Summer is often a relaxing time for most students, more so for high-schoolers like you and me. As we take a break from our daunting deadlines and exhausting assignments, we finally get to indulge in things we are actually passionate about.

However, do you face the dilemma of having to choose between relaxation and productivity? And what if I told you that you can have the best of both worlds?

To counter your indecisiveness, here we compile the best ways for you to make your summer fruitful and enjoyable.

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Read ahead to find how Henry Harvin’s Teen MBA course motivates you to start young.

Participate in a Study Abroad Program

Fulfill your travel fantasy.

Explore the wonderful destinations your dreamt of.
Explore the world.

Many study-abroad programs allow you to choose a preferred destination. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to visit the landmarks you dreamt of, try the delectable cuisines invading your Instagram feed, and shop at the street your favorite YouTuber talked about. With the friends you make there, you can also add a local’s touch to your visits and see the less-explored parts of the city!

Gain through inter-cultural experience.

Once you have returned from your study abroad program, you are bound to be more accepting of the diversity present in the world. You get a better insight of varied backgrounds and cultures. However, you will experience a sense of pride in your own culture when you would have shared a part of it with someone else.

Get an edge over applicants in the future.

64% of employers in Europe, evident from a study conducted by Erasmus, value international experience. By participating in a study abroad program, you already have an added benefit when applying for college, internships, and jobs.

AFS intercultural programs, Youth for Understanding, CIEE, and Travel for Teens are some of the many organizations you can reach out to.

Many organizations are already offering programs for 2021 as travel becomes restricted due to Covid-19.

Enroll in a Summer Course

Get a feel of what it is like to study in your dream college before actually going to college.

Students like you and me getting a feel of the University of Oxford.
Students in Oxford University: getting a feel which you can get too!

Many organizations around the world offer courses in prestigious universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, etc. As someone who has actually been to one of these courses, I can vouch for the experience you would have. The seminars, debates, and interactive sessions are unmatched to what we have in our classrooms.

Check out Melio for online courses in wake of Covid-19 travel restrictions.


To save yourself some cash, contact the program administrators for any available scholarships. Immerse Education, for example, provides up to 100% scholarship to study in Cambridge for the best essays submitted in their competition.

Learn at your own pace in online courses.

A student immersed in what online courses offer.
You don’t have to rush.

If you are surrounded by other commitments and are unable to take out the time summer camps and courses take, you can always make the best use of technology.

Top companies like Google and IBM and colleges such as Stanford and Michigan do offer online courses taught by top educators. You can learn at your own pace without compromising on the quality of content. Coursera, FutureLearn, and edX are some great resources to check out.

Tip for young entrepreneurs, management aficionados, and business enthusiasts:

Henry Harvin Teen MBA Academy has something for you!

They bring to you a Junior MBA course equipping inquisitive minds with practical skills such as decision making, problem-solving, and data analytics.

You can also learn how to use basic terminologies floating about in the financial world. In an era with the freedom to choose between endless career options, Henry Harvin Teen MBA academy offers an opportunity for exploration at a young age. The correct guidance of the educators can mold your ender minds to carve a path towards success in this highly competitive world.

You can find more information about the Junior MBA course here.

Learn a Language

With the exponential growth of globalization, companies are seeking employees who can communicate with overseas investors and clients speaking a foreign language. Being equipped with another skill is an added bonus to your profile and employers would seek to hire you over a unilingual person. Moreover, knowing a language has proved to boost cognition by enhancing brain connections.

Apart from Coursera and EdX, CIEE and many other organizations providing study abroad programs offer courses in the country whose language you are willing to learn. You are surrounded by people speaking the foreign language all the time. A homestay with a local family is always an advantage to advance your skills. Take the initiative to interact in their language by keeping your inhibitions aside.


Promote being inclusive as you learn ASL.
Become more inclusive.

ASL is becoming more and more popular as citizens become aware and sensitive to the needs of others. Apart from the long-term cognitive benefits, your effort to become more inclusive is a great incentive on your profiles. Skillshare and Udemy offer great beginner-friendly content with free trials.


Take care of the environment. Demonstrate leadership skills as you start your iwn campaign.
You can find some time for the environment you live in.

Contribute to a good cause. You can teach the underprivileged, participate in a bakery charity sale, spread the word about a health campaign and so much more. Get in contact with your local NGOs and you will realize that there is so much impact you can make in your own community.

If you are looking to reflect on social issues that exist in other countries, volunteering abroad is something you can look out for. You can learn about this on AFS and CIEE.

Keep a Check on Your Mental Health

Take care of your mental health

While building your profiles and taking initiatives to make your summer prolific, please remember that life is more than just a rat race.

Spend your time in developing skills, studying abroad, attending webinars, participating in courses, and learning languages. None of this is, however, meant to exhaust you.

Most important tip:

Do things you like and keep a check on your mental health. Pick up the book that enchanted you during the book fair the previous year but could not get the time to read. Watch the movie whose trailer you cannot get your mind off since you saw the notification of its arrival. Bake the cake you saw on someone’s status even if it doesn’t turn out to be delicious.

Even if the rat race you are constantly a part of tells you otherwise, please remember that your life is not a contest. You are not expected to be perfect all the time and it’s okay to take a step back.

Know more about Henry Harvin’s Teen MBA program and other things you can do during the summer.

How do you plan to spend your summer? Let me know in the comments below.

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