Top 10 Six Sigma Courses in Bhubaneshwar Six Sigma Green Belt

Before selecting any course of Six Sigma green belt certification, it is important for you to understand that what is Six Sigma exactly and how it can benefit you to grow your career as an individual in the corporate world.

And then you can investigate various options available for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Bhubaneswar.

Six Sigma is a set of methodologies that consists of various tools and techniques that helps an employer to enhance their problem-solving skills.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard

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It gives access to an organization or employer to the various tool that helps them to carve a way out their business processes that is error-free and helps them to increase sales and grow rapidly.

These techniques are applied in business activities to analyze data and come up with an approach that is goal-oriented and less loss emerging.

Now to get hold of this methodology it is important that you should belong from the corporate sector to understand this process of data-driven technique.

What is Six Sigma certification?

It is a certification that is certified to an individual which validated that the individual is aware of the techniques and approaches of Six Sigma. They are aware of the elements of this program and can give aid in various business processes.

Believe it or not, getting certified helps you move up the ladder faster and get paid amazingly.

It covers a vast variety of techniques that needs to be followed up, hence it is important to get good guidance and earn a certification to tone your skills that can be put to good use.

Which is why I’ve shortlisted top 10 ten Six sigma green belt certification in Bhubaneswar that will help you to improve your skills and deliver quality steps for better results of any business process.

Top ten Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Bhubaneswar to look forward to:-


When it comes to online courses, it is especially important to look for a trusted source. 

Henry Harvin Education is an ISO 29990:2010 certified organization that focuses on value creation and provides various training and learning courses to different fields that are required in the corporate world.

Ranked #1 amongst top 5 as per Business Standard, for providing Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Course details are as followed:-

  • The duration of the course is 28 hours, which will be led by professional instructions.
  • Trainers are seasoned industry experts that have specialization in Lean and Six Sigma.
  • Gain access to 24 hours of project support and boot camp sessions post-training for a span of one- year.
  • Introduction to 20+ management tools that can be used to develop skills to study, analyze and solve management problems.
  • Certification of this course will be awarded on the results of an online examination based on training, which will be conducted after 15 days.

Key features of doing this Six Sigma green belt certification in Bhubaneswar by Henry Harvin are:- 

  • Get one-year membership to Henry Harvin Management Academy.
  • Access to e-learning portal which includes recorded sessions of online training, projects, and case studies.
  • The chance to attend monthly boot-camp sessions for free that are worth up to Rs. 6000, just to brush up on your concepts.
  • Job opportunities followed up via mails.
  • Eligibility for certified professionals to ace a job that requires analytical background.
  • Skills to support start-ups with improved process quality and approach that lead to good results.
  • Sharpens one’s skills to business acumen and commitment to improving business processing.

Moreover, this course covers guidance in clearing interviews with startups and corporates. 

One of the most beneficial aspects of doing Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma Green belt certification in Bhubaneswar is the internship opportunities provided by Henry Harvin or partner firms.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard and Tribune India

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That would act as a big helping aid for both freshers and experienced learners, as there is no harm in getting more exposure and enhancing your skills for better delivery.

To download their brochure and know more about this course.

Email Id:

Contact Number:- 

+91 9015266266

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Sprint zeal is a global company that specializes in training and learning for employees working in industries.

They are offering various training from professional instructors to learners all around the world.

One of the courses that they offer is Six Sigma green belt certification in Bhubaneswar

Course details-

  • Trains you to understand the organization’s goals better and how to apply DMAIC ( Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control).
  • Their teaching helps you to understand SIX SIGMA methodology through various case studies.
  • This course is beneficial for professionals who are skilled in strategic thinking and keen on finding solutions to business problems.
  • The certification for this course is offered by IASSC.
  • They provide two types of pieces of training – Live online and Traditional classroom. 

Key Features of this certification:-

  • 2/3 days of classroom training led by instructors for this Six Sigma green belt certification in Bhubaneswar.
  • Access to E-learning portal with quality video lectures of the sessions.
  • PDUS as a helping aid. 
  • Upon enrollment, the learner gets access to 100 mock exam prep questions.

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ISL, the institute of Sigma learning Pvt Ltd, is solemnly based on the purpose of providing Six Sigma green belt certification to career-building professionals.

This institution offers a certification program that gives an individual access to training modules and various methodologies in Six Sigma.

ISL is associated with International Quality Federation ( IQF) and the USA for the international certification in Six Sigma and Lean Sigma.

Course details- 

  • This course is entirely online, which makes it convenient for the learner to gain access from anywhere and anytime.
  • Access to printed books, which are specifically written for this course, by various professionals.
  • Flexible schedule for students to choose from, as there are classes happening throughout the weekdays and on weekends as well.
  • Aid to web-based tools for learning and enhancement of their knowledge such as E-quiz and e-dialogue.

Key Features of getting this Six Sigma green belt certification in Bhubaneswar:-

  • They are popular for their online support and availability of various online sessions for students.
  • Students who have previously enrolled for this course are from various corporate sectors.
  • Such as Automobiles, IT, ITES, Banking and finance, management and so on.,

You can check out more about them at their website:-


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Unichrone is a rising professional training and development provider.  

They are among the few institutions that give out Six Sigma green belt certification in Bhubaneswar.

This course could be beneficial for professionals who are in the process of business solving and creating improvement pathways for different companies.

Course details- 

  • The duration of this course is of 4 days, which are led through online classroom or group training.
  • This course has the option of both online training and classroom training, you can look through and choose which option suits you the best.
  • Availability of flexible online classes, by professional instructors.
  • Study material is thoroughly designed and made uniquely for this course only so that the students have access to a detailed syllabus.
  • Get access to 32 PDUs as part of this course.

Key Feature of this certification:-

  • Access to knowledge gaining case studies for analytical theory.
  • This course ends with an exam of 1 hour and 15 minutes, that need to be passed to attain certification.
  • The exam will be of 50 multiple-choice questions that will totally be course-oriented and based on the modules taught in training.
  • Certification has global recognition by TUV-SUD’s Six Sigma green belt certification.

For more information head out to their page:-


Email Id:-

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Simplilearn offers a master’s program to get Six Sigma green belt certification in Bhubaneswar.

This course focus on the implementation of the Minitab tool to get a comparative review of the business that you are part of.

Instructors of this course focus on giving education on DMAIC techniques, through the example of case studies and real-life examples.

Course details –

  • The duration of this course is of 56 hours.
  • There are 33 PDUs offered.
  • The course is aligned with the American Society for Quality (ASQ).
  • This course covers six modules, ranging from Six Sigma and Organizational goals.
  • Separate individual modules to cover the importance of DMAIC methodology.

The course is offered in three different modules to choose from:-

  1. Self-paced learning- Learner has access to the high quality of content, and online assistance and support available 24×7.
  2. Online Boot camp- This session of 90 days allows you to attend an online session with instructors which you can choose accordingly.
  3. Corporate training- This option gives you the opportunity to customize the training to your corporate needs and focus on enhancing your learning which is blends with your business projects.

Key Features of this Six Sigma green belt certification:-

  • Learners will know four different kinds of projects to practice their new learning and then further implement their knowledge of Six Sigma techniques into use.
  • To get your certificate here for online boot camp and corporate training, you need to attend one complete batch, turn in at least one project and pass out a stimulation test with a minimum of 60%.
  • In Self-paced learning, you need to complete 85% of the course, complete one project and one simulation test with a minimum score of 60%.

For more information head out to their page:-


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This institute is marking a place for itself as one of the top institutes in Bhubaneswar.

They are incorporated under the Indian Companies act, 1956, and under that, they train individuals by providing them Six Sigma green belt certification in Bhubaneswar. 

Course details – 

  • This is a short-term course.
  • It consists of 48 hours of classroom training or online training.
  • Once you complete your training module after 4 days, you are supposed to give an online examination which will entirely be based on your learnings.
  • This course covers DMAIC as a priority module and has separate modules to cover all 5 elements.
  • Their study materials are created by professionals to aid students.

Key Features of this course – 

  • Certification will be given to only passed candidates.
  • Classes are available on both weekdays and weekends.
  • Mini projects will be assigned to learners so that they can improve their skills and get experience in problem-solving.
  • One of their priority areas is to make an individual a key stakeholder in primarily implementing lean six sigma projects in your organization.

For more information head out to their page :-

Website :-

Email Id:-

Contact Number :- +91 97310484048

7 International Management Consultancy(IMC)

IMC offers courses that are designed for strategic and analytical learning. 

This Six Sigma green belt certification in Bhubaneswar offers post-course services as well, which means students will still have access to online assistance and support even after they have completed the course.

Course details –

  • This course offers three different learning schedules for the students, at three different price ranges, which makes it easier for the students to choose whichever suits them the best.
  • Online Learning, this the first type of learning offered by them and it is also the most preferred one when it comes to Six Sigma green belt certification in Bhubaneswar.
  • Live/Instructor-led – this includes one on one training session with instructors, and you can personalize the program as per your industry requirements.
  • Group/Custom training- this one here happens for group enrollment, a batch of 5 students per group, or you can customize it as per requirements.

Key Features of this Six Sigma green belt certification:- 

  • They provide impressive training to learn Six Sigma and DAMIC.
  • Assistance to learners, in enhancing their skills by supplying assignments and assessments to complete.
  • Access to their own personalized e-learning content.
  • And upon completion of the course, you need to sit through an exam, and if you pass you will be able to get Six Sigma green belt certification.

For more information head out to their page:-


8. Six Sigma Online – Aveta Business Institute

This online training platform offers SIX SIGMA green belt certification in Bhubaneswar that is designed specifically for many sectors of the corporate world.

Key Features of this course are:- 

  • Ideal for individuals who want to excel in their career, by learning quality of business process and techniques to make the business process easier and without errors.
  • They have 23 versions of industry customized versions, which will give the learner to focus on key implements of their own field.
  • Will help you to know our expertise as a leader in the practice of Six Sigma methodologies.
  • They focus on training individuals to handle small-scale projects while supporting Six Sigma Black belt course in the larger market.

For more information head out to their page:-


9. 6

6 is solely a consulting firm that gives services and Six Sigma green belt certification in Bhubaneswar.

They have tie-ups with many companies to give Six Sigma green belt certification to their employers.

Key Features of this course are:-

  • Duration of two weeks.
  • Certification to individuals to complete their training modules, one online exam, and live projects.
  • Their training sessions are led by a Six Sigma Master Black Belt Course instructor.
  • Onsite consulting service aid is offered to students at reasonable rates.
  • This course also provides two types of certificates to their students- one for successfully completing the training and another one for completing a live project.
  • Students are accredited by IACET.
  • They also provide CEUs and PDUs for training programs.

For more information head out to their page:-


Email Id:- 

10. is an organization that aims to provide industrial learning to millions of learners.

Through their online certification, they aim to provide Six Sigma green belt certification in Bhubaneswar as well.

Key Features of this course are:-

  • The course is for 3- 4 hours per week.
  • It is available at the cost of Rs. 59695, for the full program experience.
  • They also have four different batches upcoming in the next few months, so you can look for the one that suits your schedule.
  • Expert knowledge of the methodology of Six Sigma and its principle.
  • How to apply the qualitative and quantitative tools of six sigma.
  • Its technique application in various business oriented projects.
  • How to imply DMAIC, in industrialized projects

Now that you have a detailed description of some of the best places to get Six Sigma green belt certification in Bhubaneshwar. 

It is equally important for you to research through these available courses and organization thoroughly so that you can choose the course which is the best suited for you and will the most beneficial one.

How getting six sigma green belt certification helps you and works out?

Six Sigma green belt certifications are in such high demand, that companies are investing to get their people certified in them. There are a lot of companies in the US as well as abroad that uses Six Sigma techniques as a management practice that benefits them. 

They seek individuals that have skills to develop process-oriented techniques that reduce the risk and negative aspects of the project and ensures efficient functioning.

By attaining Six Sigma green belt certification in Bhubaneswar, you will be able to develop such techniques and methods that will help you to analyze company data and get a sharp eye to identify the potholes and come up with solutions to fill or avoid them for smooth functioning of any process.

It covers a vast variety of techniques that needs to be followed up, hence it is important to get good guidance and earn a certification to tone your skills that can be put to good use.

You will be trained to implement steps in the business process in such ways that the turn out time for the results are short, and which further leads to a reduction in expenses that companies bear during long business cycles.

Even if you are a part of an organization that gives out its own methods of data-driven processes, you can acquire the Six Sigma mechanism to make your job easier and to increase your analytical qualities.

Job prospects of SIX SIGMA professionals

  • This certification helps you to improve your skills as an employer and then further gives out to a company.
  • As for your salary perspective, according to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for Green Belt Six Sigma certified is around $42,053 in the U.S.A.
  • In India, the annual salary revolves somewhat around INR 10,12,781.
  • A Green Belt certified in India could earn up to almost 4Lcs.
  • Other than Green belt certification, there are various levels as well that could benefit you as per their criteria.
  • The Five levels are White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt, each one of them has its own expertise in the industry sector.
  • It also helps you with career advancement, as companies are trying to get their employees certified six sigma professionals, so having a certification beforehand could be a particularly good advantage for you.

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  • What role does DMAIC play in Six Sigma?

DMAIC stands for Define, measure, analyze, improve, and control, and it plays a key importance in understanding Six Sigma strategy.

  • How much can I earn after getting this certification?

In India, the annual salary revolves somewhat around INR 10,12,781.

  • Is there are any more types of Six Sigma certification?

Yes, there are four types besides the Green belt. They are:- White Belt, Yellow Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt.

  • Is there any advantage in getting certified?

Yes, companies nowadays are looking for certified individuals as it saves them the cost of getting new employees certified

  • What are the top 5 courses for Six Sigma green belt certification in Bhubaneswar?

Henry Harvin, Sprint Zeal, ISL, Unichrone, and Simplilearn.

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