Decades later, when we, the teenagers of now, have grown into our frames, our features better defined and maturity settled into the space left vacant by the long-gone playfulness of our childhood, we will tell future generations of this year.

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Some of us will recount how a virus spread across the globe and forced us into quarantine, while some of us will recount horridly true tales of police brutality. We will solemnly remember the multitude of lives lost to both a deadly disease and racial discrimination and silently pay homage to their departed souls.

2020 will come to be a significant year in the history of mankind. Let it not just be associated with negative happenings in your mind. If you want to look back to these times in the future and recall how you broke out of your shell and reached your full potential, read on to find what all a teenager like you and I should do this summer.

Map Out Your Future

High school, much to our displeasure, won’t be the end of our education. You and I both will need to go off to college if we want to make a future for ourselves.

The summer would be the perfect time to prepare for it.

Mind you, it won’t be an easy task, but enlisting the services of sites like Common App will ensure a smooth ride right into university.

Release Your Creativity

Not all thoughts of ours can be spoken. Luckily, we have many mediums of expression at our disposal. You can paint enchanting forests and gorgeous portraits to calm your mind or pen down a piece to clear out your thoughts.

If there are things you need to say that don’t need to be heard, keeping a Journal would be ideal.

Being creative in any which way or form regularly would go a longer way than you think.

Work Your Muscles

I know, I know, you planned on working out but couldn’t get around to do it. Don’t worry, we’re all on the same boat.

I deeply relate to the temptation of sitting slouched against the support of your pillows, phone in hand and marshmallows stuffed in your mouth. But, sadly we have to admit that it isn’t the healthiest of habits.

Exercising our bodies should be a part of our daily routines. It will not only keep us fit, but will release ‘happy hormones’ which regrettably aren’t acknowledged as important by most.

You should consider Yoga or other forms of meditation too. It soothes the mind and helps build focus.

If you have no idea where to start, check out my Workout Routines Pinterest board to help you out.

Upgrade And Upscale

The lack of school classes during the summer doesn’t imply that we shouldn’t do courses and internships on our own accord.

The free month we get is a golden opportunity to enrich our portfolios and expand our knowledge. It is crucial for high school students to make the most of their time.

Henry Harvin hosts multiple summer programmes for high school students like Teen MBA and Junior MBA courses that you can take.

Care For The Community

There will always be harsh forces in the universe, putting people in our society in unpleasant situations. We should be grateful for the relative peace we have and do our part in the community by helping those who cannot help themselves.

We are better off not only in society but also in our family. Students like us get a holiday, a break from work, but, our parents don’t. We should take this time to help out around the house. A little housework won’t be a big burden for us and yet, a huge load of our parents’ back.

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The way we spend our time defines who we are.

Jonathan Estrin.


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