A Bitcoin address is basically a 160 bit hash of the public part of public/private ECDSA key pair. As far as its working is concerned, whenever a new address is received, a new key pair is generated. With the help of the public key cryptography, one can easily sign data with their private key. So as to validate a particular signature one should know their public key. All these Bitcoin address generally range between 27 to 34 characters and usually start with a number 1.
Bitcoin address look screwy because they are created using cryptographic algorithm. This is done to keep the data secure. Also it gives a chance to create as many addresses as possible with every new transaction. Since it contains built-in check codes so it is very hard to send the Bitcoins to any mistyped data. In case the address is well informed but still not known by many then the Bitcoin sent to that address will be lost forever. The Elliptic Curve Digital Signature address private key is basically a long number. This generally helps to keep the address secure. It is therefore not easy to decode. The address that you find screwy basically is generated with the help of a lot of hashing algorithm.
Although the Bitcoin address is quite absurd still it is difficult enough for any random person to crack it. It is only the holder of the private key who can get the access to this address easily. Although it is not in a readable language, hence people find it difficult to make out what are the exact words.

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