Recently, you might have heard that many programmers are shifting toward Data science courses in Nagpur and machine learning. In the hope of better pay and career opportunities. So there are reasons for this shift.

In a new survey, the Data Scientist has been ranked the number one job on Glassdoor for the last couple of years, and the average salary of a data scientist is around $120,000 in the United States, as per Indeed.

Data science is not only a promising career in terms of money, but it also offers the opportunity for you to mitigate some of the world’s most exciting problems. IMHO, that’s the primary aim for many good programmers is moving toward data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

If you are in the same boat and planning to become a data scientist in 2022, you have come to the right page. And In this article, I will share some of the best Data Science courses in  Nagpur that you can help to become a data scientist in 2022 by learning about data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Regarding programming languages and libraries, Python and R are two leading programming languages in machine learning, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Many exciting developments are happening in those languages, and they already have some valuable results.

Suppose you’ve got some programming or scripting experience. In that case, these courses will teach you the techniques used by natural data scientists and machine learning practitioners in the tech industry and prepare you to move into this hot and lucrative career path.

Top Data Science Courses in Nagpur

Henry Harvin 

One of the excellent Data science courses in Nagpur is provided by Henry Harvin academy. The course includes crucial frameworks involved in data science, such as Python, Machine learning. It will first cover the fundamentals of data science and then proceed to advanced tools such as Tableau, Seaborn, Pandas, etc. With data science professionals in ever-growing demand, this course will equip you with the tools and training required to get a good position in the job system.

Data Science Course Certificate and Training

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 Henry Harvin Academy attempts to make the educated employable through various skill pieces of training, certifications, courses, and programs via the offline/online platform. Data science courses in Nagpur are one such course that will give aspiring data science professionals all the required resources.

The course curriculum covers importing and cleaning data sets, analyzing data, build, and evaluating data models.

Course Benefits of Data Science course at Henry Harvin

  • Live instructor-led online/offline training sessions for a total of 32 hours. Moreover, students understand and apply different supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning models and algorithms to site real-world problems.
  • Internship assistance is where you can apply the knowledge aid in the data science course, followed by placement assistance for one year after completing the course.
  • Projects and assignments which will further enhance your knowledge-application skills.
  • Moreover, they have collaborated with top companies like Abbott Pharma, Avon Cosmetics, HostBooks, NTPC, SAB Miller, Apollo Tyres, Deloitte, and 12+ IIMs, including IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore & IIM Calcutta, and 7+ IITs including IIT Bombay & IIT Delhi.
  • Hallmark Certification of CDS- recognized by Govt. of India, which students can proudly add to their resume.
  • Regular boot camp invitations for one year. Free access to Hackathons and LMS, tools and techniques, video content, etc., on its website.

2. Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT)

MBA in Data Sciences and Data Analytics by SCIT aims to create Management professionals for the data science and data analytics stream. Through this course, students will learn analytics competencies and apply hands-on data science tools, preparing them for business and techno-functional roles in data sciences and analytics projects. 

Besides, they can apply related data-driven decision-making skills in a given business scenario. Candidates who graduated from any recognized University or Institution of importance with a minimum of 50 percent marks or equivalent grade will be able to qualify for this certification program. 

They are also necessary to have Mathematics as a compulsory subject in the 12th standard. The final nomination of candidates will be decided on the SNAP score.

3. Intellipaat

The Data Science Certification course endures complete showing to the industry and academic standards. The course is well-structured under the umbrella of the best industry faculties.

Key factors

  • The program has the design structure of the course in collaboration with top companies. They have the leading pioneers with the best creative tools needed to learn data science.
  • Highly trained faculties with the best subject knowledge design the course material for effective training programs.
  • Case studies affiliated with the projects have the in-line design with the trending industry needs.

4. Great Learning

The Data science courses in Nagpur are well demonstrated, along with the practical training on the expertise of the tools. The case studies emphasize tools needed for analytics as per industry standards. 

Key factors

  • The course involves a brief knowledge of machine learning, its framework, and its multiple versions.
  • Learn SQL and PySpark concepts and how to use different tools to work with SQL and Python.
  • The course projects also cover five assessments to support your evaluate your topic knowledge.

5. Madrid Software

Madrid Systems offers masters in Data science courses in Nagpur to improve the tools and systems used by the Data science experts. Further, the course curriculum is crafted by industry expert trainers who have extensive knowledge in the research field.

Key factors

  • The course is tailored to meet the growing demand of the trending industries.
  • The skillsets categorize an expert’s capacity to explain the application of information, abilities, and dispositions through behavior that is directly relevant to the company’s objectives.

6. Naresh iTechnologies

The Data science courses include the analytics layer and significant data handling, storing, and processing. To quickly analyze and interpret the data. Also includes the skills necessary to use various analytical tools and approaches to work on Data Science and Machine learning will be taught in the data science course.

Key factors

  • You can take the classes as per your need with a great classroom environment and instructors teaching, including lab sessions with actual equipment and demonstrations.
  • Discovering the concept that is specifically suitable to the demands of your career. 
  • In addition to having the top trainers and lab infrastructure, the Data science courses have plans to meet the day-to-day needs of the industry standards.

7. Analytixlabs

Speaking about the industry standard and certifications for the Data Science course, Analytixlabs has proven to be the best in Data Science institutions in Nagpur. Moreover, AnalytixLabs has guided thousands of candidates into desired career roles in data engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, and business analytics by offering a wide range of painstakingly designed curriculums for students from various backgrounds.

Key factors

  • The AnalytixLabs significant data analytics courses certification has a renowned name in India and internationally.
  • They work on identifying skill sets in demand, directing candidates toward applicable professions, and forming a collaboration with influential business people.
  • They employ techniques that are unique to the industry.
  • The institute also constantly builds a balanced data science course syllabus that emphasizes developing theoretical groundwork, ensuring students have hands-on experience, advancing their exposure to the industry, and getting them ready for real-world difficulties.

8. Imarticus Learning

Post Graduate Program in Data Science Courses

Henry Harvin Ranks#1 in the List of Top 5 Upskilling Courses in India to Make You Job Ready by India Today India Today and Tribune India. Check out for more details using this Pioneer Link

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This curriculum offers two personalized learning paths for fresh graduates and working professionals. So, both curricula provide the optimal learning experience for the students using them. Moreover, it often involves industry experts to design the best course content.

Key factors

  • The six-month full-time program for recent graduates is offered on weekdays (Four days a week with Four hrs of sessions each day).
  • The nine-month part-time program is offered on weekends to working professionals (Saturday and Sunday with four hours of sessions each day).
  • Career support, including placements, mock interviews, capstone projects, and career mentoring, also takes place

9. edX

Modern conceptual science is the foundation of your edX learning experience. Learning knowledgeable cases and skills from the subject experts. 

Key factors

  • I recorded video sessions of the classes and data visualizations with the interactive sessions.
  • Quizzes, open response tests, virtual space, and other advanced tools are available in edX courses and programs.
  • Enrolling in edX transforms the way you think and what you are capable of doing, and it translates into the real situation right away so you can use your new skills in the context of your employment.

10. Udemy

Udemy focuses on the foundation before jumping into the Data science course. Encouragement to establish a Data science strategy and put it into practice. Implementing a systematic lifecycle approach for initiatives, including machine learning and Python, are also part of the program.

Key factors

  • Encouragement in the planning and implementation of a data strategy within the company
  • Extensive data science courses comprehend data analysis and metrics and learn about consumer behavior to enhance capabilities and make better business decisions.
  • Learn real-world applications of data science to raise your analytical prowess.

11. Edureka 

They are the fastest growing institute providing the best course completion rate. The Edureka trainers are aware of the importance of innovation and customer focus. They aim to expand the most targeted audience possible through social media and the newest technology.

Key factors

  • Training staff comprises a collection of highly qualified, experienced, and adaptable people.
  • Trainers will mold their teaching techniques to learn, unlearn, and change with the environment.
  • The vital task of brainstorming, producing, and curating engaging course content is central to learning this course.
  • The support team always provides round-the-clock assistance to their students.
  • Whether by responding to their technical questions or serving as motivators, trainers won’t let their students give up before achieving their objectives.

Some of the benefits of taking Data Science courses

1.It’s in Demand

Data Science is significantly in demand. Prospective job seekers have numerous options for jobs. It is the fastest growing job on job portals and is predicted to create 11.5 million jobs by 2026. It represents Data Science, a highly employable job sector.

2. Abundance of Positions

Very few candidates have the required skill-set to become proficient Data Scientists. It makes Data Science less jammed as compared with other IT sectors.

Therefore, Data Science is a vastly extensive field with many opportunities. The area of Data Science is high in the ruling but low in supply of Data Scientists.

3. A Highly Paid Career

Data Science is one of the most highly paid job profiles. According to Glassdoor, Data Scientists make an average of $116,100 annually. It makes Data Science a highly productive career option.

4. Data Science is Versatile

There are vast applications of Data Science. It is widely useful in healthcare, banking, consultancy, and e-commerce industries. Data Science is a very multipurpose field. Therefore, you will have the choice to work in various fields.

5. Data Science Makes Data Better

Companies need skilled Data Scientists to process and review their data. They not only analyze the data but also enhance its quality. Therefore, Data Science deals with improving and uplifting data for the company.

Explore the Future of Data Science

6. Data Scientists are Highly Prestigious

Data Scientists permit companies to make better business decisions. Companies rely on Data Scientists and utilize their expertise to offer better results to their clients. It gives Data Scientists an essential position in the company.

7. Data Science Makes Products Smarter

Data Science involves the application of Machine Learning and empowering industries to create better products customized specifically for customer experiences.

For example, Recommendation Systems used by e-commerce websites offer personalized insights to users relying on their historical purchases. It has enabled computers to absorb human behavior and make data-driven decisions.

8. Data Science can Save Lives

The Healthcare sector has dramatically upgraded because of Data Science. Machine learning has made it straightforward to detect early-stage tumors with the rise of machine learning. Also, many other healthcare industries use data science to support their clients.


That’s all about some of the best Data science courses in Nagpur to become a data scientist. As we discussed in the first paragraph, data science is a very in-demand career with many exciting opportunities to mitigate some of the most interesting problems in the world.

If you are interested in data analytics and problem-solving and want to make a difference in your career and the world, this is the perfect time to make your move.


1. What should a data science course syllabus cover?

Ans: Several vital subjects should be included in the syllabus of a data science course. These include algorithms, functions, and tools. The top data science courses include everything you need to learn about machine learning.

2. How can we prepare for a data science course? 

Ans: You can prepare for a data science course by studying theory and working on projects. There are enormous datasets available on the internet that you can use to upgrade your skills.

3. Can I learn data science without experience?

Ans; Yes, it is possible to learn data science without experience, and many have done so. The courses listed here will aid you as they take you through starting from the basics. A lot of hands-on practice also requires.

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