Top 10 Accounting And Taxation Courses Online

What is a business accounting and taxation course?

Tax accounting is nothing but a structure of accounting methods that are focused on taxes rather than the appearance of public financial statements. The Internal Revenue Code governs tax accounting, which dictates the specific rules that companies and individuals must follow when preparing their tax returns. The accounting and taxation course is designed for commerce students whose core area of interest is finance and taxation. Practical aspects of Indirect and  Direct taxation are covered with strong accounting, excel and reporting skills. Taking up the profession of a tax accountant after doing a course in accounting and taxation training, can be very rewarding. However, studying accounting and taxation course takes a lot out of an individual.

Top 10 Accounting Courses Online

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin administers a certified accounting and taxation course that covers critical components of accounting like GST, Income Tax, and TDS. These have a very important effect on the procedures of the financial business operations in India. This CATP course is well known for professionals keen on building a successful career in accounting and taxation. This accounting and taxation training is rated amongst one of the best accounting and taxation courses in the country. This is one of Henry Harvin’s flagship certification programs which are designed specifically for financial accounting professionals and students in India who wish to take accounting and taxation training. 

This famous certified accounting and taxation course certificate given upon successful completion of the course will be endorsed by Henry Harvin. This institute has affiliations like MSME and the government of India. Doing this course from Henry Harvin gives a student a chance to become a part of a partnership with the leader in education and training. It gives its students a chance for their students to attend unlimited batches with different instructors for the next one year. Henry Harvin has the facility to run courses online, offline and via a self-paced route. The Henry Harvin institute can boast of having the best e-learning system in the industry. The training rooms at this institute are equipped with all the required logistics and facilities to make training fun and interesting.

The Henry Harvin institute also offers one-year membership of its Finance Academy, to the students of the accounting and taxation course.  After completion of the course, Henry Harvin also takes on the responsibility of giving them job support. Additionally, it offers its students live projects, internship, interview skills training, recorded videos, weekly job support + membership benefits for free, Alumni status to network with 18,000 plus proud Henry Harvin accounting and taxation course professionals. As if this is not enough, it also offers 12+ webinars to brush-up concepts as part of the Ask Henry series. Henry Harvin also offers regular boot camp sessions every month with experts in the field. These sessions are especially targeted at students to make them industry ready.

As if all this is not enough, Henry Harvin also offers its students 160 hour instructor led training and certification program.Post that 24 hours of boot camps are administered which are spread over the next 12 months. Henry Harvin institute also allows its students to attend  lectures with unlimited batches for the next one year from the date of enrollment without paying anything extra. The trainers at this institute are the most respected CAs who have 20 years of working experience. Additionally, they have 500 + lectures delivered among them. They are currently empanelled as domain experts with Henry Harvin Finance Academy. Apart from this, they also have been invited for 70+ keynote classes on accounting and taxation courses. They are featured in popular news channels and media houses like Aaj Tak and NDTV.

Students also enjoy live projects experience by taking hands-on training with industry projects during the accounting and taxation course. Students can also become a member of the elite Finance Academy of Henry Harvin and can collaborate with 18,000+ strong alumni network worldwide.

2. Massachusets Institue of Technology

A course, Management accounting and control is offered free online by the Massachusets Institute of Technology. This program is a part of the MIT University’s open courseware program, which makes lectures and course resources available to students in many different areas. In this course, students will get exposure to product costing, budgetary control systems for coordinating, monitoring and planning the performance of a business. This free online course creates a framework for assessing behavioral dimensions of control systems and explains the principles of measurement of work done.

3. Stanford University

The Stanford University imparts a free online course titled How to build a start-up – legal and accounting basics. This course is one of the 43 lessons available on iTunes for free download. A video of the lectures and audio files, are both open to online students. The basics of legal and accounting  principles on How to start a start-up is just over 48 minutes in length. Other important aspects from this resource include Team and Execution, How to be a Great Founder, Competition is for Losers, How to Build Products Users Love, and How to Design Hardware Products.

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4. Harvard University

Harvard University provides a free online course which is titled as Nonprofit Financial Stewardship Webinar. This course gives students an introduction to Accounting and Financial Statements. This webinar series serves as an excellent opportunity to get the hang of the basic principles of nonprofit accounting. Distance learners enrolled in this course can now enjoy the chance to work in a self-paced progression throughout this business course. Since this class is considered an introductory course on the topic, there are no barriers on enrollment. All the course materials and video recordings are offered in the English language. The Introduction lecture for Nonprofit and Financial Statements webinar series aims to introduce basic nonprofit accounting concepts and financial statement exposure to online students who have little exposure to accounting and finance.

5. University of Pennsylvania

A free online course called More Introduction to Financial Accounting is currently offered by University of Pennsylvania. This program features a very flexible course delivery with a 100% online delivery format. Most of the students are required to complete all the class requirements by working on the course material for six to eight hours each week for a total of six weeks. The in-depth syllabus for this program picks up where Introduction to Financial Accounting drops off. Weekly themes for this course include Introduction and Working Capital Assets, Long-Lived Assets and Marketable Securities, Liabilities and Long-Term Debt, Deferred Taxes, Shareholder’s Equity and Financial Statement Analysis.

6. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor offers a free online course called Accounting for Decision Making. The curriculum for this free online course explores the answers to two of the most important questions in accounting. How much do I own, and how much did I gain with time?  Students taking this course online will understand how the two critical financial statements (balance sheet and income statement) are so designed that they answer the above questions.  The methodology of the course will then move on to teaching how individual transactions combine to make up these financial statements. Once correspondence course learners develop an understanding of financial and accounting statements, they will begin to form a more nuanced understanding of itemized components of doing business.

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7. University of Virginia – Main Campus

The University of Virginia provides online learners with a free course titled Financial Accounting Fundamentals. A 100% online format for the class means students will never have to meet on a school campus throughout the course’s duration. There is no delay for this class, so students can begin taking the class immediately on enrollment. Since the course is offered as a beginner level class, no barriers to entry are imposed on the students wanting to join the program. Students should be prepared to spend two to three hours each week for five weeks to complete all the course requirements.

8. Perdue University – Main Campus

Perdue University offers a free online course called Business Accounting Basics. For professionals who want to start their own business and those supplementing their understanding of accounting, this free online business course will help all the students understand accounting basics. Students enrolled for this class will be exposed to critical financial tools. This in turn will result in a better understanding of business. The course material includes lessons on the four basic financial statements namely Income statement, Balance sheet, Statement of cash flows, and Statement of retained earnings. These statements are very critical in helping to evaluate companies for investing purposes.

9. University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign

The University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign has a free online course which is titled: Accounting for Business Decision Making: Measurement and Operational Decisions. Accounting data is the life of an organization. This is because it facilitates and influences strategic and operational decisions intended to help meet organizational goals. All kinds of organizations benefit from the three decision-centered roles of accounting, namely measurement, communication and control. This free online course serves as an introduction to accounting’s measurement role within an organization and how accountants can communicate information that helps managers and team members make operational decisions.

10. Indiana University – Bloomington

Indiana University provides a free course called Managerial Accounting and Corporate Control.   Most businesses agree that long lasting success in an organization requires measurement systems that support decision making. This free course emphasizes on understanding and analyzing accounting information for internal decisions. Accounting and non-accounting professionals are often called upon to make this category of statements. The course  includes an emphasis on how internal accounting information can be classified as an asset when making complex business decisions. Managerial accounting is not always restricted by the regulations and rules that surround financial accounting.

Top 10 Taxation Courses Online

1. Henry Harvin

The Henry Harvin Educational Institute offers a course in Certified Accounting and Taxation Course. This course covers the important components of accounting like GST, Income Tax and TDS. These components of the tax structure depend heavily on the methods of financial transactions in India. The certified accounting and taxation course is ranked among the best in the country by people in authority. The features of this course are as under:

  • Students will get the benefit of attending unlimited batches with different teachers for the next 1 year after registering for the course.
  • Henry Harvin has the facility to run courses offline, online and self-paced route. They possess an excellent e-learning system
  • The training rooms at Henry Harvin are full of all the required logistic support and facilities to make training fun and interesting activity.

2. Northeastern University

Northeastern University was founded in the year 1896. It has enrolled more than 16,000 learners and enjoys the credit of having over 2, 55,000 alumni around the world. The University accepts less than 20% of applicants and features an 88% graduation rate. Additionally, US News and World Report ranks this university as the ninth most innovative school in the country. The D’Amore McKim School of Business imparts a master of science in taxation for current professionals. This elaborate program examines the modalities of the tax practices in the country. The curriculum covers core classes and electives on topics like state and local taxation, estate and gift taxation, and retirement plans.

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3. Villanova University

The Villanova University Charles Widget School of Law and the Villanova School of Business offer a master of taxation degree. This program blends theory with application of tax concepts and prepares learners for careers in private and public settings. The degree lays stress on  communication skills for presenting information related to tax. This 30-credit online tax degree comprises of coursework in partnership taxation, survey of tax, and electives. Students can also complete certification courses on state and local tax, estate planning, or employee benefits. This master’s in taxation program takes two years to complete.

4. Boston University

The BU School of Law’s master’s program of laws in taxation law prepares graduates to apply taxation concepts across different industries. This 24-credit curriculum explores topics such as federal income taxation, corporate tax, and partnership tax. Online courses are like Blackboard technology and may include asynchronous assignments and synchronous video conferencing sessions. Part-time candidates can finish the program in four years, and full-time students can graduate in two terms. Over 75% of graduates from the program imparted at Boston University gain employment in law and accounting firms. Learners can further specialize in their career by completing one of BU’s online certificates in areas like financial management, corporate finance and investment analysis.

5. Bentley University

Bentley’s Master of Science in taxation lays stress on research, analysis and planning for ethical tax practices. Program courses include federal taxation of income, multi-jurisdictional taxation,  and transactions. This curriculum will fulfill a portion of the necessary hours for certified public accountant credentials in several states. Learners may study part-time or full-time. Full-time learners may finish the program in 18 months. Graduates often pursue careers as tax managers, executive directors, senior associates, and senior tax analysts for companies such as Baker Newman Noyes, JPMorgan, PwC, and Boston Scientific Corporation.

6. New York University

The New York University’s master of studies in law and taxation explores consultation strategies for tax professionals working with businesses and entrepreneurs. Learners wanting a degree can examine legal factors as they relate to business processes such as mergers and pricing. Candidates must earn at least 24 credits to graduate. This includes one mandated class in tax procedure and a final project in the final term. This degree is highly customization. This fact can be ascertained by students earning credits through electives. This part-time master’s in taxation typically includes videos of in-person lectures, which the students watch on their own time within specific deadlines.

7. University of Cincinnati

UC’s Master of Science in taxation touches upon legal regulations and tax concepts to prepare learners for advisory positions in companies of various sizes. Candidates who work in areas such as estate planning, business, and venture capital may particularly benefit from this master’s in tax concepts. This 30-credit program includes courses on topics like corporate tax, IRS procedure, gift taxation and individual tax, which run for seven-weeks. UCs students use Blackboard and Canvas technology for these asynchronous online classes. Degree holders are able to fulfill all program requirements within 12 months.  Graduates often pursue careers as IRS revenue agents, assurance specialists, staff auditors, and financial planning consultants.  

8. University of Denver

The master of taxation program imparted at the Sturm College of Law examines legal concerns and the Internal Revenue Code for tax practices, as well as business concepts related to taxes. Courses for this master are of law in taxation cover topics such as criminal tax procedure, property transactions, and partnership taxation. Students have to complete 24-30 credits to secure  their online tax degree. Online courses feature 10-week sessions and powered by Canvas technology. This asynchronous format uses a blend of discussion forums and videos for training. Full-time students can graduate in 12 months. Admission materials for this program include GMAT scores, a resume, a personal statement, and a recommendation.

9. Depaul University

The Kellstadt Graduate School of Business and the Driehaus College of Business deliver an online master of science in taxation that examines cases and regulations for positions related to accounting. This 46-credits program includes classes in-depth research and writing for tax careers and explores both national and international tax concepts. Learners can also take electives in areas such as estate planning, federal tax valuation, tax-exempt organizations. Part-time learners can complete the program in three years if they enroll in at least two courses per term. Full-time learners can finish the program in 12 months. All DePaul students pursuing this master’s in taxation online must complete their course requirements within six years.

10. St. John’s University

The Peter J. Tobin College of Business imparts a master of science in taxation. This course addresses taxation regulations and processes at local federal levels. Students examine different types of taxation, including international, real estate, and gift taxes. Learners also get involved in tax discussions on situations such as mergers. Moreover, the program examines research and communication techniques for taxation concepts. Students who are pursuing this 31-credits master’s in taxation online complete coursework are prone to be experts at taxation. The department also has the requirement for tax electives that address topics like tax accounting, tax planning, and global taxation systems. Learners also complete a research project.

Who can take up an accounting and taxation course?

A candidate needs to be a graduate with a Commerce background to be eligible for the Post Graduate Program in accounting and taxation training.  Freshers and those with less than two years of work experience are sure to benefit from this course. The Post Graduate program in Business accounting and taxation course in Mumbai is a course to be experienced. It is a practical learning course, primarily conceptualized to aid students to become industry ready professionals post qualification. The modules of the accounting and taxation training course are so designed and structured and curated by industry experts having years of experience in the domains of accounting and taxation course.

Recent graduates and those who wish to learn in-demand skills and tools in accounting and taxation course can easily take up accounting and taxation training. Being a tax accountant has its own pros and cons. Many people believe that becoming a tax accountant is a cakewalk. However, it is not so. It may take a slightly longer time to become a successful tax accountant but it is well worth the extra time. There are many people who are dying to become tax accountants; however, not many of them are being successful.

Tax accounting is a highly regarded profession. It has job security and opportunities for advancement. You can work as an auditor, bookkeeper, tax accountant, financial analyst, controller, accounting manager, you name it and you will have it. However, playing all these roles requires training in accounting and taxation training by doing an accounting and taxation course from a reputed institute. Henry Harvin is one institute where accounting and taxation training is given and the accounting and taxation course certification is given.

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