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 21st century has not only changed the digit of the year from 1 to 2 but also has changed the speed of development and evolution twice. What was once the traditional form of communication and strategic form of marketing is now old school. These methods which used up most of the time, effort and capital have now upgraded and evolved themselves Digitally.

Yes, it’s the century where digitalization has taken over the world and is ruling in everyone’s head, heart and hand. Every person is familiar and owns at least one digital gadget, children at the age of 3 can operate a phone and play games. This way everyone has access to the digital world to which you can call out and they can hear you in no time.

This method of reaching people through the internet is called Digital Marketing and this is the new tomorrow. Many of you’ll be thinking How to, Where to learn? And some might be thinking can we learn?

Can I learn digital marketing?

If you have a computer, laptop and have basic computer knowledge, yes you can learn Digital Marketing online. This course is not for any particular professionals, but it’s for everyone who wants to learn the course for marketing their own business. A housewife who wants to restart her career, and student, a teacher who runs her own tutions, a provision store owner etc and the best part is you can teach yourself.

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How and where can I learn Digital Marketing?

Search with a “Free” word

The “Internet is your guru” yes keep chanting this mantra, you get anything and everything you want. You only need to ask what you want and the internet and its search engines never lie. You can google and remember to type in proper words “Digital Marketing Courses online”,“ best Digital marketing courses online” or “ free online digital marketing courses”.

These searches will lead you to many websites which provide the course free of cost and some websites where you will have to pay only if you need a certificate. There are many courses on digital marketing which provide valid certification and the best part is some of these courses are free of cost.

Enrol yourself for a free Digital marketing course online, as I said earlier most of them are free. Learn all the basics with these courses and get certified.

uses of digital marketing
Get Influenced

The world is changing every moment, yes we are living in an ever-changing world and we need to adapt ourselves with this kind. The same way Digital marketing is an ever-changing field, what was used yesterday is old school today. We have to be creative and ready for every new development and progress. The experts in this field call themselves Influencers, following them not only will help you gain experience but also updates your knowledge in the field.

See videos of these influencers online like and comment on their videos regularly and follow them and attend there webinars and go ahead. There are many videos on Youtube for digital marketing tutorial. Learning by these influencers is one way to learn online marketing.

Professional Course

One important thing the influencer I follow told me was “ not to go cheap” meaning learn to be a professional through a professional by a professional course. This helps you get the first-hand experience on Digital marketing course. Enrol yourself with one of the best courses which give you a valid certificate which in turn make you ready for this industry

 What do you learn in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the future marketing and so yes the techniques you will be learning will be advanced.

elements and tools
 Search Engine Optimization SEO:-

I guess all of us know what search engines. Google, yahoo, bing etc these are platforms were we type what we want to search. Using this platform to drive traffic to blogs and websites is called SEO. Algorithms are updated on google regularly for us to get the results of what we search for. SEO is also the most cost-effective method to bring traffic to your website.

 Search engine marketing SEM:-

Where SEO was cost-effective SEM is a paid Marketing way to drive traffic. SEM is complicated and diverse as it is based on the business structure. This is where Digital Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Paid Social Advertising along with PPC ( Pay per click) and CPC ( Cost per click) modal are used. Google AdWords and Bing Ads are the most popular platforms used for SEM.

Content Creation:-

Whatever marketing you may do its incomplete without content. It is of different forms of white papers, blogs, e-books, how-to guides, articles, podcasts, webinars, blogging, microblogging, infographics, banners, images and social media websites. This should be creative and skilful about your business. Content should be SEO based, this helps in driving traffic to the website. The strategy of your content should engage the readers and draw their attention to your words. Good content is viewed the best content markets.

Social Media Marketing SMM:-

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc and many more if I go one and the plus point here is I don’t even have to give you a brief about this, cause you’ll already know and would have been members of many by now. Social media is one platform which is an ocean it connects two distinct lands but in no time.

The same way this is one of the best things for a digital Marketeer to know where he can reach out to many people even some across the world with an app only. Yea all you need to learn is how the platform works and engage in it for the sake of your website and business. You can meet many people with similar interests and connect to many customers. The platform comparatively is cost-friendly and user friendly.

types of digital marketing
Display Digital Marketing:-

This is a banner or an image sort of advertising not on walls and main roads of the cities but on the net. This form of marketing is relatively expensive and needs experts to do the honours. The best part of DDM is the messages on the banner or images etc can be customized anytime with less effort and less cost.

Mobile Marketing MM:-

Now, this is the new tomorrow. Everyone has a smartphone today and these smartphones have access to websites, apps and content which shows this is the growing market of tomorrow. The content which is written for websites and blogs should be modified for mobile usage.

Viral Marketing:-

Unique strategy where you spread the content online just because it is appreciated and liked by customers a lot. Shared messages reach out to many people in the same way. This is a great way to market your website and drive traffic to it and don’t forget all you need is creative content.

Email Marketing :-

Did you ever received a couple of email from a website about offers and you finally decide to check it out? Yes, this is a form of email marketing with the list in hand for potential customers. You need to maintain a list of all your customers and have relevant software and yea you do need a creative content.

Emails also needs to be personalized whenever necessary according to the customers. Yes the drawback of this form of marketing is “SPAM”, many people can just spam these emails which turn out to be the closed end for them.

 Affiliate Marketing:-

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This form of marketing is a performance-based marketing. This is a program where you have to pay the publisher for promotions and leads. Startups are the users of affiliate marketing as it draws more traffic to their business. Either way, it’s good for both merchant and the publishers. Many online business portals have their own affiliate programs to draw business.

Digital marketing is importsnt
Web Analytics:-

Digital marketing was a coin then the other face of the coin would be Web Analytics. Web Analytics like the word itself helps one analyse, understand, plan, measure the activities of your business. Every advertiser should have knowledge of Web Analytics tools and know-how to improve the business.

 Final Outcome:-

Be updated, with the marketing strategies for the sake of your business. Digital Marketing is a platform and you have to welcome it with open hands to learn its ways change when it needs you to and then plan for your future the way future wants you to.


  1. This blog of the digital marketing services which have all the detailed information of the courses in a simple format by which any can understand the concept and digital marketing is the future marketing and so yes the techniques you will be learning will be advanced and the institute of the HENRY HARVIN is best place for this course.

  2. A blog that brings a lot of up-to-date knowledge with a practical course of digital marketing, interactive and entertaining methodology

  3. The blog indicates that you have in-depth knowledge in Digital marketing and related fields. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The blog indicates that you have in-depth knowledge in Digital marketing and related fields. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The blog indicates that you have in-depth knowledge in Digital marketing and related fields. Thanks for sharing.

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