11 Reasons to Get an ITIL Certification

11 Reasons to Get an ITIL Certification

11 Reasons to Get an ITIL Certification

11 Reasons to Get an ITIL Certification

What is ITIL?

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL, is an entity within IT Security Management (ITSM) field is a practice framework from public and private sectors internationally. It guides the IT resources to be organized while delivering business, documenting the goals and processes, monitor the functions and roles in ITSM.

Who can learn The ITIL framework?

The ITIL framework is a widely accepted framework, with set of practices mainly for the IT professionals in IT enabled services and management,  IT  service and support managers , IT Consultants, CIO’s  and  Project Managers.

ITIL Service Management supports the transformation of IT services and has been implemented in companies like Microsoft, IBM, Caterpillar and Boeing and adapted well with changing economic and market conditions.

The ITIL Service Management Lifecycle has 5 distinct lifecycle stages:
  1. Service Strategy
  2. Service Design
  3. Service Transition
  4. Service Operation
  5. Continual Service Improvement

ITIL knowledge is required for various organizations to handle projects demanding the skilled workforce and companies are sponsoring employees with ITIL training and also provide onsite job training.

The ITIL Certification Path:
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There are 4 levels in ITIL Certification Path
ITIL Foundation:
provides details on the fundamentals of ITIL for better understanding of the concepts.
ITIL Intermediate: explains 5 ITIL framework phases to manage across the lifecycle.
ITIL Expert: explains all the finer details of ITIL Structure.
ITIL Master: provides a comprehensive knowledge with ITIL phases to be implemented in real time.

ITIL Certification serves as a gateway for various opportunities at different organizational levels. The benefits are as listed below:
  - Fosters Creativity and Appropriate Process Selection at organization levels.
  - Increased Productivity with greater customer satisfaction at professional upfront.
  - Increased ROI in IT setup by implementing appropriate skills in various levels of projects.
  - Long Term Pay off in terms of income, cost savings and improved services.
  - ITIL customers are offered better flexibility with pick and choose option available to mix and match ITIL model based on requirement.
  - With better skills and expertise in ITIL it paves way for better third party services.
  - Solutions provided with better identification of weak areas.
  - Resource utilization to reduce cost on training and framework implementation.
  - Many IT Professionals are ITIL certified to have a greater edge over their competitors in the company and seek better opportunities in the market.
  - ITIL Certification provides global opportunities in ITSM arena.
  - ITIL has been adopted by various organizations and certified professionals can choose their options rather than companies selecting them.
  - ITIL has been ranked among the top 15 highest paid certifications and the demand for the same is increasing in leaps and bounds in various fields such as incident management, service management, process        management, release management and project management roles.
  - Candidates appearing for ITIL certification examinations will find preparation materials easily available through online study materials, mobile apps, books to familiarize themselves with various jargons associated  with ITIL training and certification.
  - Professionals with ITIL certification can enhance their skills by evolving with technological changes, market demands and set strategies to maximize their skill set.

Thus with market constantly evolving with technological and market demands companies, recruiters are always in search for better qualified individuals or certified in domain specific to ITIL. There are various centers available for training candidates in ITIL through online and offline modes and one of them is Henry Harvin which provides better opportunities at all levels in the professional world and escalates themselves in their career.

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