Cobit 5 certification course enables individuals in an enterprise to identify business problems and scenarios, pain points, trigger events and risk scenarios within a company. It helps attendees gain a wide exposure towards client interactions and initiatives and handle organizational scenarios. The lifecycle approach of Cobit 5 training enables individuals to address requirements, establish a sustainable approach to maintain an enterprise and handle managerial positions as a normal business practice.

The target group for this program is:  

  1. Business Management
  2. Chief Executives, IT /IS Auditors, Internal Auditors,
  3. Information Security and IT Practitioners; Consultants,
  4. IT/IS Management looking to gain an insight into the Enterprise Governance of IT and looking to be certified as a COBIT Implementer or Assessor.

The lifecycle phase of Cobit 5 Implementation process has 7 phases which are mentioned below:

  1. Identify and Analyze Drivers of Change
  2. Determine where we stand.
  3. Decision on where we have to be.
  4. Recognize the factors to be improved.
  5. Formulate plans and visualize as how to get there
  6. Evaluation of results to determine where we stand.
  7. How to continue the momentum.
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Identify and Analyze Drivers of Change: This phase helps us determine and analyze the drivers of change to determine pain points, triggers , risk scenarios to enable the transition to a better enterprise .The primary requirement of this phase is to acknowledge the change required in an organization and challenges, root causes and success factors enabling them.

Determine where we stand: This phase enables us to identify and define ourselves in the organization by assessing current process capability. The focus is mainly highlighted for mapping enterprise goals with IT related goals and industry processes for overcoming challenges and stand by the enterprise goals and success factors.

Decision on where we have to be: In this phase a target is set to formulate plans to achieve the target using gap analysis and research with COBIT’s implementation in various phases. The guidance with solutions helps us gain a win to win situation.

Recognize the factors to be improved: This phase recognizes the factors to bring about the improvisation with a change in the implementation plan supported by real time business cases to bring about practical change in the enterprise.

Formulate plans and visualize as how to get there:  This phase is to formulate business plans in adherence to business goals and practices with key metrics and performance into consideration.

Evaluation of results to determine where we stand: This phase evaluates the results and actions of the business plan implemented to drive the change by monitoring the success with expected benefits from the plan. 

How to keep the momentum going: This phase highlights the achievements and keeps a track of initiatives, reviews the objectives of the plan and success factors to maintain the enterprise at its current levels with continuous backup improvement plan with COBIT’s implementation.

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Thus the COBIT 5 certification course at Henry Harvin is a comprehensive integrated course offered through offline and online mode for individuals from IT, Business and managerial sectors.

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What are the advantages of COBIT 5.0 Certification?

These are:
1- It help in accessing the ways COBIT 5.0 can help in enabling and establishing the COBIT principles.
2- It help in accessing the IT management issue on the organizations.
3- It helps in establishing the principles of IT governance.

Who all are benefited COBIT 5.0?

IT Manager, IT Directors, CXO’s, Process owners, Audit Committee members,cobit 4.1 users, IT professionals involved in risk, governance, audit assurance and governance domain.

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