Storing Bitcoin in a secure manner is a tough task. Nowadays one cannot risk to store the Bitcoins in computer as they are vulnerable to hackers. Technically as well if the Bitcoin is secured with strong passwords, once a hacker gets access to your wallet, it cannot be saved. Thus the best idea to keep your Bitcoin safe is to store it in a Bitcoin address that is not in your wallet. Thus there are two types of wallet that can actually help you in keeping your Bitcoins safely:

1) Paper wallet:
They are basically the printout of a new Bitcoin address. In order to create a secure paper wallet, not only one should have an offline computer, a printer and a USB flash drive but also some clear technical knowledge. So as to create this you need to click the Bit address and then click on the paper wallet tab. This will help you to generate three paper wallets automatically. So as to spend the Bitcoins stored in the address, one needs to retrieve the paper wallet from their storage location. After that you can import the private keys into your wallet. You also need to keep the printout of the address before sending the coins there so as to keep it secure.

2) Brain wallet:
This wallet can be easily generated from a passphrase. The only advantage here is that you do not need to keep the printout of the address. The disadvantage is that if you forget your passphrase then you will not be able to recover the Bitcoins from address. This wallet is also generated using bit address.
Thus these are the two basic ways to store your Bitcoins safely without getting hacked.

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