Best Business Analytics certification course in Bangalore 

  • Business Analytics can interpret, analyze, and manipulate the data for effective decision-making. R is the language used by Analytics experts to build predictive models.certifiedBusiness Analyst can become an expert in data modeling. This

  • Predictive modeling skills will be in demand, not only in India but also over the world. As we all know Bangalore is the hub of many national and international organizations. We can have a deep look at the topmost institution in Bangalore to flourish in the career with Business Analytics course

Business Analytics Certification Training with Python

Certified Python Business Analyst (CPBA) course is a focused 32-hours instructor-led training and certification program that equips participants to explore+analyze+solve business problems using popular analytics tools such as Python & Advanced Excel.

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1. Henry Harvin Education : Best business Analytics Course in Bangalore 

Certified Business Analytics practitioner( CBAP) in Henry Harvin is ranked top Analytics course. The only Analytics course which is recommended by IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Bombay. The 160 +corporates and 60 +colleges trusted by Business Analytics with R course in Bangalore.

Perks of Henry Harvin’s Analytics Academy

The Analytics Academy of Henry Harvin, Bangalore provides 1-year membership for the learners. This Includes live projects, guaranteed internship, weekly job support, recorded videos and utmost best is monthly brushup session. The interview skills with career services while undergoing Business Analytics with “R” course.

Why Choose Henry Harvin

Business Analytics Certification Training with Python

Certified Python Business Analyst (CPBA) course is a focused 32-hours instructor-led training and certification program that equips participants to explore+analyze+solve business problems using popular analytics tools such as Python & Advanced Excel.

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The learners will be able to learn with live projects. The popular pedagogy of Business Analytics using R is GCAO. It enables the professionals to understand analytics-based decision-making to drive the company’s ROI.

Duration of Business Analytics course with R     

  •  32 hours training
  • 24 hours training
  • 50 hours training

Benefits of learning (CBAP)

By learning  Analytics tools like “R”  and advanced to explore, analyze and solve business problems. One can understand aspects of Data collection. The learners can get insights from industry best practices for data measurement and analysis.

 By learning certified Business analytics with R will communicate business objectives in a focused manner with data analysts. It helps to evaluate the results of data analysis better and develop goal-oriented Business strategies.

Career Benefits of Business Analytics with R Certification course

  •   Earn a rewarding certification, certified business analytics practitioner.
  • The learners can get promoted in the current profile with the most in-demand skill. 
  • They canup grade blizzard with Hallmark of global credential-CBAP professional added next to your name.
  • They can build a start-up in one of the most rewarding fields of today- Analytics!

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Cities in India where Henry Harvin Business Analytics Course with R is Provided:


2. Manipal Pro Learn Academy : Top Business Analytics course in Bangalore 

By enrolling in  Business Analytics with R   certification course Manipal pro learn Institute in Bangalore can gain a competitive advantage in predictive modeling.

Why choose Manipal pro learnAcademy

  • The learners will able to understand what business analytics and data is.
  • One can. understand the concepts of Data Minning and data intelligence.
  • The learners will come to know about analytical decision-making.
  • One can use statistical concepts to prepare reports from various kinds of data.
  • The learners can learn various data sampling techniques to draw out patterns from various data points.

The other short term courses 

  • Basics of Business Analytics
  • Advanced Business Analytics
  • Advanced Business Analytics with python
  • Advanced Business Analytics with R certification course.

3. Excel R  Raising Excellence : Business Analytics Training centre in Bangalore 

Excel R is a global leader where professionals trained across various courses. They provide the course based on practical knowledge and theoretical concepts. They provide the best value in training services blended with the support of their creatives to establish a solution that suits the learners’ learning needs

The aim of the course at ExcelR
With a global footprint, they are emerging the needs of the constantly changing nature of the business across the globe. The aim is to prepare for future advancements in technology, strategic thinking, and planning. They ensure that they are matching the

 contemporary needs of the industry.

Why Business Analyst course with ExcelR

One who does the course from Excel Rwill get the certification from IBM. There are huge opportunities for non-programming background people. As a curriculum, ExcelR is known for its hallmark service.

  • Tailored course curriculum
  • Access to e-learning
  • Work on live projects
  • Industry based trainers
  • Blended training model
  • Post-training support
  • Placement assistance

Excel R -emerging technologies

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • (AV/VR)
  • Forecasting analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
  • Financial analytics

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4. NI Analytics India ; Top institute For Business Analyst Training centre in Bangalore 

NI Analytics India provides “R” training in Bangalore. Business Analytics using R is structured for professionals who like to learn the “R” language for Analytics.

Business analytics using R at NI Analytics India

Intro to ‘R’programming

How to import data in various formats

Manipulate it.

Data mining technique.

Performing predictive analysis.

Understand machine learning techniques.

Understand the concepts of regression

Implement Linear and Logistic regression and understand Anova.

Scope of learning R language

These courses are meant for the students and professionals who are interested in the analytics Industry. With this technical skill, they can enhance their exposure to cutting-edge practices

 The other trending course. 

  • Big data course

  • Data analytics
  • R analytics
  • Tableau
  • Hadoop         

5. COEPD ; Top Training Centre For Business Analyst Course in Bangalore  

COEPD is a center of excellence for professional development.COEPD Business Analysts training in India’s silicon valley is to serve the great challenges in business Analysts for handling dynamic business applications.

Duration of the course 

It is a 40 hours weekend course designed to offer the wide knowledge and skills needed for business analysis.


  • coepd trainers are from real-time who worked across the globe.
  • It has a result orient teaching pedagogy
  • It offers exposure to Industry and best practices on Business Analysis.
  • It has relevant training material.
  • Regular test and performance record
  • It has a successful reputation
  • Final and utmost importance on the job support.

Benefits of coped certified course

The learner will be aware of the functionality of Business Analysis. 

The learner will be able to understand the problems.

They communicated effectively and they were able to manage client relationships.

6. Manipal Global Academy of data science

 The  courses offered  were

Postgraduate diploma, data science full time, data science part-time, a certificate in big data analytics using Hadoop, a certificate in business analytics, a certificate in business analytics with R.

Fee structure

Manipal Global Academy of data science offers 3 months part-time course on the certificate in Business Analytics with ‘R’.The fee is Rs17,250 /. The online instructor-led mode program is available.

7. Indian Statistical Institute ; Business Analyst certification Course in Bangalore 

ISI is an institution, which is devoted to the research, teaching, and application of statistics. It announces an online course o Business Analytics using R.It is an institution of uniqueness.  


The graduates of science, commerce, engineering can participate in the program. The assessments and assignments will judge the performance of the participants.

 Benefits of ISI program

The learners will gain extracting insights through data summarizing and visualization methods. 

By using statistics the learner becomes decision-making.

By using Machine learning techniques they develop models.

By using open-source packages like R and R studio.

 The course content

The course content has seven modules. The course materials will be shared with the learners. The training will be conducted through video classes. The course fee is Rs 9,000/

(+18%tax)and the course material is included in the fee. The enrollment is done on a First come first serve basis.

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8. KPMG Learning Academy ; Best Training Centre For Business Analyst course in Bangalore 

KPMG in India provides instructor-led and hands-on training in business analytics, machine learning, and deep learning to the participants.

Business Analytics using R and Tableau

It is a four-day instructor-led classroom course. This course covers the expert level of data science topics including deep learning and visualization. The course designed to help the participants become an expert in the area of business analytics and data science.

Whom does this course is for?

  • This course is for professionals who are interested in learning core data science, visualization

Benefits of the course

The learners who complete all three courses will be awarded a data consultant certificate.

The learners can become an expert in data science and deep learning.

The learners will be able to develop the skillset which is needed for the resource person.

Training Location

Delhi.Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, 


9. IMS Pro school : Top Training centre For Business Analyst course in Bangalore 

AnalyticsIndia Magazine ranked IMSas 4thbest Institute in India. Interested can also attend an informative webinar conducted by experts. We can learn about Business Analytics course benefits, job opportunities, career path, etc. proschool also organize a seminar in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai

Classroom program, Bangalore

  • 15 weeks program( weekends)
  • Get trained by industry experts.
  • 18 case studies
  • Online study material
  • The innovative hands-on learning methodology

Live virtual class

  • Audio-video enabled  15 weeks live and interactive training program
  • Interactive training program
  • At an affordable cost, the learner can learn from the Industrial experts.
  • Face to face doubt clear session
  • Recorded sessions for future reference. Course fee  Rs 32,000/

Features of preschool

The learners can get the join certification from IMS preschool and NSDCwith optional certification from NSC Academy. Pro school is the top-ranked Institue by Analytics India Magazine for the last 4 years. The learners get trained by Industry experts. They can learn tools like python, R, SQL, and Tableau. They provide Batches on-demand and active learning methodology.


Delhi, Gurgaon- North

Mumbai, Pune -west

Chennai, Hyderabad- south.

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10. Skill Slash ; Business Analyst Training in Bangalore 

The skill slash’s core mission is building an affordable upskilling platform that will bring transformative change in the way people look at professional courses. They believe in the value of real project experience over any academic certificate.

 The high light of skillslash’s Business Analysistswith R  certification course 

The learners can work directly with companies on live projects. They make learners get project experience certificates from Industry which is more helpful in career transition for professionals.

Fee structure

Skill slash provides an affordable fees with try and buys scheme. The learner has to enroll with Rs s 5000/  and try their live classes for 3  weekends. If they wish to withdraw then 110% of the fee will be refunded.  

Other trending courses

Full-stack AI and ML for professional

 Data science and AI   program with Internship for fresh graduates.

The full-stack development program, data structure, and system design.

In Business Analytics with R, What is’R’ means? 

It is commonly known as” R’programming language. It is an open-source programming language and a software environment designed by and for statisticians. It is used by statisticians. It is used for statistical computations and high-end graphics.

Business Analytics with R and its key characteristics


Data analysis


High-end graphics

Interpreted language

Advanced Analytics

Large community

R is a totally programmable computer

It stores data and handles it efficiently which is used for a suite of numeric and textual operators. It consists of tools for data analysis. It has Informative data analysis to understand with equipped graphical services and certificates.

To flourish in the career with Business Analytics with R certificate course 

The Business Analytics with R certification will help the leaders to get the right jobs in the field. This course will be the passport to enter into the senior. level executives. The graduates of data entry, engineering, commerce, were able to curve the careers with a business analytics certification course.


The business Certification course is great. It is a must-learn course for professionals from mathematics, statistics, and Economics background and interested in learning business analytics. Business analytics. and its related terms such as Bussiness Intelligence, Big data, Data mining, DataScience, etc. It has become a powerful tool for growth in the 21 th century.


1. Who can join the Business Analytics course?

Anyone who is interested in building a career in business analytics
IT professional
Engineering students
commerce and finance graduates.

2.What are the demand career path for Business Analytics professional?

1.IT Business Analyst
2.Data Analysis scientist
3.Business Analysis manager
4.Quantitative analyst
5.Data business analyst

3.Do you know the average salary package for a business analyst?

At an entry level,a business analyst can earn an average salary ofINR4.9 lakhs per annum. As an expert, he can get INR6 -10 lakhs per annum.

4.Do u know about the techniques, tools, and applications of business analytics?

Techniques: predictive analytics, data exploration, clustering, classification
Tools: Excel, Python, R, Tableau, and SQL.

5.I am an engineering student, can I pursue a Business analytics R course?

Yes, you can become a business analyst after engineering by opting for a business
analytics certificate course to gain a competitive edge.

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