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Become a skilled AI Expert | Master the most demanding tech-dexterity | Accelerate your career with trending certification course | Develop skills in AI & ML technologies.

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Key Features

Trending Certification

Become an AI expert: The most demanding experts in today’s time.

Integrated Curriculum

Henry Harvin’s AI certification course has a well- designed curriculum that helps you master AI techniques to make you eligible for high profile jobs across the globe.

100% Practical Training

Gets Hands-on training on CAIP course + Live Projects + Focus on Learning While Doing + Popular GCAO Pedagogy

Gain Experience of 12+ Projects

Get the experience of 12 Projects for 1 Year post formal training.

Job guidance and 1-year support of Management Academy

Total job support + Skill enhancement session for interview + E-Learning Access + 12 Monthly Brush Up Sessions

Trusted by 160+ Corporates and 60+ Colleges

Trusted by Leading Corporates such as Abbott Pharma, Avon Cosmetics, Hostbooks, NTPC, SAB Miller, Apollo Tyres, Deloitte, Fidelity Investments plus 12+ IIM's alumni including IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore & IIM Calcutta and 7+ IIT's alumni including IIT Bombay & IIT Delhi.

About the Course

Course Duration

    32-hrs training.


    • Comprehend AI & ML theories.
    • Know deeply about the meaning, purpose, scope, applications, and impacts of Artificial Intelligence.
    • Learn Fundamental concepts of ML(Machine Learning) & DL(Deep Learning).
    • Understand the ML workflow plus how to execute the strategies effectively.
    • Know the role of performance metrics and learn to identify their significant methods.
    • Understand the variations in supervised, unsupervised, and reinforced learning.
    • Comprehend how clustering and classification algorithms can help in identifying AI business applications.


    • Become Eligible for jobs demanding AI background.
    • Fill the void of thousands of untapped High-Paying Jobs for Artificial Intelligence experts.
    • Open doors to Job Opportunities Abroad demanding specialization.
    • Improve your CV & Linkedin Profile with technical & professional development.
    • Distinguish your profile from peers and get Promoted in current profile with most in-demand skill.
    • Earn a Rewarding Certification- 'Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner’.

Course Facilitators

    Henry Harvin’s Training is delivered by Seasoned Industry Experts with specialization. These talented practitioners have valuable exposure, experience and success across diverse industries and are also empanelled as subject matter experts with Henry Harvin Analytics Academy.

Membership Program

    Get 1-Year Membership of Henry Harvin Analytics Academy and avail the following benefits:

    • E-Learning Access: Includes Recorded Videos, Games, Projects, Case Studies
    • Brushup Sessions: 12 Monthly Brushup Sessions for 1-Year Worth Rs.6000 for Free
    • Internship: Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms
    • Job Opportunities: Weekly Job Opportunities
    • Interview Skills: Support in cracking Interviews with Startups and Top Corporates.

Know the complete offerings of our Artificial Intelligence

Course Curriculum

    Decoding Artificial Intelligence

    • Decoding Artificial Intelligence
    • Meaning, Scope, and Stages Of Artificial Intelligence
    • Three Stages of Artificial Intelligence
    • Applications of Artificial Intelligence
    • Image Recognition
    • Applications of Artificial Intelligence - Examples
    • Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Society
    • Supervised Learning for Telemedicine
    • Solves Complex Social Problems
    • Benefits Multiple Industries

    Fundamentals of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

    • Fundamentals Of Machine Learning and Deep Learning
    • Meaning of Machine Learning
    • Relationship between Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis
    • Process of Machine Learning
    • Types of Machine Learning
    • Meaning of Unsupervised Learning
    • Meaning of Semi-supervised Learning
    • Algorithms of Machine Learning
    • Regression
    • Naive Bayes
    • Naive Bayes Classification
    • Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Deep Learning
    • Artificial Neural Network Definition
    • Definition of Perceptron
    • Online and Batch Learning
    • Key Takeaways

    Machine Learning Workflow

    • Learning Objective
    • Machine Learning Workflow
    • Get more data
    • Ask a Sharp Question
    • Add Data to the Table
    • Check for Quality
    • Transform Features
    • Answer the Questions
    • Use the Answer
    • Key Takeaways

    Performance Metrics

    • Performance Metrics
    • Need For Performance Metrics
    • Key Methods Of Performance Metrics
    • Confusion Matrix Example
    • Terms Of Confusion Matrix
    • Minimize False Cases
    • Minimize False Positive Example
    • Accuracy
    • Precision
    • Recall Or Sensitivity
    • Specificity
    • F1 Score
    • Key Takeaways

Know the complete offerings of our Artificial Intelligence Course

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Tools Covered

Know more about 50+ tools covered in this Artificial Intelligence Course

Get Ahead with Henry Harvin® Artificial Intelligence Course Certification

  • Earn your Certification(CAIP)

    Get endorsed as “Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner” from this Course once you grasp the knowledge from our training program.

  • Differentiate yourself with a Henry Harvin Artificial Intelligence Practitioner Certification.

    The practical knowledge and actionable skillset you’d gain working on projects, simulations, case studies will set you ahead of the competition.

  • Share your achievement

    Use diverse social media platforms such as Linkedin, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to promote and share your resume and reap feasible benefits.

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Why Henry Harvin for Artificial Intelligence


Henry Harvin Academy ranks as No.1 Certification Course Providers by Trainings360

Post Training Support

Upgrading your knowledge is our responsibility by providing you with newly recorded videos and monthly brushup sessions. Also, get career services, regular job updates, and much more.

Highly Valued LMS

Get 24x7 + Lifetime Access to Web + Mobile-Based App with Abundant Data Sets, Case Studies, Content, Recorded Videos, PPT and Study Notes.

Alumni Status from Henry Harvin

Join Henry Harvin’s wide network of alumni employed in growing domains all across the globe.


Harvin Education is affiliated to the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, MSME & Govt of India.

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Artificial Intelligence Course Training Certification Process



Consult with our counsellors to check your eligibility and the right batch. And then Register for our Artificial Intelligence Certification Course


Attend The Training Program

Attend classes of our Artificial Intelligence Course to get credits and become eligible for the certification. View session recordings in case you missed any training.


Submit Projects Assigned

Deliver the projects and assignments allocated during the Training as part of the practical assessment system to become eligible for the CAIP Certification


Get Certified

Post completion, get CAIP Certification from Henry Harvin Analytics Academy. Post it on social media and apply for internship, placement and freelancing projects.

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Upcoming Batches

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Know the complete offerings of our Artificial Intelligence Course

Commonly Asked Questions

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a branch of computer science that includes the evolution of computer systems that imitate a human brain and facilitate them to perform tasks that usually need human intelligence. Computers can be instructed to do tasks by processing voluminous data and recognizing structures or patterns in that data using various AI techniques

Henry Harvin’s Artificial Intelligence online training comprises the synchronous partnership of both learners and instructors in an online ecosystem. As a learner, you can log in to our AI course training from anywhere and attend the session without being present physically. Also, you will be provided with the recordings of the proceedings of all AI course classes that will help you further to enhance your learning/recall process. Furthermore, after the completion of this AI course online, your knowledge will be equivalent to that of an expert who has already struggled for six months in the industry.

Henry Harvin is a renowned organization that empowers participants to earn in-demand and exclusive Certification programs that are delivered by trained Industry experts. Our curriculum has been designed keeping the employment and entrepreneurial demands heeded.

Henry Harvin offers you the most updated, important, and real-world projects as part of its training program so that you can implement your knowledge, that you have acquired from us, in the best way. All coaching comes with varied projects that thoroughly examine your abilities, learning, and functional knowledge, making you perfectly industry-ready. You will work on profoundly compelling projects in the areas of high technology, marketing, sales, eCommerce, networking, insurance, banking, etc.

There are no prerequisites for our CAIP training program. It does not demand students to be IT experts nor it requires any programming skills. Those who are willing to learn and enhance their skills as AI practitioners, can take this online Artificial Intelligence course and become successful AI/ML experts regardless of their previous knowledge.

Henry Harvin has very rigorous parameters to choose its pilots and instructors. All trainers have immense knowledge of the industry and are well-qualified in the respected domains. Instructors are highly qualified industry experts with a minimum of 10 years of relevant teaching or practical experience. Each of them undergoes an austere process of selection that comprises profile screening, technical analysis and evaluation, and a training demo before they are authorized to train our participants.

Certainly not! This will be LIVE training and all of the classes will be conducted via live online streaming, governed by AI experts with over 10+ years of work experience. The online training will include interactive sessions that will allow you to ask questions or doubts as well as will let you participate in discussions during class time. We will provide recordings of each training session for your future reference though. We have a vast audience, across the globe in our classes that will help you boost your learning experience.

Our exclusive CAIP course is designed by subject matter experts working across the globe. The training will render a hands-on learning practice plus Global Learning Framework that will help you retain and implement your learning in your current/new job/business.

Excited to Learn?

Top 4 reasons to pick Artificial Intelligence as a career

AI: The New Era

AI will certainly be going to replace a lot of jobs that humans do, in the coming future. However, It will generate ample opportunities in all sectors. So, to stay ahead and keep pace with the tech disruption in the present as well as in the future, you should be a part of this upheaval. Artificial Intelligence(AI) is one of the rising technologies that is bringing about a drastic transition in every industry whether it be education, fashion, finance, banking, or any public or private sector.

AI: All-Around

Realize it or not! AI is everywhere today. The fleet usage of smartphones has contributed a lot to the growth of businesses. Customers are now able to get anything on just a few clicks of their mobiles. It has been made feasible via chatbots that are active 24*7 on websites. Their responses are based on the input fed to it and the data available on that website. Besides, AI has become a feat in Autonomous vehicles too. Apart from this, Smart home gadgets have been transforming our life. These gadgets function based on our preferences to perform accordingly. This includes changing the temperature, dimming or illuming lamps, maximizing home security, etc.

AI: The Pool Of Opportunities

A career in Artificial Intelligence is a vast pool of possibilities for growth. It can grant you a fat paycheck too. On average, an AI professional can earn 15 lakhs per annum in India working as an ML Engineer, Software Engineer, Research Engineer, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer, etc. at some of the big heads such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

AI: A Versatile Field

AI has got a lot in the bag to stand out from the herd. AI is generally conceived as a computer or space-related work but in reality, Artificial Intelligence has become a major part of industries like banking, healthcare, fraud detection, security, smart devices, clothing, and many more. Benefits of learning Artificial Intelligence are numerous and so are the opportunities it brings in. Furthermore, AI is mushrooming all across businesses and sectors.

Henry Harvin is a worldwide pioneer certification courses provider. Our unique pedagogy steers student engagement and is upheld by the industry’s highest fulfilment rates. Allied with professionals and groups, we recognise our associates’ unique necessities and provide outcome-centric resolutions to help them accomplish their professional goals

So, what are you waiting for? Become an AI expert by enrolling today with Henry Harvin’s Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner course: The best artificial intelligence course in India. For more information visit https://henryharvin.com/

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