COBIT 5 – Everything You Need to Know About This New IT Tool

COBIT stands for Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology. It is a framework created by ISACA for IT governance and management. It is used as a supportive tool by managers which allows them in bridging the crucial gap between technical issues, business risks and control requirements. It is a control model that guarantees the integrity of the information system. In today’s world, COBIT is used globally by all managers who are responsible for the IT business processes. This is tool is thoroughly recognized and can be applied to any organization across industries. In other words COBIT ensures quality, control and reliability of information system in organization, which is one of the important aspect of every modern business.

What is COBIT framework?
The COBIT business orientation includes linking business goals with its IT infrastructure by providing various maturity models and metrics that measure the achievement while identifying associated responsibilities of IT processes.

The various components of COBIT include:

  1. Framework– IT helps organizing the objectives of IT governance and bringing in the best practices in IT processes and domains, while linking business requirements.
  2. Process Descriptions – It is a reference model and also acts as a common language for every individual of the organization. The process descriptions include planning, building, running and monitoring of all IT processes.
  3. Control Objectives – This provides a complete list of requirements that has been considered by the management for effective IT business control.
  4. Maturity Models – Accesses the maturity and the capability of every process while addressing the gaps.
  5. Management Guidelines – Helps in better assigning responsibilities, measuring performances, agreeing on common objectives and illustrate better interrelationships with every other process.

COBIT is a very popular tool used by almost all organizations whose main responsibilities is to become business processes and related technologies. It is a very resourceful and important tool for organizations that depend on technology for reliable and relevant information

Advantages of COBIT 5.0 certification
A COBIT 5.0 certification not just prepares professionals for the global challenges to the business IT process but also delivers adequate amount of useful and expertise information on:

  1. IT management issues and how they can affect organizations
  2. Principles of IT governance and enterprise IT while establishing the differences between management and governance
  3. Accessing the ways in which COBIT 5.0 processes can help the establishment of the five basic principles along with other enablers
  4. Discussing COBIT 5.0 with respect to its process reference model and goal cascade.

Benefits of COBIT course
The targeted audience of COBIT methodologies are individuals who already understands the minute details and nuances of IT governance in business management practices. It can be useful for the following people:

  1. CIOs / IT Managers / IT Directors
  2. Risk Committee
  3. Process Owners
  4. Audit Committee Members
  5. IT Professionals in audit, risk, security, governance and assurance sectors
Benefits of COBIT 5, Benefits of COBIT Certification, Benefits of COBIT 5 training and certification

In today’s world people are quickly moving towards the emerging technologies like Consumerisation, Cloud Computing, Social Media, big data and mobility, information and IT can easily be the new currency. Technology ensures that massive amount of information is properly managed and supported which van be the key to success of the modern businesses. COBIT 5.0 is the right solution to all the problems related with it the business demands that risk scenarios and challenging situations like management and governance concerns for the security professionals, enterprise leaders, and governance specialists.  

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