Agile method is a software development process which mainly aims to bring incremental development by encouraging rapid and flexible response to changes. It follows a collective approach to project management which helps in reducing time-to-market significantly. Practices followed by agile can be applied to any knowledge-based complex creative development. It promotes adaptive planning, early delivery, evolutionary development and continuous improvement, which encourages flexible response to changes. Agile development is supported by a bundle of concrete services covering areas like requirement, testing, designing and quality.

There are various Agile Programs which focuses on different aspects of life cycle relating to software development.

Popular Agile software development method includes the following:


It is a software development process that has grown out of rapid application development work which mainly focuses on rapid creation and evolution of software systems. It has replaced the traditional waterfall cycle with a series of collaborate, speculate and learn cycles. This cycle provides continuous learning and adaptation to the emergent state of the project.

The characteristics of an ASD life cycle are:

                     (a.) Mission focused
                     (b.) Feature based
                     (c.) Iterative
                     (d.) Time boxed
                     (e.) Risk driven


It is a practice based methodology for documentation and effective modelling of software based system. It is a collection of values and principles which can be applied to any project and in an effective manner. It also enhances other software processes.


It is the agile version of rational unified process. It is a simple and easy to understand approach to develop software regarding business application however it stays true to the rational unified process.


It is one of the most popular methods of agile which intends to improve quality of the software and is dynamic in nature i.e. responds to changing customer requirements. It mainly attempts to reduce the cost of changes in requirements by having multiple short development cycles instead of a long one.

It is a method which lays emphasis on just-in-time delivery and manages work by not overloading the team workers with unnecessary burden. It is basically a visual process-management system that tells what to produce, to produce and how much to produce.

It is defined as a strategy which follows holistic approach and is flexible in nature where a team works together to achieve common goals. Its key principle is recognition and offering the customers the option to change their mind about what they need and want.

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What are the benefits of implementing the Agile ?

The benefits of implementing Agile is that 1- Ensures early and predictable delivery.
2- Focus on the clients and allows more feedback opportunities.
3- Delivers according to customers requirements and increases business value
4- Support development and improve quality.
5- Allows transparency and remains flexible towards users changing requirements.

What are the different applications of Agile?

The different applications of Agile are:
1 Basically used in software development programs.
2 Also applicable to variety of non- software project.
3- The methodology focuses on the operational freedom of teams involved in the project.
4- Agile methodology focuses on the collaboration and communication of cross functional self organizing teams to deliver a working product.
5- It ensure continuous improvement of any project which is not only any software development program.

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