SAP FICO is the combination of both internal and external financial reporting. The goal is to provide accurate financial statements at the end of the trading session and to document every financial transaction that a business posts. Financial Accounting (FI) and CO make up the complete name SAP FICO (Controlling). There are so many SAP FICO books available to help people to learn SAP FICO by themselves and grow in their own era of careers.

SAP FICO – System Application Process Financial Accounting and Controlling

  • General ledger accounting is to managing all general ledger accounts that are part of reporting. A chart of accounts is a collection of every general ledger account that a company or group of firms uses in SAP.
  • Accounts receivables is a sub-module that records all interactions with clients and handles client accounts.
  • All vendor transactions are recorded and vendor accounts are managed by the submodule known as accounts payables.
  • For an entity, asset accounting oversees all transactions involving its assets.
  • Accounting for banks records all interactions with them.

If you are passionate about reading books and learning SAP FICO, then you can find the below SAP FICO books to be helpful. 

1. SAP ERP Financial Accounting And Controlling

SAP ERP Financial Accounting and Controlling: Configuration and Use Management, is the most thorough and user-friendly SAP FICO book available. It includes a practical approach that enables someone without prior configuration experience to prepare SAP FICO for usage in the workplace. It includes hundreds of screenshots and real-world examples.

2. Managing FI – CO Master data in SAP

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Master data can be complex, and its improper application can cause major problems. You will discover how to avoid beginner errors when using master data in FI-CO implementations in this E-Bite. Learn about the seven basic forms of master data and how to configure and maintain each one in this SAP FICO book. You may depend on case study-based recommendations to keep your master data organized.

  • Learn how to set up and keep track of crucial FI-CO master data.
  • Investigate the G/L accounts, customer accounts, vendor accounts, cost elements and cost centers, internal orders, and profit centers.
  • Avoid FI-CO hazards caused by the incorrect use of master data.

3. Configuring SAP R/3 FI/CO

Configuring SAP R/3 FI/CO offers a thorough, hands-on tutorial for configuring the two most common R/3 modules. This SAP FICO book offers thorough instructions and examples for every Financial and Controlling submodule and was written by the professionals in charge of R/3 setup in a Fortune 200 firm. This knowledge will help you maximize the return on the significant investment your organization made in R/3.

This is a great book for big readers and one you should keep around for future reference.

4. SAP CO Controlling

General Controlling, Cost Element Accounting, Cost Center Accounting, Internal Orders, Activity Based Costing, Product Cost Controlling, and Profitability Analysis are some of the subjects in V. Narayanan’s book SAP CO Controlling. This book has examples more than 1300 SAP CO transactions, more than 450 questions and answers, more than 200 screenshots, and drawings, and more than 70 SAP CO Tables. 

You will find this SAP FICO book a priceless resource including newcomers, the user community, configuration experts, and training professionals.

5. SAP FI Financial Accounting

This SAP FICO book is written by Veeriah Narayana, who worked in a variety of industries, including those in the automotive, banking and finance, electronics, manufacturing, multimedia, pharmaceuticals, etc. He has experience working with multiple SAP versions, including the most recent SAP S/4HANA, in new deployments, upgrades, and support.

6. Implementing SAP ERP Financials – A Configuration Guide

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According to the most recent version, SAP ERP Financials, Implementing SAP ERP Financials is an A-Z guide to configuring SAP Financials (ECC6.0). Using a fictitious case study (Project Everest) to offer the reader a sense of real project implementation, this SAP FICO book adopts a step-by-step approach and walks the reader through each configuration stage.

This SAP FICO book covers the following main areas of SAP ERP Financials:

  • Receivables & Payables Bank Accounting for Receivable Assets
  • Money Management
  • General Ledger Accounting
  • a fresh general ledger

This book is the most recent work on SAP Financials and consists of graphics and screenshots to make comprehension simple. It is a one-stop resource for SAP consultants, end users, and students.

7. Configuring SAP ERP: Financial And Controlling

Based on the most recent version, SAP ERP Financials, Implementing SAP ERP Financials is a full guide to learning to configure SAP Financials. Based on the case study this SAP FICO book offers the reader a sense of real project implementation, it adopts a step-by-step approach and walks the reader through each configuration stage.

This SAP FICO books has main facets of SAP ERP Financials:

  • Cash Flow Statements Accounting for Receivables, Assets, and Banks
  • Manage Your Cash
  • Accounting with a General Ledger
  • updated general ledger

This SAP FICO book is the most recent work on SAP Financials and consists of a combination of graphics and screenshots to make comprehension simple. It is a one-stop resource for SAP consultants, end users, and students.

8. SAP FICO Demystified

The first edition of V. Narayanan’s book, SAP FI/CO Demystified: Questions & Answers, explains SAP’s technology to readers. Also aids in the comprehension of FI/CO-related problems. For reference, it includes sections on SAP Tables, SAP Transaction Codes, and SAP Terminology.

The author aims to demystify SAP FI/CO using a simple format. Decoding SAP FI/CO: Questions and Answers 1st Edition, written by V. Narayanan, is a book that explains SAP’s technology to readers. For reference, it includes sections on SAP Tables, SAP Transaction Codes, and SAP Terminology.

9. Administering SAP R/3: The FI And CO

Quer’s Administering SAP R/3: FI-Financial Accounting and CO-Controlling Modules is a useful reference guide for businesses implementing SAP R/3’s financial accounting and control methodology and software. This SAP FICO book also focuses on the choices that must be a part of business and technology before, during, and following the administration of the FI & CO modules.

10. SAP FICO Beginners Handbook

Explicit explanation of FI, CO Modules & Concepts to help consultants, users, and end users develop confidence, feel at ease, and increase productivity using SAP FICO. The majority of its benefits will go to newcomers who are in their first and second years of employment with SAP FICO.

This book involves theoretical concepts of the foundational level of SAP FICO with the introduction of transactional codes and standard reports. This SAP FICO book covers the complete ease of SAP navigation by providing SAP tips to understand standard reports.

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The SAP FI (Financial Accounting) and SAP CO (Controlling) course gives students detailed information on financial accounting and controlling and aids them in becoming proficient users of SAP FICO software on the Server. With state-of-the-art lab equipment and current course materials that meet the most recent industry standards, Henry Harvin is well-equipped.

Final words

So, reading these SAP FICO books can help you understand the SAP ERP module with both internal and external financial reporting referring to SAP FICO. SAP FICO is a combination of SAP FI and CO sub-modules. Sub-modules usually used are account payables, account receivables, asset accounting, general ledger, and bank accounting. Each submodule has a connection with the others and synchronizes in real-time.

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Q.1 Is there any SAP FICO book explaining the “General Ledger in financial accounting”?

Ans. Many books explain the “General Ledger in financial accounting”. Almost all the books include transaction information listed in a corporation contained in the general ledger. The books I have mentioned above can help you understand every aspect of the principal record for keeping track of all accounting information. Purchases from vendors, transactions with customers, and internal business transactions are examples of common general ledger entries.

Q.2 Which SAP FICO book can I find for the description of financial accounting?

Ans. Financial Accounting is a key element of SAP ERP and is known as SAP FI. It is employed to keep an organization’s financial information. SAP FI aids in the analysis of a company’s financial standing in the market. Other SAP modules like SD, PP, SAP MM, SAP SCM, etc. can be integrated with it. 
SAP FI Financial accounting book, can help you understand the complete details of Financial accounting.

Q.3 What does SAP FICO mean by controlling area?

Ans. A controlling region may have one or more company codes that operate in multiple currencies. An operational chart of accounts must be used consistently across all business codes in a controlling area. Transactions involving internal allocation only refer to objects under the same controlling region.

Q.4 What is the SAP functional area?

Ans. According to SAP, a functional area is an organizational division that organizes a company’s operating costs into different categories. The costs are meticulously divided into categories according to administrative tasks, sales and distribution, advertising and marketing, production procedures, and research and development.

Q.5 Explanation of the connection between the controlling area and the company code is in which SAP FICO book.

Ans. The operative chart of accounts for any company codes included in a controlling area must match that of the controlling area. A single business code can only be allocated to one controlling area, however, a controlling area may contain several company code assignments.
The graphics and statistics of SAP FICO are in detail explained in the Configuring SAP ERP books.

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