COBIT 5 (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) is a good-practice framework created by ISACA, the international professional association for Information Technology (IT) management & governance. COBIT 5 is a comprehensive framework that helps achieve organizational objectives for the management and governance of enterprise IT. IT/IS auditors, internal auditors, information security and IT practitioners, consultants, members of IT/IS management who are looking to gain insight into GEIT, business managers and chief executives are all eligible to get COBIT 5 certification


1.    Efficiency & Productivity
COBIT 5 training can be used in any industry and any organisation, irrespective of its size. COBIT 5 course’s tools, models and principles are globally accepted and are also applicable to business executives of industries other than IT. Professionals who take the certification get to learn what GEIT means and how it may be applied to their enterprise. It helps address the concerns of all the stakeholders across the enterprise. As the person relates to COBIT, their roles and responsibilities within the organisation will be clearly defined, thus resulting in increased productivity and efficiencies in the enterprise. Through the effective use of IT, COBIT 5 certification helps achieve strategic goals and realise business benefits. It offers a common vocabulary and a systematic approach for tackling the challenges, while maximising the value of corporate information.

2.     Helps in building trust in and value from Information Systems
COBIT 5 certification increases the value from IT and builds trust in IT services by providing practices, principles, models and tools that are globally accepted. COBIT 5 training enables effective decision making by its users address the needs of the stakeholders and clarifying their goals. COBIT 5 training helps meet the enterprise’s performance goals and maximise the value of corporate information. It ensures compliance with relevant laws, regulations, contractual agreements and policies.

3.    Helps set oneself apart from the rest
A professional’s knowledge of COBIT, when in a governance role, will set him/her apart from the rest. It speaks volumes about his/her level of commitment to their profession. The COBIT 5 course equips the participants with unparalleled knowledge in the form of principles, concepts and processes. This knowledge is crucial in implementing and assessing COBIT. In addition, commitment to COBIT training enables the professional to be on the cutting edge of knowledge and practice.

COBIT 5 certification helps professionals discover how they will have to assess the current state of enterprise IT, with the objective of choosing appropriate aspects of COBIT 5 to be implemented. All this is done using the key concepts and principles they learn as part of the COBIT 5 course. Having learnt how to use the tools and skills that are necessary to implement and asses COBIT 5 effectively in their respective enterprises, the professionals would have gained a solid reputation.

4.    Increases Capability
COBIT5 is a repository of the wisdom of experts from across the globe. This helps businesses obtain guidance and thought leadership from leading experts in IT and other businesses. COBIT5 maintains high quality information that helps in supporting business decisions. Through reliable and efficient application of technology, COBIT5 achieves operational excellence.

COBIT 5 certification enables professionals get to sharpen their capabilities, as they get a better understanding of IT-related risk. They also enhance confidence by making informed decisions to reduce information security incidents. It becomes very important for professionals to deliver this understanding and risk awareness in order to improve detection, prevention, and recovery within an enterprise. COBIT 5 certification helps the trained professional provide tools for organisations to maintain high-quality information to support business decisions. It also aids in helping the enterprise meet regulatory, statutory or governmental requirements. 

5.    Accessibility 
As far as accessibility is concerned, COBIT is low cost. Vendors and Consultants even have a trademark and copyright waiver. COBIT 5 certification helps optimizes the cost of IT services and technology and maintain IT related risks at an acceptable level.

6.    Credibility
COBIT 5 is highly credible. It is not written by one or two authors, rather by a huge team of contributors and reviewers. About 100,000 governance, risk and assurance professionals, auditors, process geeks and security wonks from approximately 160 countries, have come together to form a not-for-profit and independent membership body, ISACA, that owns and publishes COBIT. In its 16 year history, COBIT 5 has been reviewed by more than 90 experts from across the world. The several hundreds of contributors stand testimony to the fact that COBIT 5 truly represents the coming together of several powerful minds. 

COBIT 5 training and exams are offered by training organisations and individuals who themselves had to go through a meticulous and rigorous accreditation process. Therefore professionals who wish to get COBIT 5 certification can be sure that they will be receiving the highest quality training from accredited training providers. The exams conducted to provide COBIT 5 certification are also rigorous, challenging and consistent. Professionals who manage to crack the exam and obtain COBIT5 certification can be proud of their achievement, as it is quite a challenging task. It also increases their reputation in their companies and among their peers. Additionally, employers will have the confidence of knowing their employees’ COBIT credentials come from a reputable and reliable source.

7.    Benchmark
One of the foremost drivers for its adoption is that, COBIT can be assessed against itself and it has clearly defined requirements – auditing IT for SOx compliance. Auditors and assessors of COBIT are certified (CISA) and there is no need to go to any proprietary benchmarks for assessment. COBIT5 also provides a framework that integrates all other frameworks including ITIL, PMP, COSO, NIST, TOGAF, Prince2, CMMI, ISO27001, SIO20k and Six Sigma, thus offering the best of all. COBIT 5 integrates the standards and approaches of these frameworks and addresses all areas of the enterprise. None of the other frameworks mentioned above has the breadth that COBIT 5 has. It can thus be summarily stated that COBIT 5 brings order to standards, frameworks and regulations that are complex. 

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