Teaching English Abroad: TEFL Course: 10 Facts to Know During COVID-19 Situation


This article is meant especially for you, if…

You are an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) or ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, who is teaching English Abroad, wherein you need to stay in a specific country for a particular period for a few years. And right now, you are waiting anxiously for the COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted, so that you can yet again set forth for the country you were teaching!

Or… you are an employee searching for an alternative job, due to the uncertainty of your job, because of COVID-19 effects!

Or… you have recently lost your job due to COVID-19 impact, and now you are eager to search for a new job, which allows you to work remotely, and pay attention to your family too!

All of you have one question in mind and that is: ‘How and when can I get back my career to normal?’

So, don’t keep your mind dwindling. You have the best career choice still available, and that is: Working as an Online teacher for Learning English as a Foreign Language, with a TEFL Certification!

In this article, you will get all the answers related to the current situation of teaching jobs abroad and the available options to overcome it!

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Teaching Industry

Effect on Schools

School photo created by freepik – www.freepik.com

Teaching is a job that involves the greatest communication of the two parties: The teacher and the students. But COVID-19 has affected this industry too greatly, and hence the communication gap between the two.

Most of the countries still have not re-opened the schools offline, although the online schools have begun quite a long before!

Countries like India, have the schools open either for all grades or only for the higher grades depending upon the severity of the pandemic in that particular area.

This situation is the same for almost all countries. Even if the schools are reopened, they are not full-fledged and are taking all the measures to keep Coronavirus at a bay.

Many of the teachers had to either lose their job or had to work on less payment.

At the same time, online teaching has included additional responsibilities to the teachers’ job. The teachers are now acting as lesson-planners, voice-over artists, video editors, and many more new hats!!

On the other hand, the parents have to take in new responsibilities of supervisors for their pupils. They have an additional worry of the gaining weights of their kids due to the sedentary lifestyle they had to follow!

But one truth no one can deny, that all of us have been missing the offline schools badly!

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Effect on Teaching Jobs Abroad

Obviously, the pandemic has affected the countries which have schools that teach EFL or ESL to their students. Many non-English Countries like China, Korea, Japan, etc. are the primary clients for EFL/ESL teaching. So much so, that they are also nowadays called EFL Countries!

As most of the EFL/ESL teachers are Native English-speakers, they had immigrated to these countries for job purposes.

Most of the teachers went through the cancellation of their contracts due to the disastrous COVID-19 outbreak. This happened to nearly 50-55% of the teachers, who were teaching abroad.

The teachers who suffered the most are the supply teachers, as about 80-85 % of them were furloughed!

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Effect on Financial Condition

About 40% of the teachers are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic negatively. They had to lose up a significant percentage of their income.

Many of the teachers are facing unemployment currently, thus suffering from a financial crisis. Just like any other job, teaching too had faced a worse year!

Overcoming the Situation

But, the tough people we are! Instead of feeling frustrated, we need to think about the sunny side of the situation!

Remember: Teaching is a Job that is Always in Demand!

Yes, no other job is as in demand, as the teaching is! We need it for every phase of life, be it for your children or your own training!

And as all of us know, it is one of the highly respectable jobs! So, you should feel proud to be a part of this profession! When you are working as an EFL/ESL Teacher, you are getting exposed to a variety of cultures across the world! You are indeed missing your beloved job a lot, or you are in search of one…

When it comes to teaching English abroad, you must be having many queries in your mind.

So let’s learn some facts about teaching English Abroad during Covid-19, and get all the answers to your queries!

10 Facts You Must Know About Teaching English Abroad in Covid-19 Situation

1# What Is the Job Status of EFL Teachers in Various Countries?

Some countries like China, are still not giving permission to the Foreigners in their country, except for those on the residency permit. They are about to begin the normal routine possibly by July 2021.

Still, other Asian Countries like Thailand, Korea, and Taiwan are reopening their schools and language institutes. These countries have started allowing foreigners with the essential control measures like the COVID-19 test and others like making the teachers buy health insurance. Thus, life is about to settle normally for EFL teachers too, but with many constraints!

Some Middle East and European countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Oman have slowly started reopening their schools and hiring new teachers but on a limited basis. They are accepting foreigners depending upon whether their country is green-lighted or red-lighted w.r.t. COVID-19. Some countries want foreigners to test for COVID-19 before travel, which needs more time, money as well as energy.

The schools have reopened by taking all the control measures for COVID-19 like social distancing of about 1 meter amongst the students, dividing a class into batches with different time slots, and restricted intermingling of students.

Most of the South American countries too are slowly beginning the schools and new hires but on a restricted basis.

Again… one thing we need to remember is that the rules and regulations would vary country-to-country!Well, not to worry! All of us know, that where there is a will, there is a wish!

You can find some informative websites about the jobs in the following fact.

2# Is it Advisable to Look for Opportunities to Teach Abroad During This Pandemic?

Hmm… As I mentioned earlier, there are many countries like China, which are still not allowing foreigners to enter their country.

Also, even though many countries are now allowing foreigners on the work permits, there are many hassles they have to undergo before landing there!

So it would be better to be safe in your home country, and rather search for online teaching options!

But, if you enjoy visiting different countries for a job, then you can definitely take these opportunities. You can find many job portals that are meant especially for EFL/ESL job placements.

You can find various current job openings for teaching English Abroad and teaching English Online on:

  • https://www.gooverseas.com/teaching-jobs-abroad
  • https://www.tefl.com/
  • https://www.ajarn.com/recruitment/jobs

EF English First is a company that is even hiring for China.

Let’s hope that with the new effective vaccines available worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic will come to a full-stop. And there will soon be positive news about full-fledged EFL/ESL Teaching Abroad.

3# How Can I Retain My Passion as Well as My Career?

Though there is quite an uncertainty about the EFL teaching jobs abroad currently, just like all other teaching jobs, EFL teaching has also moved online!

So don’t get disheartened! In fact, you should be happy to know, that you will be able to do the same job you loved so much, from the comfort of your home!

With the whole world moving towards online teaching, teaching English online has become a new hot job in the market!

Most of the online companies teaching English Abroad programs have now started their online English teaching, which is a good option to try!

The working hours of most of these companies are very less, i.e. you can teach a minimum of 6 hours per week and a maximum of 20 hours per week!

The payment is on an hourly basis and some companies also top it up with incentives and perks. Some renowned names in online English Teaching are VIPKid, Palfish, EF EnglishFirst, GOGOkid, etc.

Besides, if you are a newcomer to EFL teaching, teaching English online would create a platform for your next endeavour of teaching abroad. It will definitely improve your experience and improve your resume!

And, if you are a Certified EFL teacher, what are you waiting for? Visit the websites of these companies and just press the button: Apply!! The process which you are already familiar with!

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4# What if I Do Not Have a TEFL Certification, but I Wish to Be an EFL Teacher?

So, you can always do that!!

In case you do not have an accredited TEFL certification, please get one soon.

Even if you want to shift your career from something else to TEFL teaching, you need not worry at all!

There are many institutes which provide the Best TEFL Certification online!

So, get set to go?

A few companies indeed offer you the EFL teaching abroad without a degree or the TEFL Certification, or without a graduate degree, but obviously, their pay scale is much lower than the ones which need you to have TEFL certification and graduate degree.

5# Is It Advisable to Invest in a TEFL Course During the Pandemic?

Certainly. Though Covid-19 has not completely swept away from the Earth, the online TEFL courses are always there!

Utilizing your time in upskilling yourself, is always a great thing, concerning your personality or your career!

In fact, you will get more time to sharpen your tools of English teaching, which will, in turn, help you in gearing up for your future job!

Always remember, the TEFL course is the stepping stone to your career as an EFL/ESL teacher!

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6# Will an online TEFL Certification give me the desired proficiency?

Yes. Many companies provide you with 100+ hours to 160+ hours of teaching depending upon the depth of the course. You need to keep in mind that the only courses which are accredited have more hours.

There might be many courses available online, the fees of which are quite lesser than the other accredited courses. But you need to first research the Best TEFL courses to select one for yourself.

Most of the great TEFL Certification Courses cover content like Introduction, Principles of Teaching and Learning, Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary and pronunciation, Class Management, Student Assessment, and Language Basics.

Thus, your English skills are once again brushed up, and you get a knowledge-update and hence boost in confidence plus a great certification!

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7# Will Online TEFL Really give Me Job Opportunities to Go Abroad or Teach Online?

Of course! Many best accredited TEFL Courses also provide you the job support for EFL teaching jobs abroad or online. Even though they do not directly help you to place in the companies, they definitely provide you with ample opportunities. So don’t think much about the decision of taking a TEFL course.

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8# How Much Time Does It Usually Take to Complete the TEFL Course and Getting a Job?

As said earlier, a well-accredited TEFL course is generally 100+ to 120+ hours long, which takes around 4- 5 weeks to complete. Some of the great courses are about 160+ hours duration too, which might take 6 weeks to complete.

Once, the course is completed, you can immediately begin your job search. And if you are actively applying for the jobs, especially during the prime hiring season, (which varies from country to country) you can get a job within 6-7 months of joining your TEFL Course.

9# How Can I begin my Job Search Abroad?

english PNG Designed By 588ku from Pngtree.com

As said earlier, many good companies provide you with teaching abroad options. So, do thorough research about the best companies which provide you with online EFL teaching jobs and create or update your CV to make it more impressive!

This would be your first step towards the job application.

If you are called for the face-to-face interview, (which must have been modified to an online interview, in the current situation), it would be advisable to plan for 5-6 interviews a day. This can be done by contacting the administration of the schools/English as a Foreign Language teaching institutes.

This would help you to get the maximum benefit of your travel to that particular country.

When applying online, please note that you have to keep track of the companies you have applied for and the e-mails you have received from them.

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10# Landing the Dream Job!

Once you hear the good news of being hired by a company as an EFL/ESL teacher abroad, no one can stop you from delivering those exceptional lectures to your students!

And if you have landed for an online Teaching for EFL/ESL, then nothing greater than that, as you will get many other benefits of living in your country, teaching from the comfort of your home, and a lot of time for your own family and for yourself!

And if you are working as a part-timer or a freelancer for EFL/ESL teaching companies/schools abroad, then you can also work as an online EFL/ESL teacher for some other company!

So, I think you are clear with many of your doubts about Teaching English Overseas during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Let’s see the takeaway of this article:


  • Though not as ample as earlier, there are a few good opportunities for teaching English abroad programs.
  • You can find a balance between your financial need, and priorities to decide whether to go to teach English abroad or to teach English online.
  • Instead of searching for jobs to teach abroad without TEFL, it’s always advisable to complete a TEFL Certification from an accredited institute.
  • You can take the help of your TEFL Course provider company’s placement support for your job search.
  • As per me, in the current dwindling situation, when the second wave of COVID-19 is

still ongoing, it is always the best option to select the Online English Teaching instead!

  • If you are really keen on going for a Teach English Abroad Program, then you can definitely do it, but with limited options. Not to mention to choose wisely among the limited TEFL countries!

So, All the Best for your job search!! Hope you soon reach your career destination!!

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Which are the best countries for the opportunities of teaching English abroad?

Most of the Asian countries like China, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Latin American countries like Mexico, Spain, The Middle-East countries, and African countries like Morocco are the best options for the opportunities of teaching English abroad.

Can I work for two different companies for online English teaching?

Yes. You can work for multiple companies for online English teaching, in fact, we recommend doing so. This will not only give you exposure to the different working atmospheres but also will increase your earning potential!


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