Are you a high school student looking for something exciting to do this summer? Are you bored of watching tv shows all day? Are you looking to expand your horizon this vacation? If you answered yes to any of these questions, cheer up because you are in luck today! I am going to share some of my favorite summer activities with you and who knows maybe you will try them out too!

Here is a list of some activities a high school student must do.

Enrolling in Extra Courses : –


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You can take part in some extra courses whether they are offered by your school or a corporate. For some particularly ambitious students aspiring for reputed universities, it can be important to build a strong  portfolio and joining courses like the Henry Harvin Teen MBA and Junior MBA Course can be a great way to start.

The Henry Harvin Teen MBA and Junior MBA Course help people develop MBA skills at a very young age, thus presenting a great opportunity for high school students like ourselves. Taking courses like these can largely improve your interpersonal skills and boost your self confidence. 

Moreover, a course will definitely boost your portfolio giving you an edge over other applicants (if you wish to apply to universities where admission is competitive). Even if you are not looking at adding something to your portfolio its still a fun and effective way to utilize free time.


Volunteering at an NGO: –


Another thing you can go for is volunteering at an NGO. It’s a great way to contribute to a cause you feel strongly about and to give back to our community. This activity will give you perspective and offer a chance for one to one communication with many noble souls.

It is a very “feel good” activity and doing all that selfless good will definitely come back to you. Working at an NGO may not pay you in cash or give you that extra money for a video game. However, it will definitely be a huge payment in the form of blessings making it the perfect work for those who want to fulfill other’s need not their own greed.


Applying for an Internship: –


You can apply for an internship at a corporate like Henry Harvin etc. Some corporates like Henry Harvin offer internships or courses like Henry Harvin Teen MBA and Junior MBA Course to high school students. Doing an internship will provide a real world corporate experience similar to that of an employee and help you gain insight on how things work in a company. This will give you a sense of achievement and happiness too.

If you’re lucky you may even get a paid internship and earn some extra pocket money!  Doesn’t this sound awesome, getting your first salary in high school?


Starting a Cleanliness Drive in your Neighborhood: –


To occupy yourself in something productive and give back to mother nature, a cleanliness drive is a good thought. This is an activity that will benefit your community greatly. It will even allow you to become a role model for those younger than you. This act of yours could also inspire others in your group to join you in contributing to a greater cause.

This will motivate others to follow rules mandatory for a clean and healthy environment. There are many benefits of doing a cleanliness drive. It can lead to a reduction in the breeding of unwanted insects, rodents, pesticides etc.

Having garbage around your neighborhood can also produce a foul smell. This drive will make your neighborhood a less polluted and healthier place for you to live in.

Teaching Underprivileged and Younger Ones (Spreading Education): –


We are blessed to have received the ultimate gift of education. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same opportunities as us. If you are fond of children a great way to help them would be by educating them. Teaching someone does not require money, it requires diligence and passion. Thus it is a very noble way to engage yourself in the holidays.

Teaching underprivileged children for free allows you to contribute to a noble cause as well as receive the blessings of them and their parents.

One need not limit their teaching to the underprivileged. You can even form a study group with your friends where you can teach each other subjects which you are good at. You can organize these study sessions either physically or virtually. 

Engaging in Performing Arts:- 


There are myriad activities out there for you to try out. You can use these holidays to explore your interests or hidden talents. Go out there and learn to dance, sing or maybe even play the violin.

Some of these activities are not only for leisure but you can even burn some extra calories and shake off those extra pounds.


Learning to Cook: –


You can learn cooking various dishes or baking your favorite cakes whether it be for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. By learning to cook, you don’t only help your mom but also become independent. You can cook whatever you want for yourself or invite your friends over for a party catered by you.

Cooking also helps develop creative skills as you wonder how to garnish a dish or even improvise it. Cooking is a great stress buster.

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Conclusion: –


Choosing any of the above mentioned activities will be a great way to spend time this summer and will aid you to develop a new or perfect an existing skill set. I have provided a variety of activities, which can help you improve in your area of interest and also do something for your community.  What would you suggest a high school student to do this summer? If you have any exciting new ideas or happened to try out one of the activities I mentioned, be sure to comment in the box below. I’d love to hear from all of you!


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