Gul's Advice: What Should A Teenager Do In The Summer? - Henry Harvin

“There are 104 days of summer vacation

 And school comes along to end it

 So the annual problem for our generation

 Is finding a good way to spend it” ­

– Phineas and Ferb theme song (the makers of this show were indeed a couple of wise souls.)

The dilemma of not knowing what to do during the summer has revolved around us for the longest time. While the whole world’s shut down, the hardest hit has been on the teenagers, who now only rely on social media to be their trusted source of entertainment.

For the past few months, the phrase “I’m bored” has been thrown around for an awful number of times. Most of us are currently stuck in a rut, not knowing what to do and where to begin.

I hope this blog can give you the slightest idea of what all you can do sitting at home, and I will share some of my resources to get rid of the boredom.

How can you get out of this rut?

  1. Unleash your creativity 
  2. Intern and join summer programs
  3. Learn a new skill
  4. Get ahead of your classes and become a better student

Unleashing your creativity

Unleashing creativity is easier said than done. I love drawing, singing, and playing my instruments.

Music :

You can bring out your musical self and work on it. You can write songs, make music covers, learn an instrument, or start with music theory. If you want to appreciate some music, then you can listen to various new artists, listen to classical maybe?! or try rock? Perhaps you jam with metal. Prepare playlists depending on your moods and share them online. There is no limit to the possibilities.

Film :

If you are an aspiring filmmaker, then this is the time to shoot some videos, prepare a few script and stories, learn how to shoot professionally. You can always share your work on social platforms and become a part of the film making community. Connect with your fellow filmmakers. I love watching film riots videos on Youtube to understand the work that goes into making one. 

Writing :

Like me, you can start a blog about anything and everything. If you want to keep your writings personal, then maybe start with journal writing. You can start by writing short stories as well.

Internships and summer programs

Many prestigious companies are currently offering high school students many opportunities to provide them with summer programs and internships.

  1. You can join the teen MBA course with Henry Harvin.
  2. Content writing courses
  3. psychology internships with various hospitals

Learn a new skill

You might be living under a rock if you haven’t noticed how everyone currently is displaying their new learned skill on the internet. It is time that you get up from your couch and go ahead and learn something new. 

  1. Learn to cook and bake. Binging with Babish is an excellent place to start your journey into the world of the culinary arts. 
  2. Workout: now, I know that working out is not something new, but it is necessary. You can start with various challenges. Chloe Ting and the Nike training club, have prerecorded videos free of cost and can be done at home with ease. 
  3. Learn a new Language: have you always wanted to learn a new language but never got the time to do it? Well, now is the perfect time to go ahead with it. You can start by learning the basics of a language from Duolingo. It’s fun and free of cost.

Become a better student

I read this somewhere that one should start before they are ready to achieve success. So don’t be afraid to begin studying as knowledge never goes to waste.

You can start with your syllabus and set small and achievable goals. It is always better to prepare in advance as it helps ease any pressure in the future. During this time, you can study for your upcoming exams and get your schoolwork in order.

Prepare for any other exams that you plan on taking. Use this time to plan for your future.


As a teenager, it is tough to understand what you want to do in your life. Planning for it is next to impossible since everything around us is continually changing.

It would be best if you used this time to introspect and realize what you wish to do. It is better to try everything and anything that comes your way so that you can have a clearer picture of your likings.

But it is also crucial to keep in mind that the lock down is not a productivity contest. Take your time to come to terms with the current situation. Mental peace is the goal, not overburdening yourself with newer responsibilities.

I get satisfaction from trying to do something new every day, and hence I wrote this blog. Working on something can bring you some joy as well, try it out.

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