks for successful marketing through digital channels and platforms, then this is the course for you. There are no other stringent prerequisites to opt for a digital marketing course.

Why should I choose the Post graduate program in digital marketing only from Henry Harvin?

Digital Marketing Course by Henry Harvin® is Ranked #1 Amongst Top 5 Most Trending Digital Marketing Courses by India Today

Do I need any specific qualification to pursue a post graduate program in digital marketing ?

The best part of a Digital Marketing Course is that people from all walks of life, from all age groups, and from different educational backgrounds can enroll for the course and upgrade their marketing skills. So, it does not matter what your qualification is and whether you are a student, self-employed, or a business owner. The course will help you acquire essential skills to leverage various digital marketing platforms for creating more business opportunities or open up new career avenues.

What are the top learning benefits of this Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing Course?

Some of the top learning benefits of the Post graduate program in Digital Marketing Course from Henry Harvin are:

  • Get better equipped to handle digital marketing campaigns
  • Understand the do's and don’ts of digital marketing
  • Learn to save cost on marketing expenses by going digital
  • Learn how to reach a global audience using digital marketing
  • Get to know how to work as a freelancer or find opportunities to work from Home
  • Develop marketing strategies to meet business goals
  • Differentiate your CV and leave a strong impression on recruiters

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