“Summer will end soon enough, and childhood will as well.” ~ George R.R. Martin

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Summers is one of the most anticipated season for the teens. It has a special place in our heart. It is like the Halley’s Comet, just that it comes every year. To us, it is a religion, a special occasion, a well-deserved break!!! This is the time when we are free from all our stressful work (school) and get to just sit back, relax and enjoy our time, with all our friends.

However, due to the emergence of COVID-19, we are stuck in our homes all day long. Going outside our home is a strict no. All we are left with are our “frustrating” parents, “troubling” siblings, phones, and big TV screens.

Through this, a single question arises-

How should we spend our summers, especially during this difficult time of the global pandemic? 

The coming of the COVID-19 has disrupted the systematic working of the whole world. More than 7 million confirmed cases of this disease, hundreds of thousands of people died, and still there is no sign of it stopping. Authorities have taken strict measures to contain the spread while people are spending their time in a complete lockdown.

So, what should we do to pass our time, atleast through this summer? By the end of this post, you can figure out a few things at a minimum to do to keep yourself busy-


Learning of a new language is something we wish but never get the time to accomplish it. So what better time can we find to do it than now! Not only language but also we can develop many different skills such to learn how to cook or how to play guitar.


Though summer breaks are for our relaxing, there is a chance our schools may remain closed for a long time. The least we could do is spend some time of the day to study and remain up to date with our academics. We can also request our teachers for some guidance if possible.                   


I know you all are sitting in your comfortable couches, playing your ps4 and eating mesmerizing delicacies. But what about your exercise? So what if the gyms are closed, don’t become a couch potato. Schedule some part of your day for exercise as to remain fit even during this pandemic.


Internships helps us to gain exposure of the working world, along with harnessing our skill and knowledge. Lot of companies like Henry Harvin offer summer programs for high school students, especially during this pandemic.


How can summers be fun without a teens “best friend”, GADGETS!! Enjoy your time talking with your friends, playing video games and watching television but under parental supervision.


No one, not even this pandemic can stop a teen from enjoying their summers. But that doesn’t mean using your mobiles or watching television all the time. The free time can be also used to do something a little more productive. Time is precious. Waste it wisely.   

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