For many business people, government or private office managers- the last thing to worry about (or do) is managing people or the task. You want to get out there and meet customers and create awesome products or serve them the happiness or make deals and bring exciting new opportunities through your front door. But unless you take on the task of management, then you’re still on the hook.

The good news is that you can make that task a little bit easier by learning Agile Project Management skills. We teach here the following:

1. Delegate wisely -The key to leadership success is to learn to effectively delegate both the responsibility for completing assignments and the authority required to get things done. Many bosses feel that they need to control every little thing that their employees do. This is a recipe for disaster. Agile teaches the future managers to delegate work to employees, and not to multiply the amount of work they can accomplish while developing their employees’ confidence, leadership and work skills.

2. Set goals – Every employee needs goals to strive for. Not only do goals give employees direction and purpose, but they ensure that your employees are working towards the overall organizational goals. Set specific and measurable goals with your employees, and then regularly monitor their progress toward achieving them. Agile helps you in that too.

3. Communicate – Far too many bosses communicate far too little. It’s often difficult for busy business owners and executives to keep their employees up-to-date on the latest organizational news. Agile teaches that you must make every effort to get employees the information they need to do their jobs quickly and efficiently.

4. Make time for employees – Above all, leadership is a people job. When an employee needs to talk with you–whatever the reason–make sure that you set aside the time to do so. Put your work aside for a moment, put down your smartphone, and focus on the person standing in front of you.

5. Recognize achievements – Every employee wants to do a good job. And when they do a good job, employees want recognition from their bosses. Unfortunately, few bosses do much in the way of recognizing and rewarding employees for a job well done. The good news is that there are many things bosses can do to recognize employees that cost little or no money, are easy to implement, and that take only a few minutes to accomplish. Agile helps you to understand the emotional psyche too.

6. Think about lasting solutions – No matter how difficult the problem, there is always a quick solution, and leaders are happiest when they are devising solutions to problems. The trouble is that, in our zeal to fix things quickly and move on to the next fire, we often overlook the lasting solution that may take longer to develop.  It’s more fun to be a firefighter with agile, that teaches to have a problem solved in your organization, by dealing with the cause of the problem instead of simply treating the symptoms.

7. Don’t take it all too seriously – Without a doubt, running a company is serious business. Products and services must be sold and delivered, and money must be made. Despite the gravity of these responsibilities, successful leaders make their organizations fun places to work. Instead of having employees who look for every possible reason to call in sick or to arrive to work late or go home early, organizations work hard and play hard end up with a more loyal, energized workforce.

Agile for future managers teach all the above skills and the benefits that they can enjoy are :

Better product quality:  Agile methods have excellent safeguards to make sure that quality is as high as possible by taking proactive approach, embracing good designs, having excellent technology, having perfect knowledge before applying it, teaches the rule- developed- tested- integrated and documented.

Higher customer satisfaction:  As the name suggests- agile is something which helps to develop the product low in cost, and in less time. Also without any wastage. When the customer gets a good product that fits his/her pocket that is when you can say that the customer is satisfied and agile programming helps you achieve it.

Higher team morale:  The course helps the individuals to be creative, innovative, and get acknowledged for their expertise. It teaches one the morals and ethics of life by working as a team and applying the minds practically in one direction. Decisions which are made by managers are here made by the SCRUM team members.

Reduced risk: Agile techniques virtually eliminate the chance of absolute project failure. Under agile, sprints are developed, time between initial project and investment is calculated which helps the company ultimately.

Therefore we can say that agile is beneficial to you as – It provides high visibility of progress, Gives Regular feedback from customer, Predictable rhythm, Measurable productivity, Self-organizing teams, Adaptive, Products can respond easily to change, Problems and risk can be identified, Customer benefits and  Improved productivity. Therefore agile certification is highly recommended for FUTURE MANAGERS.


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What are the different applications of Agile?

The different applications of Agile are:
1 Basically used in software development programs.
2 Also applicable to variety of non- software project.
3- The methodology focuses on the operational freedom of teams involved in the project.
4- Agile methodology focuses on the collaboration and communication of cross functional self organizing teams to deliver a working product.
5- It ensure continuous improvement of any project which is not only any software development program.

What are top benefits of Agile for the managers?

Manager can easily handle fast change deliverable like technology products. Agile reduces waste by minimizing resources. Manager shows better focus on the specific needs of the customer. Their control of any project gets better.

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