1.  See, What Mr. Aditya Kumar is saying about the ITIL Training:

ITIL feedback, ITIL certification feedback, Henry Harvin ITIL feedback

2.  See, What Kshitij Rai has to say about the services provided by Henry Harvin pre, during and post ITIL Training:

itil feedback, itil certification feedback, itil certificaiton feedback

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What is a Feedback? How is a feedback important?

Feedback is the information about a person’s performance regarding any task or a product reaction. Feedback is considered as a base for improvement. It is a return of information about a information. Feedback help us
1- In getting better results
2- Improving rate of progress
3- Steps required to improve relationships
4- The level of performance against any target.

Who uses ITIL?

ITIL benefit an organization by providing service management product or service in all the large, medium and small sized companies. This framework is designed for high level executive and leader, ITSM Practitioners, ITIL Managing professional, ITIL Strategic leader, Digital transformation consultant, Hiring managers , Existing ITIL Practitioners

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