Everything You Need to Know About COBIT 5 - The New IT Tool

COBIT stands for Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology. It is a framework created by ISACA for IT governance and management.

It is used as a supportive tool by managers which allows them in bridging the crucial gap between technical issues, business risks and control requirements. It is a control model that guarantees the integrity of the information system.

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COBIT 5 is recognized under International Standards such as ITIL, CMMI, COSO, PRINCE2, TOGAF, and ISO 27000 | COBIT 5 was released in April 2012 and draws reference for ITAF from ISACA and the BMIS

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In today’s world, COBIT is used globally by all managers who are responsible for the IT business processes. This is tool is thoroughly recognized and can be applied to any organization across industries.

In other words COBIT ensures quality, control and reliability of information system in organization, which is one of the important aspect of every modern business.

What is COBIT framework?
The COBIT business orientation includes linking business goals with its IT infrastructure by providing various maturity models and metrics that measure the achievement while identifying associated responsibilities of IT processes.

The various components of COBIT include:

  1. Framework– IT helps to organize the objectives of IT governance and to bring in the best practices in IT processes and domains, while linking business requirements.
  2. Process Descriptions – It is a reference model and also acts as a common language for every individual of the organization. The process descriptions include planning, building, running, and monitoring of all IT processes.
  3. Control Objectives – This provides a complete list of requirements that has been considered by the management for effective IT business control.
  4. Maturity Models – Accesses the maturity and the capability of every process while addressing the gaps.
  5. Management Guidelines – Helps in better assigning responsibilities, measuring performances, agreeing on common objectives and illustrate better interrelationships with every other process.

COBIT is a very popular tool used by almost all organizations whose main responsibilities is to become business processes and related technologies. It is a very resourceful and important tool for organizations that depend on technology for reliable and relevant information

Advantages of COBIT 5.0 certification
A COBIT 5.0 certification not just prepares professionals for the global challenges to the business IT process but also delivers adequate amount of useful and expertise information on:

  1. IT management issues and how they can affect organizations
  2. Principles of IT governance and enterprise IT while establishing the differences between management and governance
  3. Accessing the ways in which COBIT 5.0 processes can help the establishment of the five basic principles along with other enablers
  4. Discussing COBIT 5.0 with respect to its process reference model and goal cascade.

Benefits of COBIT course
The targeted audience of COBIT methodologies are individuals who already understands the minute details and nuances of IT governance in business management practices. It can be useful for the following people:

  1. CIOs / IT Managers / IT Directors
  2. Risk Committee
  3. Process Owners
  4. Audit Committee Members
  5. IT Professionals in audit, risk, security, governance and assurance sectors

In today’s world people are quickly moving towards the emerging technologies like Consumerisation, Cloud Computing, Social Media, big data and mobility, information and IT can easily be the new currency.

Technology ensures that massive amount of information is properly managed and supported which van be the key to success of the modern businesses.

COBIT 5.0 is the right solution to all the problems related with it the business demands that risk scenarios and challenging situations like management and governance concerns for the security professionals, enterprise leaders, and governance specialists.  

How can COBIT tool help in governance and business?

COBIT tool helps organizations to align their existing business framework to understand which one will be better for their strategy. Matters of security compliance and management become very crucial in a business organization. COBIT 90 helps in monitoring the performance of their frameworks to grant maximum security and effective risk management.

COBIT tools are specially made for IT managers and CIOs who want to balance their business goals with the available technology. COBIT 90 helps in providing genuine insight into these goals and their outcomes.

According to ISACA, “control-driven IT’’ yield maximum benefits and COBIT 90 framework helps IT, executives, to understand the return on investments and implement them to meet business goals.

What does a COBIT 90 certification include?

COBIT 90 certification includes the following:

  • Workshop: To be certified in COBIT tool, one must attend a one-day course where they learn about the details of COBIT 90. The workshop has sessions on definitions of COBIT 2019, the difference between the various versions of COBIT tools, concepts, and models.
  • COBIT 90 Exam: The course prepares the trainees for an examination or an evaluation test on whose basis they are handed the certificates. The syllabus for the examination comprises components, benefits, and contexts of COBIT tool in business and IT organizations. 
  • COBIT 90 Implementation Exam: This is an advanced exam that has been launched very recently in April 2019. The curriculum includes designing the best-fitted governance system using COBIT tools.

COBIT stands for quality management of information and resources. COBIT tools ensure that organizations reach their business goals through active management. 

Why COBIT 5 is considered the best version?

The earlier versions of COBIT tools were not as advanced as COBIT 5. They were often criticized for the adverse results that they provided. COBIT 5 offered to solve every disturbing situation and provided a smooth programming model that facilitates effective business management.

COBIT tools help companies to store and manage information and resources in a systematic and integrated way. The guidelines of COBIT 5 are as follows:

  • Fulfillment of essential as well as the minor requirements of stakeholders. 
  • Management of governance and business goals separately and systematically.
  • Facilitates overall approach to business outcomes, problem-solving and decision making.

 It is not unknown to professional how IT industries require smart and agile decisions that can be quickly communicated to stakeholders. COBIT tools have much-promoted collaboration and integration within IT enterprises, which is very beneficial in terms of risk management and better profits.

Difference between COBIT 5 and COBIT 19

  • COBIT 19 is the better and updated version of COBIT tools. It includes a particular focus on design factors to ensure that business protocols and risk management are based on the specific needs of stakeholders.
  • COBIT 90 ensures that business goals are appropriately aligned with security compliance and global business guidelines.
  • The guidelines of COBIT tools are more productive, and they support more technology-based governance and management.
  • COBIT 90 focuses much on new and advanced technologies like SDLC methods and IT-based operations and cloud systems. This helps the significantly ineffective organization.

COBIT stands for a sufficient balance between business goals and protocols. The COBIT 90 framework links every process with key process-activities and performance measures. It provides models that are helpful for effective management.

COBIT stands for “Control Objectives for IT” and has specific objectives. ISACA released a better version for COBIT tools in 1998 and improved it further by modifying the existing texts. COBIT 90 is the recent version of COBIT tools, and it is widely preferred by IT professionals and CIOs.

Why use COBIT 90?

COBIT tools are not only used to integrate information but also to reduce time and prevent wastage of efforts. COBIT stands for increased profit and maximum productivity. It is a business tool that is very helpful in organizing and maintains business protocols and fulfills global targets.

COBIT tools ensure more implementation of resources and effective management. COBIT 90 specializes in the smooth integration of information and demonstration of case studies.

COBIT 90 is very useful for the business world, which requires advanced technology today. COBIT stands for better business and profits. COBIT stands for management and security. It is indeed the best tool to integrate business and information technology on a global basis.

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COBIT 5 is used by the professionals who are the dependent on the technology for relevant information to provide quality, reliability and control of information and related technology.What exactly does COBIT 5 do?

1- Risk Optimization.
2- Improvement of business outcome.
3- It balances resource usage.
4- Enhances benefits.


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