Bitcoin is a legal process as a lot of hashing algorithms are performed during its verification process. This is basically done to validate all the Bitcoin transactions thereby providing the required security for the public portion of the Bitcoin network.
1) In order to begin with Bitcoin mining, one should have Bitcoin mining hardware. Earlier it was possible to do with the computer but now in order to beat the competition one needs to have a good miner.
2)The next step is to get aBit coin wallet. This is necessary as it is used to store your Bitcoins.Apart from this one needs to make sure that they get the Bitcoin wallet address as well. This wallet address is a long number or a sequence of letters protected by password thereby keeping your data secure.
3)In order to make Bitcoin, one needs to join a mining pool. This mining pool is basically a group of miners that combine their computing power to earn more bitcoins.
4) Once this has been done now the next step is to get the mining client for your computer. This mining client will generally control and monitor mining rig. Also stay updated by the mining news so as to earn more mining profits.
ThusBit coin mining is a little costly so it is generally advisable to buy Bitcoins rather than indulging into the mining process. There are times when one can get higher ROI on purchasing Bitcoins directly rather than spending on mining.

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