CampBx is basically a platform where one can easily buy and sell bitcoins for US dollar. The main purpose of this platform is to provide stability and security. Due to its strong emphasis on security, it is audited automatically by MacAfee on regular basis. Also it has a special feature i.e. Google authenticator that uses two factor authentication and dedicated servers in a secure data centre.
Apart from this Campbx also follows US laws and regulations that is a big advantage for people who are investing in it. It is the firstBit coin website that has been successful in obtaining the Payment card Industry certification in 2011.It is such a platform that has been implementing specified control and safeguards so as to protect consumer data. Since the interface of CampBx is quite clean so it is a little painful for the Bitcoin users to use it. Although Campbx prices are usually lower still it takes a lot of time to buy the Bitcoins from CampBx as it does not get directly connected to the bank account.
As far as the working of Campbx is concerned then the verified accounts get higher limits as compared to unverified account and also these verified accounts need to provide a copy of their government issued id and proof of address to either purchase or sell the bitcoins.Recently most of the banks have stopped working with Campbx due to regulatory issues. The basic reason being that the Bitcoin investors are finding it very difficult when it comes to the usage of coins. The platform has accounted that all USD and BTC balances will be accounted for and also the users will have to purchase and store these bitcoins in their personal wallets. But due to certain issues the users are not able to touch their Bitcoins in their wallet and access them. Although Campbx has a lot of advantages but still it is tough to decide whether it should be the future of Bitcoin exchange or not. According to stats, Coin base is considered to be one of the best platform or Bitcoin exchange as compared to Campbx.

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