For any working professional, be it a private job, government officer or a businessman it’s always exciting to get where the real action is! Creating innovative products, meet clients, seal deals and develop business. What usually gets side-lined in the process is effective Management- of people and of the task in hand. That’s what we are here to help you with our Agile Project Management program. Below is an excerpt of what you can expect to learn through this workshop.

  • (a) Delegation: An effective manager is not one who only can do everything himself. Recognizing the talent your team holds and delegating responsibilities accordingly helps bring out the best product while also enhancing your team’s skills.
  • (b) Get Set Goals- Individual goals for employees help them remain motivated. It brings purpose to their role while also directing them to observe the organizations objectives. An agile course help develop the process of goal setting which also becomes an effective tool to monitor performance and therefore renders better productivity. 
  • (c) Communication is Key- Agile helps you understand the need of and thereby maximize communication between managers &business owners with the ground level staff. Positive updates about the company and other special mentions go a long way in retention of employees.
  • (d) Time out! – Management is all about dealing with people- your clients and your staff. And with people it’s all about emotions. Agile emphasizes on the importance of rendering a listening ear to your employees and addressing their grievances & focusing on their upliftment.
  • (e) Job well done!!- Every employee urges for Recognition. It is important for the morale of your staff to know that good performance will be noticed and acknowledged adequately. Inexpensive and highly effective ways of recognition are detailed within the workshop to help you be an inspiring leader.
  • (f) Long term solutions– While it’s great to solve problems quickly; it only is efficient if the solution is long lasting. Agile helps you to deal with problems in an effective manner which enhances processes and increases productivity.
  • (g) All work & no play make Jack a dull boy -To create a more loyal and energetic workforce it is necessary for you and your team to let your hair down once in a while. While bearing in mind the serious responsibilities of business Agile helps formulate a wavelength to maintain work pressure and leisure.

Taking care of the above mentioned skills, Agile also helps you achieve:-

  1. Better Quality Products: Through the Agile workshops you can ensure highest quality products with regards to design, innovation & applied technologies through proactively exercised knowledge of employees to the best of their abilities.  
  2. Shooting team Morale:  With guidelines that can be easily applied in day to day operations, Agile techniques brings about positive re-enforcement within the employees, enabling better performance & a more focus driven team.  
  3. Eliminate risks! – Taking necessary measures proactively & precautions against potential problems, Agile reduces the risk of major hurdles that can occur. Always looking at the bigger picture Agile ensures the alignment of operations with the company’s’ goals and objectives.  

Summarizing all the factors involved- Agile helps with delegating the correct goals to your team while understanding the importance of better communication & employee recognition. Through enhancing problem solving abilities and building team morale we help you in becoming an inspiring leader taking your company and yourself ahead in the game!

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What are top benefits of Agile for the managers?

Manager can easily handle fast change deliverable like technology products. Agile reduces waste by minimizing resources. The manager shows a better focus on the specific needs of the customer. Their control of any project gets better.
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What are the job opportunities available after learning Agile?

ITIL Practitioners, ITSM Practitioners, ITIL service professional, ITIL strategic leaders, Digital Transformation Consultant

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