PMP certification course is an internationally recognized professional document given by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to professionals who meet certain education and experience criteria. This certificate is renowned globally, therefore many professionals are seeking to get PMP.

PMP Exam Preparation Practice Test 

PMP exam preparation practice test is the test that helps in making the candidate familiar with the pattern of examination. The syllabus for the PMP certification exam has 5 modules/domains, the practice exam for PMP focuses on these 5 sections so that the aspirants appearing in the examination can prepare accordingly. Let us have a look at what are the topics that are in these 5 domains:

1. Initiating

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The first domain of the PMP exam will consist of 13% of the total questions. The knowledge required in this section would be about the analytical skills, benefit analysis techniques, elements of a project character, estimation of tools/techniques and strategic management.

2. Planning

The second module in the PMP exam is comprised of 24% of the total questions. The skills and knowledge for this section would be related to change management planning, cost management planning, production budgeting tools/techniques, communication planning, estimation tools/methods, human resource planning, procurement planning and quality management planning.

3. Executing 

The third domain in the PMP exam comprises of 31% of the total questions. The knowledge required for this section is related to the continuous improvement processes, contract management techniques, elements of a statement of work, interdependencies with project elements, project budgeting tools and techniques, quality standard tools as well as vendor management techniques.

4. Monitoring and Controlling

The fourth domain in the PMP exam consists of 25% of the total questions. The prerequisite knowledge/skills required for this section are about performance management and tracking techniques, process analysis techniques, project control thresholds and tolerance, project finance principles, project monitoring tools and techniques, project quality best practices and standards, quality measurement tools as well as risk identification and analysis techniques.

5. Closing     

The last and final module of the PMP exam consists of 7% of the total questions. The required knowledge and skills for this section are about archiving practices and statutes, compliance, contract closure requirements, closeout procedures, feedback techniques, performance measurement techniques, project review techniques, and transition planning techniques.

The PMP Certification Exam is Changing in the year 2021 and so will be the syllabus for the same. Earlier there were 5 modules/domains which are discussed above, however from the year 2021, there will only be 3 domains/modules. The number of questions will also change from 200 questions to 180 questions. Let us now have a look at the three new domains/modules, which will come into effect from the year 2021.

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The first domain would be emphasizing the skills and activities associated with effectively leading a project team. The total number of questions coming out of this module would comprise of 42%.


The second module would be about reinforcing the technical aspects of managing a project. The total number of questions for this module would consist of 50% of the total questions.

Business Environment

Understanding the relationship between projects and organization strategy, as well as the internal and external environments nearly 8% of the total number of questions are assigned to this section.

Aspirants preparing for the PMP certification exam are now required to follow the new exam outline published by PMI on 30 June 2019. They also need to prepare as per the new syllabus in order to get PMP certified. With the help of online practice exams/test which follows the new guidelines, syllabus, and timelines the aspirants can prepare appropriately for the PMP certification exam.

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