Now that you’ve decided that you want to spend your summer pursuing a Junior MBA course, it is now time that you learn what are some of the most important skills required for a mini MBA.

As a teenager, you aren’t being employed by anyone as such. Instead, you are enrolling in a course, like the Henry Harvin Teen MBA course. But prior to joining, won’t you like to polish up on these skills to impress your peers and mentors?

What are Soft Skills?

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It has been recently seen that employers these days choose candidates not only based on job-specific skills (also called hard skills) but also based on soft skills. What are soft skills you ask?

Those skills which are interpersonal or people based are known as soft skills. So while hard skills are easy to define and differ from job to job, soft skills are more open-ended and can be applied to any profession.

Some examples of soft skills include

  • Critical-thinking
  • Time management
  • Adaptability
  • Resourcefulness

Now that you know what soft skills are, let me tell you what are the 5 most important skills required for a teen MBA course


(Note: the skills aren’t in any particular order, all of them are equally necessary for such a course.)

Communication Skills

Communication is key in any field of work. If you lack this skill, then even though you may have great ideas to share and contribute, you still won’t be able to convey them to others. 


Being able to understand what your co-workers want to share, what they want to change, or understand is necessary for the proper functioning of a group of people. Often, miscommunication can lead to misunderstandings and cause further damages. This is why when hiring people, companies see if the candidate has good communication skills or not.

Teamwork & Leadership Quality

In most professions, you would at some point need to work with a group of people. If you’re lucky, then these will be logical and understanding people who will do their best for the team.


But chances are you’ll find some unwanted components in your team. Some of them may have a lot of potentials but are too lethargic to do any hard work. Some would be always confused or creating confusion among others! 


The skill of teamwork is thus necessary if you want everything to work out in a systematic way. This skill allows you to utilize the best in your team-mates, and achieve your team’s goals quickly and efficiently.

Always Taking the First Initiative

Did you ever wonder why the teacher chose that other kid and not you to be the class monitor? Why that kid got selected for every competition even though you knew you could perform better than them? 


That kid always took the first initiative while you waited for the teacher to come to ask you. In professional life, it is not often that opportunity comes knocking at your door, which is why you must always be the one to take up an initiative when available. 


Of course, the risk factor is quite prevalent, but it is all about your intuition and gut feeling. If you feel that this opportunity is worth the risk, then go ahead and take the first initiative!

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is about how well you are able to examine and analyze a given situation and tweak it in such a way that it benefits you. You here means not just you as a single person working in a company, but the company in its entirety.


This skill also enlists whether or not you can predict the company’s position in the future. As in, where do you see your company in the next decade or so? Is your company better off than your other market competitors?

Working Under Stress

Often employers ask in interviews, “How well do you work under pressure?” to which the answer is always, “I work very well under pressure!” But the truth is that most people can’t work under pressure. If there is time restraint, insufficient capital, and information, a lot of people get stressed out and are not able to do their best.


Pressure or stress can be used as a tool, if, you know how to use it correctly! I think all teenagers can relate when I say that most of us wrote all our best essays, maybe a day prior to the submission. Studies have shown that stressful situations cause your creative juices to flow at a heightened pace than they would in a normal situation.


By polishing and working on all the above given skills, you will be training yourself to be any hiring company’s dream employee!


Not to forget, these skills are not just restricted to one particular profession but can be applied to any profession in general. Which is why, working an them will make you an asset for your future employers.

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