The career of a content writers is filled with endless opportunities in every sector. Content writers have always been in demand, and this demand is increasing every day. Good writers are easily earning between INR 5o thousand to 3 lakhs per month.  And there are numerous instances where successful writers have made a fortune out of their professions. 
•    What is Content Writing?

A content writer writes the content for almost anything. For example, for websites, blogs, research papers, press releases, for marketing purposes such as brochures, newsletters, advertisements, emails, pamphlets, packing, leaflets, etc.

Types of Writing:

1. SEO Writing

•    This is the simplest form of content writing.
•    Search Engine Optimization or SEO writing requires the writer to create quality content for guest posts and article directories. These articles are designed for search engines.
•    The keyword plays a crucial role in SEO articles.
•    This type of writing needs just two things:
I.    The content must be unique and 100% plagiarism free
II.    A few keywords must be inserted appropriately.

•    Writing SEO articles is a good way to begin your career in content writing and simultaneously improve your writing skills.

2.  Academic Writing

•    Another popular profession is Academic writing. Academic writers use their professional knowledge to write academic assignments of students.
•    This type of writing is based on providing educational material that can be used to boost professional careers.
•    These writers offer articles for books, magazines, and journals that can be used by institutions.

3.  Copywriting

•    Copywriting is suitable for those who can generate interest in products effectively and maintain reader’s interest while retaining credibility.
•    Copywriters are an essential aspect of marketing campaigns and It is used to convince customers to purchase an item or click on different links
•    Knowledge of consumer behaviour and marketing is crucial in writing great copy.
•    Copywriting is usually simple, short, crisp and direct.

4.  Business Writing

•    Business writing is another popular career. It features professionalism and excellent use of writing skills.
•    This type of writing targets readers interested in business and commerce.
•    The writers are required to have ample knowledge of the world of business.

5.  Blog Writing

•    Blog writing is gaining fame for many years now. According to a recent report, around 2 million blog posts are written every day.
•    This number is likely to grow in the coming years. Therefore, it is a golden opportunity to make a career in content development and take advantage of growing the content economy.
•    As a blog writer, you will be writing useful blogs and articles on the companies’ website or you can publish on your personal blog also.

6.  Freelance Writing

•    Freelance writers are in good demand. They have the flexibility to work at one place and time of your choice.
•    A freelance writer only hastofulfil the client’s requirements and submit the content within the given deadline.
•    As a freelance writer, you can earn anything between INR 1 to INR 3 per words based on your experience, and creativity.

7.  Editing

•    After gaining extensive experience in writing and excellent command over language, you can become an editor.
•    Editors proofread the content and decide if it meets the requirement and standards of an organization.
•    The profile of an editor is prestigious, and most of them are really paid well.

Summary Content writing is a great career that has immense potential and countless opportunities. Content writing is one of the best options for you if you are looking for a knowledge-concentrated job that requires creativity. The career of content writers grows Irrespective of growth of the economy.

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Discover the career prospects for content writing?

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Why is content writing industry blooming?

Because of continuous digitization in every business, marketing domain has turned online. Increasing development in the technologies and tools required in content writing strategies keeps this profession updated. It offers a broad range of job opportunities associated with it.

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