There are a lot of people who wants to keep their identity anonymous while buying stuff. But when it is concerned with Bitcoins, then it does not remain anonymous most of the time. Today in this article we will discuss about the steps to buy Bitcoins anonymously:
1)The first step is to purchase Bitcoins in cash locally. For this you need to do a detailed research by creating an anonymous mail id and signing up to local Bitcoins.This way no one will come to know that you have purchased Bitcoins.
2)Another option is to use the prepaid credit card that you get in any supermarket. With the help of this card you can easily purchase the Bitcoins without undergoing any type of verification process.
3)You can even purchase Bitcoins from your nearest atm.You can visit a nearby atm and buy one. When you will be asked to enter your address then simply specify that you do not have one. Thus this will lead to the generation of new paper address for you and you can easily purchase one.
4)Internet Relay Chat is basically a type of chat room where you can find a seller by being anonymous .You only need to install the IRC software and then simply get into the discussion of purchasing the Bitcoins thereby being anonymous.
These are few ways through which you can purchase Bitcoins anonymously. There is no need to enter any type of details or undergo any type of verification.

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