What is Six Sigma Certification and Reasons to get Six Sigma Certification


Six Sigma Certification helps an individual to have a command of a well-designed method of professional skills development. Six Sigma is majorly used to measure the quality of manufacturing output as well as the quality of products and services.

In today’s competitive era, quality has been the number one factor for any organization, and to ensure its consistency, Six Sigma has been applied by many leading organizations like Amazon, 3M, Ford, GE, etc, and has been found unmatched success.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

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Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for quality control and improvement. It traces its roots back to 1986, as it was introduced by an American engineer named Bill Smith who worked in Motorola.

Thus, the six sigma training focus on the development of management processes that leads to results to be free of any defects in manufacturing or any business activity or skills. It takes into consideration statistical and data analysis as tools to reach its objective.

Six sigma certification Course is spread through various levels like the one in karate which defines your expertise. There are broadly 4 categories of Six sigma certification:-

  • Six Sigma White Belt

This is the first level of six sigma certification that deals with the basic concepts of Six Sigma. White belts cover change management in an organization and engagement with problem-solving teams that assist projects. 

  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt

At this level, since you know and understand the basics of six sigma, you participate as a team member to review the process improvement. Participation and support in problem-solving matters in a project are the key role at this level.

  • Six Sigma Green Belt

At this level, you are aware of the advanced analysis and can resolve the issues that hamper the quality. At the green level of Six Sigma, you are well prepared to lead and handle the projects. Also, you assist the black belt with data collection and analysis.

  • Six Sigma Black Belt

At this stage, you are an expert at Six Sigma and can provide training in addition to assistance in projects. A black belt six sigma certified expert is able to explain the Six Sigma concepts and principles including tools to others apart from using them efficiently while leading the projects.

  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt

This is considered as the top level of six sigma certification and makes you master in the domain. At this level, you can train and assist the black level, act as a consultant in an organization, and develop strategies and key metrics.

By now you must have understood the important role played by Six Sigma in an organization for quality control and error-free delivery of products and services. Here are top reasons to get Six Sigma certification:-

Cities in India Where Six Sigma Certifications are provided:

Eliminate errors and reduce risk in an organization

Certified six sigma professional proves to be an asset and plays a crucial role inability of an organization for quality checks. With six sigma certification, an individual helps an organization to identify the errors and eliminate them to deliver the best quality product and service. 

Six Sigma certification course enables you to be able to transform an organization and make it more quality-oriented which in turn increases the revenue by identifying and reducing the errors. This further helps make an organization have more control over the quality check that otherwise would have impacted customer satisfaction resulting in loss of business.

A six sigma certified professional also helps in reducing invoice errors, customer’s grievances, complaints resolution duration, inessential spending, schedule delay, and inefficient staff performances as well.

Improved Business Performance and Consistent Quality Assurance

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard and Tribune India

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After you acquire the six sigma certification, you will be able to have the knowledge to identify the essential characteristics of an organization and the business processes that will help you to able to measure, analyze the trends, control, and improve them. As a six sigma certified professional you will be able to review the current process and practices in an organization and obtain an explicit understanding of its impact on a quality performance.

Six Sigma practices develop the ability in an organization to have sustained quality assurance and eliminating any factors impacting the quality of products or services. This includes monitoring the processes and taking corrective measures to ensure the quality is delivered and not deviated.

Applicability and Significance across the Industries

The beauty of Six Sigma certification is its application across the industry be it HR, Accounting, Admin, IT, Marketing, Financial Services, Banking, and many more. Quality control is required for products as well as services and also acts as an essential tool for measuring the performances of the employees.

No matter what industry is it – Six sigma certification will help you to acquire different methods that can be applied in various aspects for instance improving employee satisfaction which in turn results in better performance of an organization, increase revenue and reduce the cost through quality checks and identifying the errors, and streamline the business processes – all this is essential for any organization to grow and survive in the competitive era.

Compliance Assurance

Six Sigma constitutes of strict quality standard and focuses on consistent quality assurance resulting in reduced errors and defects. This ensures compliance with international standards as a number of vendors, oversight organizations; procurers have stringent evaluation policies of products and accounts. A six sigma professional helps comply with international standards and also helps an organization to maintain a profitable contract alongside.

Makes you ready for Managerial and Leadership Roles

The Six Sigma Certification Course makes you ready to lead the projects as you have acquired the techniques and skills to reduce cost, increase revenue, and ways to run the business processes efficiently.

After the completion of the Six Sigma Black Belt you are thorough with the six sigma methodologies and can take up the role of change agent in an organization, constant effort to improvise the processes and the quality of products and services delivered gains a lot of recognition in your career.

As most organizations nowadays value financial management and risk assessment skills, the chances increase for a six sigma professional to take up the managerial positions or to handle the responsibilities as part of senior management.

 High Payout

Acquiring Six Sigma Certification required putting in a lot of hard work, dedication, and years of actual work. The exams are tough to clear and to step up from one level to another needs years of practice. Thus, six sigma certified professionals are paid well and the skills are valued across the globe. The more skilled and knowledgeable you are with the methodologies of Six Sigma the higher your pay structure.

Six Sigma Certification Course

There are many six sigma certification courses online and offline as well however it is essential to choose one that is designed keeping in mind the current market trends and requirements and gives you an opportunity to work on live projects.

Henry Harvin holds a prestigious reputation in the field of educational institutions and has been awarded as Best Corporate Training platform with its strong clientele association with – Adobe, Tech Mahindra, Oracle, American Express, and many other global firms.

Six Sigma Certification Course at Henry Harvin has been ranked as number one in the industry by India Today, Business Standard, and The Tribune. There are different levels of six sigma courses available with Henry Harvin to choose from as per your level of expertise in Six Sigma:-

  • Lean six sigma in IT course – As the IT sector has started to realize the importance of improving services and process quality, six sigma methodologies and techniques have played an important role in the IT sector. The DMAIC Methodology has worked out great to all the issues of the IT sector and creates a data-based approach that reduces the defects in all the processes. The lean Six Sigma IT course takes into consideration both internal such as reliability, network speed as well as external factors like customer support, ordering system, etc.
  • Postgraduate Program in Lean Six Sigma – This Six sigma certification course with Henry Harvin includes all aspects of lean Six Sigma. The course covers detailed learning about Six Sigma and ready the professional with extensive knowledge of methodologies, tools, techniques, principles, and processes in relation to quality improvement in an organization.
  • Advanced Statistics for Six Sigma Course-This six sigma certification course equip you with handling statistical data and a Six Sigma background. After the completion of advanced statistics for six sigma certification, individuals can make their profile stand out with the global credential of Advanced Statistics for Six Sigma Course | ASSS Certification and showcase their expertise with the Hallmark of CASSS next to their name.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training – The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification will equip the candidates with the knowledge of tools methodology in Six Sigma which will help them to enhance the business projects, performance, and overall quality.
  • Marketing Analytics Certification Training Course(CMAP) + Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training Course(CSSE-GB) – This exciting and highly valued certification at Henry Harvin covers the methods to enhance the marketing and management analytics skills, improves the decision making and problem-solving tactics.

This certification will be a great boost in your CV as you get certification credentials CMAP + CSSE-GB and get eligible for higher positions with the knowledge and expertise of Six Sigma Green Belt techniques and Marketing analytical skills.

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Six Sigma Black Belt is the most popular and important certification acquired by professionals especially for the ones wanting to promote to mid-management and senior management profiles and take up the lead in projects.

 Six Sigma certified professionals can make their profile stand out with the global credential (CSSE-BB Certified Six Sigma Executive Black Belt)

This certification also includes the practice of analytical tools that give benefits to the individuals to acquire first-hand experience. Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification is essential and valued in an organization and is ideal for handling the responsibilities at senior level management.


The Six Sigma Certification equips an individual to improve the business processes in an organization and create the strategies to improve customer satisfaction through quality control checks which in turn results in the overall growth of an organization.

As a six sigma certified professional you are ready to take up the leads in project management and plan out the strategies to increase the cost-effectiveness of products and services. Higher payouts and positions at senior management are other great advantages of learning Six Sigma.

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What job profiles are available for certified Six Sigma professionals?

The major role of a certified six sigma individual is to do a quality check and evaluate the performances in an organization.
The job positions depend upon the knowledge and the level of certification you have cleared in Six Sigma. Here are some of the examples – Quality assistant, Product Quality Manager, Process Excellence Manager, Operation Head, etc.

Is it essential to be Six Sigma Certified in order to have a career in Quality Management?

The Six Sigma certification includes the advanced skill-set and methodologies for effective quality control.
The certification acts as a validation of your skills and also helps you to expand your knowledge in the field of Quality management.
This further leads to higher payouts and better job positions in an organization.

Is Six Sigma designed for a specific industry?

The biggest advantage of learning Six Sigma is its application across all industries. Be it Banking, Marketing, IT, Financial Services, etc. Six Sigma methodologies can be successfully applied and proves to be an essential factor in the overall growth of an organization.

Are there any pre prerequisites for the six sigma certification?

For acquiring the certification in Yellow and Green Belt, no mandatory clauses are involved. However, in order to be certified in the Black belt and above it is mandate to be green belt certified


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