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Henry Harvin is one of the best career counseling and training institutions in the county. It provides competency training as well as contributes towards the shaping and teaching of various career courses. The institution also has its fair share of skill development, content services, and assessment centers. Its expertise counseling and teaching faculty make it one of the leading institutions of its kind.
Dear visitor, you can easily be a blog contributor at the official Henry Harvin blog website.
By becoming a part of our writers and family, you will be able to share and propagate your views and opinions across specific topics to over a faculty of vast tech professionals and trainers.
We offer a vast array of multi-dimensional courses and professional course
You can contribute blogs and articles based on them.
Below, we have stated all the topics that we cover on our blogs.

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●   You have to fill in the Blog Contributor form with the necessary details. We will
revert within a few days after that. After our approval and review of the chosen
blog topics, you can start writing it.
●   Before enrolling, writing and contributing, make sure to go through our guest
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●   The content should be unique. Plagiarized content will not be entertained.
●   The article that you will be submitting should not have been published
previously on any other platform. Likewise, you will be obligated to not send in
the same content further to any other forum.
●   Before the publication of your blog’s content, it is reviewed by our editing and
proofreading cell; we might make necessary changes here and there.
●  Not everything that you submit is positively published on our site. To keep
your chances open, you can provide at least three topics for review at one go.

Topics we cover on our blog


● Machine Learning
● Marketing Analytics
● Data Visualisation
● Financial Analytics
● Business Intelligence

  • Content 

  • ● Digital Marketing
    ● Academic Writing

● Creative Writing
● Content Strategy Learning
● Foundation of Content Writing
● Technical Writing


● Accounting and Taxation
● GST Advanced Methodology
● Income Tax Specialisation


● Lean Six Sigma Methodology
● Six Sigma Green Belt Methodology
● Six Sigma Black Belt Methodology
● Agile Program Management


● Digital Marketing