Also known as an incremental model- ‘Agile development model’ because it is developed in an incremental and rapid cycles. It is known as incremental model as it gives small incremental releases with each release building on previous functionality. However agile certification helps you learn how to check a model’s released quality and helps to test it. In the of time critical applications- agile model helps to give the best results.  Extreme Programming (XP) is currently one of the most well-known Agile model. However, models can vary from person to person and organization in order to execute the rules and achieve the goals. It is tailor- made.

Advantages of agile model:

  • Customer satisfaction by rapid, continuous delivery of useful software.
  • People and interactions are emphasized rather than process and tools. Customers, developers and testers constantly interact with each other.
  • Working software is delivered frequently (weeks rather than months) that is why called incremental model.
  • Face-to-face conversation is the best form of communication.
  • Cooperationbetween business people and developers.
  • Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design.
  • Regular adaptation to changing circumstances.
  • Even late changes in requirements are welcomed. This comes with the help of agile testing.

Disadvantages of Agile model:

  • Difficult to assess the effort required at the beginning of the software development life cycle.
  • ‘Lack of attention’ is sometimes seen as a hindrance in some cases.
  • The project can easily get taken off track if the customer representative is not clear what final outcome that they want.
  • Only senior programmers are capable of taking the kind of decisions required during the development process. Hence it has no place for newbie programmers, unless combined with experienced resources.

When to use agile model:

  • When new changes are needed to be implemented.  Because of the increments, under agile model, the freedom to welcome the changes can be enjoyed at a minimal cost. To implement a new feature the developers need to lose only the work of a few days, or even only hours, to roll back and implement it.
  • Unlike the waterfall method in agile model very limited planning is required to get started with the project. Agile assumes that the end users’ needs are ever changing in a dynamic business and IT world. Changes can be discussed and features can be newly affected or removed based on feedback. This effectively gives the customer the finished system they want or need. Hence, making an agile model a complete boon for all the fields. Understand about Leading the future with Agile Project Management here.
  • Both system developers and stakeholders alike, find they also get more freedom of time and options than if the software was developed in a more rigid sequential way. Having options gives them the ability to leave important decisions until more or better data or even entire hosting programs are available; meaning the project can continue to move forward without fear of reaching a sudden standstill.

Therefore an agile model helps you achieve all the above mentioned features making agile certification a necessity of modern times for all the fields of profession.

What are the job prospect after learning Agile program

Learning Agile management program will lead you in a career of the project management which is in demand nowadays. Being a project manager you can earn a good living.

What is an Agile software development program?

It is a process of collaborative effort of cross functional teams to get self organized and work on the requirements and solutions for software development program.

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