Summer is one of the most awaited time of the year. But the main problem is to find a way to spend your time.

For high school students, it is a great time to engage themselves in various activities, do internships, learn new things, improve their skills, and of course, boost their chances of getting into top colleges.


Read on to find out about how to engage yourselves during summer vacations.

Why should you keep yourself busy over the summer?

While you may want to spend your summer by hanging out with friends, visiting your relatives, or maybe vacationing with your family, this might be the best time for you to be productive and start preparing for your future.

Participating in summer programs like Henry Harvin Teen MBA, Junior MBA, etc. can help you in getting accepted in top colleges and/or getting a great job.

By keeping yourself busy over the summers, participating in programs, and doing internships, you can prove to colleges and employers that you have what it takes to be a part of their school or workplace. 

By participating in various programs, doing internships, and overall keeping yourself busy over the summer, you can prove your worth to colleges and employers. You can show them that you are a keen learner and have what it takes to be a part of their school or workplace.

Besides this, there are a lot more ways in which you can spend your summer holidays; keep reading to find out the possible options that are beneficial as well as enjoyable for you.

6 Great Summer Activities For High School Students

Listed below are 6 summer activities high school students can take up.

1. Take Classes

You can enroll in a college class, which may give you a head start on credits and save your time and money in the long run. On the other hand, summer classes can help you improve your grades in a class you didn’t perform well in the first time.

You can also take online courses if you’re unable to take classes in person. In a time like a global pandemic such as the Covid-19, it is not safe to step out of the comforts of your house. Also, they can often lead to a nation-wide lockdown if the disease is highly infectious. Therefore, you have no option but to sit at home. To make use of this time, you can enroll in online courses.

Study for the SAT or ACT. Since you don’t have to study for your high school tests, now is a good time to enrol in college prep classes. Know more about SAT and ACT prep courses by clicking on it.

Henry Harvin is one such leading career and competency development organization that provides summer courses like-

A. Teen MBA Course-

Teen MBA Course is an innovative model used by many students. What makes Teen MBA Course unique? It is an interesting question. It is the very first educational model to be successfully applied as the reflection of a business model. Moreover, it is a distinctive feature of this course. Henry Harvin allows you to get exposure to different specializations. Contemplate the below advantages offered by them.

  • CEO- You can acquire team management, business planning, and time management skills.
  • CMO- You can gain innovative marketing ideas after completion of this course.
  • CTO- Henry Harvin can help you to become well-versed with the new technologies.
  • CFO- This is the best platform to hone your financial skills. 

B. Content Writing Course-

The content writing course helps you to write high-quality messages in the form of sales copy, blog posts, articles, and social media posts. It is the process of planning, writing, and editing web content to promulgate content. 

 Henry Harvin guides their learners by using different parameters.

  • 32-hours of extensive content writing training is provided to the learner to gain valuable experience.
  • Monthly Boost up sessions can help you to regain your knowledge in content writing.
  • You can get a 9 in 1 Course with Henry Harvin. It includes e-learning access, projects, placement,1-year gold membership, internship program, and many other benefits.
  • You can be a certified content writer after completing your course.

C. Technical Writing Course-

Technical writing courses can give you adept information about the technical world. This course develops essential technical writing prowess to communicate information gained through operations or experimental work. You will learn about how to write technical reports, for instance, laboratory reports, research reports, design and feasibility reports, progress reports, etc.

Ponder the below benefits provided by Henry Harvin.

  • It teaches you the art of simplifying intricate technical figures into clear and well-structured documents.
  • It provides you hundred percent practical technical writing training.
  • Internship programs help you to get experiential exposure in technical writing.
  • You can get an in-depth understanding of technical writing with Henry Harvin.

D. Medical Writing Course-

Medical writing course gives you insight into diverse categories of medical writing.

 It imparts knowledge on the scientific background and infuses a scientific attitude in your mind. 

You can understand the write-up of preclinical, research, post-marketing, etc. through this course.

Henry Harvin ensures a hundred percent success in medical writing courses by offering many facilities.

  • Henry Harvin gives you comprehensive knowledge of pharmaceutical regulatory, and medico-writing to make your write-up appealing for your readers.
  • They teach you the ethics of scientific communication.
  • You can give the latest medical updates to make readers aware of health information.
  • Learners will get the rewarding certification of medical writing from Henry Harvin.

E. Digital Marketing Course-

Digital marketing is an emerging field in a new era. Digital marketing course assists you to comprehend marketing concepts to publicize your products and flourish in your business. You can learn the indispensable segments of this course like SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.

Henry Harvin offers the below advantages to attain a radical approach.

  • You can upskill your eligibility for digital marketing jobs for higher packages.
  • Trained instructors will guide you in all aspects of this course and make you aware of the latest market trend.
  • You can publicize your brand on a virtual platform and achieve your goals.


A short-time job that allows the intern to gain introductory experience in a job is what you call an internship. This allows you to gain hands-on and practical experience for future jobs.

You may not always get paid to be an intern, especially if you are a high school student. However, you will gain something more important, i.e., job experience which will be beneficial for you in the future.

Colleges like students who are very passionate about what they do. So, showing your passion in your internship will help to boost your application.

Find out more about some internship programs over here.


When you do something that benefits or helps others, without getting paid, it is called volunteering. You can volunteer at many places like animal shelters, old age homes, libraries, tutor children, etc.

Generally, it is done near where you live, but you can also do volunteer work abroad. It can be done through your school, or maybe through an organisation that offers these programs.

You can find a volunteer opportunity that allows you to do something based on your interests. For example, say you love animals, then you can volunteer to work at an animal shelter.

While you can get the satisfaction of helping others and can include it in your resumes and college applications, it might not be the best activity for you if you are looking for getting paid.

Know more about some of the best places to volunteer at and how to list it in your resume. Find out about 10 of the best volunteer abroad programs over here.

Learn A New Skill

You can learn new skills which might benefit you in the future. Some of the options are as follows:

Learn a new language. If you want to improve yourself in a language you already know or maybe want to learn a new one, summer is a great time for practice. You can take online courses, use an app such as Duolingo, or maybe connect with a native speaker.

You can take lessons like a dance lesson or music lesson.

Learn how to cook or bake. You can even put up a bake sale and earn money which you can either donate to a charity or put it aside for college savings.

Learn self-defense. This is something that will be useful throughout your life.


Getting a job is an excellent way of gaining work experience which you can include in your resume and college applications. It will also earn you money which you can either save up for college or spend it as you wish.

Though most of the summer jobs for high school students are part-time, full-time jobs are also available. Some common jobs for high school students are cashier, babysitter, barista, tutor, lifeguard, etc.

If you stick with your job and increase your responsibilities, it might impress colleges; and, if you can find a job that relates to what you want to do in the future, it will help in showing colleges what your interests are and that you can commit to them.


Go on a family trip and try to spin it in an extracurricular. You can take up classes on your trip, learn something new or do some volunteer work.

Also, now that you have the time, you can go and tour colleges and engage in service opportunities abroad.

How To Decide What To Do During Summers?

There are probably a lot of options in front of you but so less time to do everything. You could probably do a part-time job, attend a summer camp, take some extra-curricular classes, apply for internships, or maybe volunteer in your community.

If you struggle in deciding what to do, then ask yourself the questions given below, and you will have your answer!

1. What Is Your Field Of Interest?

You shouldn’t waste your summer by doing something that you have no interest in. First, ask yourself that is there any specific activity that you would like to pursue? Is there any extracurricular that sparks your interest, such as a sport or dance or maybe even music? Is there any summer job that you find interesting? Also, is there anything you’ve been wanting to do but didn’t get the time for it?

If the answer is yes, then what are you waiting for? You have a long summer ahead of you; give it a shot, and maybe you’ll find something you would want to pursue your career in!

2. What Are Your Future Goals?

What do you aspire to undertake in the future? Do you want to get into one of the top colleges? Get your dream job? Research about the criteria and prepare yourself accordingly. Think about how can you make yourself a strong candidate. 

What will make it seem as if you are a strong candidate? Will getting work experience be helpful? You could consider getting a part-time job or maybe applying for an internship. Enrolling yourself in a summer school might also help in getting a college experience. Taking classes that could strengthen your transcript is also a good idea.

3. How Busy Do You Want To Be?

You can do multiple activities during the summer. But, just make sure that you don’t wear yourself out or overwhelm yourself with workload. After all, summer is all about taking a break from school and you don’t want to return to school feeling all exhausted, now, do you? 


  • It is important that students engage themselves in various activities during summers in order to be well prepared for their future.
  • There are numerous activities that you can take up during summers which fits your interests and circumstances.
  • In order to decide what to do during summers, think about what you like to do, and what are your goals for the future.
  • Regardless of what you decide to do, you can include it in your resumes/CV’s, and college as well as job applications.

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