Hiya’s Advice: What Should A Teenager Do In The Summers?

Summer is back! The fun-filled time with friends and family, the excitement of planning a trip, and a lot of holiday homework. But this year is different as Covid-19 has hit the world and everything has changed.

This Summer is being identified as boring as no one can go out and have fun.But you can enjoy summers with Henry Harvin Teen MBA.

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What can you do in your free time?

You can start internships and take part in summer programs for high school students by Henry Harvin Teen MBA.

You can take part in the new Junior MBA course, enjoy and learn new skills.

Here are some delightful things to do this summer vacation for learning new skills, staying fit, and spending time with friends and family. 

1.Taking Part In Summer Internships 

Internships offer students opportunities to learn something they find interesting.Some of the advantages of taking part in an internship are-

  1. A Gain of Valuable Work Experience 
  2. Help in Exploring New Career Paths
  3. Develop new skills
  4. Gain Confidence, etc.
Internships that help you learn new skills and gain experience.

Some internships to take part in this summer-

  • Content Writing Internship by Henry Harvin Teen MBA
  • Media and Communication by Child Rights and You
  • 3D Animation by Socialenza
  • COVID-19 Teach from Home by World Youth Council

To explore more click the link below- https://internshala.com/internshipshttps://internshala.com/internships

2.Junior MBA Programs

Junior MBA is a program designed by Henry Harvin Teen MBA to deliver an MBA style curriculum to students. The goals of this program are- 

  • To provide basic financial literacy skills to students
  • To encourage collaboration among students
  • To improve the presentation skills of students
  • To encourage MBA applications

This program is engaging students at home during the lockdown and is helping them to learn new skills.

3.Physical Exercise

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind!”

Physical activity makes us active and fit. It helps us prevent many diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, etc.


We are not able to go out because of the lockdown therefore regular exercise is important to stay fit and healthy. This could include aerobics, yoga, dance, etc.

Even helping out in household chores can get you to exercise!


Check out the above link for some daily exercises

4.Family Time

Everyone has a strong bond with their family and should spend time with them when they are free.

Family Funtime


You can play board games with your family, do exercise, eat your meals together, help each other with chores, etc.

5. Keep Learning New Skills

“Once you stop learning, you start dying!”

-Albert Einstein

There must be times when you wanted to learn something but didn’t have the time to because of your hectic routine. The lockdown is giving you extra time to learn all those new skills this summer. Some skills you can learn-

  • Content writing and Junior MBA by Henry Harvin Teen MBA 
  • A new language
  • Playing an instrument
  • Yoga 
  • Drawing, etc.
Check the Review of Summer Internship Program (Henry Harvin)



Follow these ways to have a wonderful vacation full of learning and fun, and make the most out of your vacation during the lockdown.



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