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Henry Harvin TEFL Certification Review





The song silently rings in my ears as I sleep on ‘it’. Dream until your dream comes true!!! All Aerosmith fans can relate to this song. I know I could.

As a child, I dreamt of becoming a teacher one day. Nothing fancy, so I kept it a secret. Rather, I was good at teaching, as I had tutored a few of my friends. But I wished to not be ordinary. Academics were not attractive. This thought bothered me much, and I wanted to combine teaching with ‘something’ exotic. (Maybe EFL teaching???)

This lack of knowledge, combined with no career advice, didn’t help me map my career well. Whatmore, coming from the primitive ages when the internet was a novelty, I remained clueless for a long time. These days, information and guidance are only a click away. Getting professional assistance is only a call away. 

Today, I am a certified content writer, but I started as an English teacher. At some point, I realised that satisfaction derived is more valuable than a million bucks.

Do you have any passion close to your heart? Many people are in an endless pursuit of their ambitions, hoping for a breakthrough. But the breakthrough comes when you keep going, non-stop. 

My first job was teaching. I taught English as a foreign language(EFL) to non-native speakers. The first day at the institution was the most memorable, as I had no formal training in teaching and with no needs analysis outlined, I failed miserably.

I reckoned I was good at teaching and I still acknowledged that, but what and where were the missing pieces of the puzzle?

My readers are clever enough to understand where I am heading. Because formal training equips you with essential teaching skills , you cannot feel dumbfounded. It enhances your confidence as you face the class. Teaching English as a foreign language is a colourful, rewarding job with added fun and unique experiences. I enjoyed every bit of learning, teaching, exploring, and exchanging new ideas and thoughts with my students.

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Work can become a chore if you don’t savour it. However, mine was far from being tedious and monotonous. I relished every moment.

If you enjoy teaching and want to have fun, then you should widen your career prospect by considering Henry Harvin’s TEFL certification course.

How does Henry Harvin Education make an appearance here? Are they any special?

If TEFL has found favour in your eyes and you want to enhance your teaching skills, then look no further because Henry Harvin education provides the complete package. Your quest for a credible institution ends here, as Henry Harvin EFL Academy offers internationally accredited TEFL training.

This TEFL academy provides four programs :

  • 120 hour TEFL Course
  • Post-graduate program in TEFL
  • TEFL course in India
  • TEFL course in USA

This TEFL course is divided into 15 modules with 5 extra modules that work on the soft skills development, email writing, business English and resume writing. Hence, this course enriches your teaching skills and personality. It improves your confidence because you stand out from the crowd holding a valuable certificate and feeling successful.

The trainers are highly seasoned with a vast experience of 10 years or more. They are remarkably skilled and talented, so have no worries about the instructors.

Every participant receives a one-year gold membership through which you can avail numerous benefits :

  • You get access to services like pre- recorded videos, case-studies, projects and much more.
  • You get 100 % placement support after the course with proper job guidance.
  • Certified participants receive entry to the LMS portal where you get unlimited access to TEFL related content like articles, lesson plans, videos, etc.
  • Here you get to learn the best pedagogical practices and the application of Bloom’s taxonomy.
  • You get exposed to a world of jobs as Henry Harvin education collaborates with Tutree , an international recruitment agency for Teachers.
  • All participants are assured of an internship with Henry Harvin or their partners. This helps build confidence and facilitates learning .

Why is Henry Harvin education special?

It is one of a kind because they provide 100 % guarantee for an interview after enrolling for the course. They also prepare you to get a job which can pay up to $3000 a month. Moreover, you qualify for over 12000 plus jobs in over 6 countries.

This is also an exclusively online course and everyone can easily access it in their comfort.

Henry Harvin TEFL certification is designed in such a way that all the trainees pass the exams in the first attempt. This course helps you understand the learners perspective and makes it easy for the teachers to evaluate the students.

What is the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification all about?

TEFL involves training students in reading,writing and speaking English.

English has long been that link that connects people everywhere. Not only is it widely accepted, but communicating in English is also a coveted skill. International business needs English for all operations.Therefore, there is a rise in the demand of English as a foreign language and many students are flocking to learn it. This means we need more EFL teachers.

TEFL certification is a tool that demonstrates your ability to teach English which meets the international standards. Perhaps you are a native speaker or an expert in English, that doesn’t assure your proficiency in teaching. Speaking the language fluently has its own benefits, but there are various advantages to being certified. Your training and qualification will assert substantial rewards.

This certificate is the key to securing a teaching position across the globe. You may not require a particular educational qualification or prior experience because this certificate grants you a hall pass. All leading online teaching companies and language schools prefer professional training.

There is no-doubt that if I had learnt of this course earlier, I would have neglected everything to get this certification. All my efforts could have been channelised better. 

How does the TEFL course help ?

Remember, I mentioned some 500 words ago how I struggled to teach when I was put on the spot. Without undertaking professional training, I started from scratch to understand, learn and create a suitable methodology of teaching.

Instead, all aspiring EFL teachers can invest their time and money to reap the benefits pronto. The benefits are enjoyed by both the Language school and the teachers.

Here is how it will help your career :

  1. No prior experience required
    Do not worry! You don’t need any teaching experience for this certification. This course prepares and coaches you by imparting the right skill and confidence.
    Similarly, there is no demand for any specific qualification or educational degree.
  2. A certification with no expiry
    True!!! Once you complete the course, you are on the right track- for life. You are good to go because the biggest advantage is that this certification never expires.
    Also, the good news is that it is widely accepted across boundaries. Yes, your certification is valued everywhere and so are you.
  3. Better jobs
    You have access to a goldmine of jobs.A passionate teacher should avail the best job opportunities as most of the international language agencies require a TEFL certification.

Though you can land a job in any country, the agencies will perform all legitimate paperworks.Along with the job opportunities, you also receive other privileges of flight reimbursements and housing arrangements. Most of the agencies provide these, but not all.

  1. Boost your confidence

Spending years studying and gaining knowledge never grants the know-how of teaching.Your preparedness to take on a classroom of students comes with this certification.

After this course, every EFL teacher will be armed with skilful tactics, intelligence and a captivating style. They will also possess brilliant planning and organising abilities.

These tricks will up your confidence and help make a mark in no time.

  1. Better pay
    Kicking off a career in a teaching profession isn’t attractive because of the low pay. But when you invest in upskilling yourself, you receive a nice return.
    You get exposed to lucrative job opportunities in the international and domestic market.

Language schools are ready to pay more to certified teachers as the students appreciate their worth more.

  1. Become a Pro
    Here, you learn better methodologies and teaching practices for practical application.You learn to develop lesson plans and engage different learners. Being receptive becomes a skill.

No learner feels left behind as the teachers transmit knowledge and focus on a 360 degree development. You become a pro and transform beginners into scholars.

  1. Teach at all levels
    I have never taught EFL to children during my teaching days. A common misconception is that a teacher must teach children, or only the beginners.

I have noticed that many of the learners are intermediate or advanced students. They either belong to the adolescent or adult age brackets. Even so, you have to be prepared to teach at all levels.

  1. Want to travel the world?
    Globe-trotting will become your habit as international job opportunities will knock at your door. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to explore the world?

You must pack your bags and be ready as this TEFL certification is accepted worldwide. And it means Asia, Europe, Africa ,North and South America – too good to be true!

No renewal required for the certification. You walk with confidence and a certificate with a lifetime validity.

Who would want to miss out on these irresistible benefits? If opting for a teaching profession, you must consider them. However, they are restricted to EFL teaching only, so even if you are minutely inclined towards linguistics,then think no further.

Even language schools and institutes get benefitted by hiring TEFL certified teachers.As a reader, you may be an aspiring teacher, an educator, or a language school head. This write-up will benefit all of you. Let’s explore how institutes are benefitted:

  • These certificates assure the value of the teacher. They attest to the skills and calibre of each candidate.
  • If the teacher is proficient, then the teaching technique would be perfect.
  • When a certified teacher educates the learner, it positively influences the rate of satisfaction of the learner.
  • Certified teachers are well trained, and they use effective methodologies and create the best lesson plans. They are well organised and manage time well. Their productivity is higher.
  • No need to spend extra time and money on training new teachers when they are certified.

Why do you really need the TEFL certification?

Well, we need to decipher that. First, please answer these questions : Are you adept at teaching? Do you know how to teach language skills? What are the strategies of classroom management? How do you plan a lesson?

Your response will determine if you need this certification or not. Whether you are an ambitious teacher or a know-all , in order to boost your career, you must prove your self-worth.

Besides imparting knowledge, this certificate also acts as a value addition to your repertoire.

Considering the 100 – 120 hours of effort you put in, the time plus money you invest, it may seem troublesome, but the outcome is impactful. I agree, there are TEFL jobs without the certification but they have their share of downsides.

Before you change your mind, you must know, employers prefer candidates who hold a certification at any point. Stop applying for jobs before investing in yourself !

Ponder on the merits. This program helps you to inherit credentials and get better positions and pay. The demand for certified teachers is more, and this is an opportunity to accomplish your dreams. Expand your portfolio and realise better prospects with a training that lasts a lifetime .

Along with these advantages, a TEFL training will support you in teaching the English Language by addressing the core aspects of grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation. Generally, they are activity based learning where you focus on two or more skills .

The course even focuses on phonology for learners with accents.

There is a module on classroom management too, which includes strategies for implementing varying styles of teaching. Managing a classroom full of students without a common language to communicate is not a pretty scene( remember? I’ve been there).

There are different intelligence theories that will guide you in planning and managing your classroom.

Once you complete this course ,you can establish the needs analysis by identifying individual needs and create lesson plans accordingly. You will learn to incorporate all your skills effectively and integrate activities to teach. Lesson planning is an important component of this courseware.

Believe me, I can relate to all the above as I have been there and done that. I have done all of this using the trial and error method. So I urge you not to waste your resources because this course will never cause regrets.

Teaching locations

As I mentioned earlier, you have a window of job opportunities abroad. You can move to any part of Asia, Europe, South America or Africa. Not only do you receive a competitive salary package but also charming accommodation and perks like holiday and airfare.

If you are a passionate traveller, you can indulge in exploring the lands and discover various mouth-watering cuisines. You can venture into another culture and learn about their historical heritage and experience a different climate. Take advantage of the hospitality and cultural diversity while feasting on unexplored lands and gratifying cuisines.

I don’t think it’s possible to put off this certification programme if you are driven by wanderlust. Sounds simply irresistible!!!

One more reason not to decline the certification is the diversified job roles associated with TEFL.

Apart from evolving into a perfect TEFL teacher, you can take on these roles too:

  • A magazine or newspaper journalist
  • A private tutor
  • A proof reader
  • Editor
  • A writer
  • An education consultant

Additionally, after the course, you can also become an English, Soft skills or voice trainer. You can contribute to online teaching/training or even focus on freelancing if a 9 to 5 job seems rigid.

If you are game, you should be interested in knowing how to obtain the TEFL certification.

So how do I get TEFL certified?

Here’s how you begin your journey:

  1. Implement your research skills in finding the best course available. Read reviews and talk to the respective consultants/course providers and see what they offer. Do they meet your goals? Remember, this is a crucial decision and investing in the right matters. Check on the cost and time and compare to find the best value creation.
  2. Apply for the course after a detailed research. You can either go into their website or visit them in person(if possible) to fill the application form. These schools desire enthusiastic and ambitious people, so most of them include an interview process. Always be prepared with your thoughts and organise them well before the interview.
  3. An ideal instructor is one who embodies knowledge paired with the right teaching techniques, so you have to grasp as much as you can during your training. Focus more and let the other concerns dwindle. Put in your best to give the best.
  4. Your actual work begins when you approach the end of the course. Take advantage of all the services that your institute provides because now you have to apply for the best job in the market. Be sure to take guidance from your advisors or mentors in finding the best job opportunity.

However, be cautious in selecting the right program, as there are many which are not credible. You may look into the cost and time factor, but above all, check its accreditation. If you choose a non-accredited program, then you are in for a loss as they are of no value. You’ll not be considered while hiring.

You are entitled to a minimum of 100 hours of training with 6 hours of teaching practice. Any program that compromises on these requisites should be crossed out of the list.

There are few other certifications like TEFL which have their own benefits. The aspiring teachers can choose the appropriate one.

  • TESOL (Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages)
  • ELT (English Language Training)
  • ESL (English as a Second Language
  • TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language)

Nevertheless, TEFL has unique advantages that we discussed earlier.

How long does it take to be certified?

The time taken varies between programs. The standard time to complete the course is anywhere between 100 – 200 hours and 6 to 20 hours of practice sessions . However, an individual can complete the course within a month , given the circumstance, but the recommended pattern is 6 months. This duration is optimum for learning and implementation.


From my experience, if you aspire to become an ESL teacher and choose not to get certified , you’d miss out on something big.

Although these courses existed, I wasn’t aware of them. As a result, I worked harder on my skills. With the help of many online materials, I structured a syllabus,made lesson plans, compiled a book ,worked on my teaching skills, and gained popularity among the students.

As an ESL teacher and a trainer, my advice to my readers is “Do not be double-minded and when in doubt, read all the benefits of the TEFL course”.

Be wise. Take a decision that will assure you of great returns. All your investment of time, effort and money will take you places (pun intended).

Not only will you learn the nuances of teaching the English language, but you’ll also enjoy job security, it assures. Consider being exposed to job opportunities from across the world, because learning is continuous and there is no age limit. There will never be a dearth of job opportunities.

Be a jolly soul and explore the world. Have fun while you earn and enrich your career.

I never once regretted being a part of ESL teaching because every moment was fun-filled and memorable. I always dreamt of teaching non-academic subjects.Though I never got a TEFL certification, I thoroughly loved my job and I wish I had enrolled in the course. But thankfully, learning has no age-limit and maybe I will enrol into Henry Harvin TEFL Academy sometime soon.

Meanwhile, all you dreamers and aspiring teachers, roll up your sleeves and get ready for the job.

All the best!!!


Is there a time limit for the course?

Yes, you must complete it within one year of enrollment.

When will I receive my certificate?

You will receive your certificate 2 weeks after the successful completion of the course.

When will I complete the course?

The course usually takes about 8 – 12 weeks’ time.

Can I renew my certificate?

No, it has a lifetime validity.

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