COBIT5 is one of the popular IT tools that is being widely used by the business and organizations of IT management and governance. One similar tool and that is also quite popular in the market is ITIL. It is also extensively used by the organizations but slowly people are making the switch to COBIT 5 because of the better results are shown by the use of it. Most of the people in the IT business or sector will tell you that their default source of IT good practice is COBIT. It wins over ITIL, hands down. Most people go to COBIT first to assess, to a frame, to define, to justify, to audit and then turn to ITIL second, when they need more detail. The following points will let you know how COBIT is better than ITIL.

1. Purpose –ITILis an ITSM framework. COBIT is an IT practice and governance framework. ITSM mean “all of IT management seen from a service perspective.” COBIT is intended to be a comprehensive description of all IT practices. Though COBIT does not do it perfectly, it is far more accurate than ITIL.

2. Coverage – According to a report issued jointly by ISACA and OGC states that ITIL includes less than half of COBIT’s reach and only covers about a quarter of the practices. This was the report issued for COBIT 4.1, and I feel that COBIT 5 will increase this gap further.

3. Rigour – ITIL is like the hitchhikers’ guide, and COBIT is the encyclopedia. ITIL’s narrative style may appeal to the users, but the people who have used both the tools suggest that the rigour and structure of COBIT are more dependable and useful. COBIT is systematically numbered, and every entity has a consistent structure. The formal COBIT structure is much easier to use than the ITIL rambling; it enables you to find answers quicker, get clearer concepts with less confusion and frame things readily.

4. Credibility – COBIT is formulated by a unit, not a couple of authors per book. The same team is used for all the books. And then the list of all COBIT grantors and analysts runs to pages. It is maintained and published by a not-for-profit society body set up and operated by auditors, process geeks, and security wonks. Its governance and discretion are impossible.

5. Accessibility –COBIT is low cost as compared to ITIL. There is a copyright and trademark waiver for use by consultants and vendors.

6. Novelty – COBIT is of course not new any more than ITIL was when the world discovered it a decade ago. But COBIT has yet to be a trend, and the world is ready for a new fad as the realities of ITIL are understood. COBIT has none of the adverse baggage gatherings on ITIL. I believe COBIT is IT’s next silver bullet.

7. Governance –COBIT is becoming popular day by day because of its IT governance skills. To do the company has to realize that Cloud and SaaS and BYOD are business decisions not just IT decisions. Therefore, organizations have to take responsibilities for the same and the best way to do so is via better enterprise-level governance of IT, which is where COBIT comes in handy and is all about.

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Compare ITIL & COBIT?

COBIT is an IT governance framework. ITIL is a service management framework. COBIT is owned by ISACA ITIL is owned by Axelos. Both the framework are adopted to suit IT needs of the organizations. COBIT framework has more scope than ITIL.

What are the benefits of COBIT certification?

COBIT certification enhances:
1- It increases the efficiency of team and thus updating the governance of the enterprise.
2- It helps in accessing the current state of the enterprise.
3- The certification enables the business to reinforce new processes, regulation and principle to build a reliable foundation for your business reputation.

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