Dear Readers in this COVID situation you might be thinking to update your knowledge, why to update knowledge there are several reasons for you to get updated in this pandemic situation, let’s list out few important reasons why, why to update knowledge there are several reasons for you to get updated in this pandemic situation, let us list out few important reasons why you should update your knowledge base

  • Need to stand ahead in the corporate world with new acquired knowledge
  • Enough time to learn which may not be possible in day today environment
  • Need to increase knowledge base which might be useful for individual career growth

So now it is clear that enhancing knowledge is very essential for everyone in order to showcase their competency to the employers & to take up new desired profession by learning new technologies & information available in the internet & it’s our small   information how you can enhance your knowledge.

In General if we think there are many skills which are common & essential for everyone which ever profession they are, few of them are listed below

  • Telephone etiquettes

There are few important things when it comes to Telephone Manners, few are listed below

  1. Begin Telephone conversation by Greeting with soft tone
  2. Pick up the phone at least in  2-4 rings which is good Manner
  3. Always smile while speaking
  4. While speaking keep your tone clear
  5. Avoid being arrogant during conversations
  • Soft skills

Soft skills are essential for professionals across industry as they specify your personality some examples of soft skills could be Effective relationship building skills, language modulation, interpersonal skills, and Team managing skills, with these skills one can inculcate best leadership & managerial abilities along with competency skills, interested please go through course section given below explore and learn soft skills.

  • Effective communication skills

One of the important soft skill essential for everyone , require learning of proper grammar while speaking & usage of powerful words while speaking below are few online courses which you can explore and increase knowledge.

  • Body Language

There is saying Action speak than words hence body language plays vital role in presentation skills, explore few free online courses listed below to inculcate body language skills.

  • Business Email writing  

Want to write effective email , there should be proper usage of language with appropriate content , plan the emails with necessary information and communicate with effective language skills

  • Computer basics

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Computer skills are very much essential for every one in day to day life , below are few courses which illustrate the basic computer skills 

  • Making Effective presentations using PowerPoint and other MS office packages like MS Word and MS Excel

If you want to make business presentation or prepare pivot table or prepare a quotation for tender for all there activities your require MS Office package which has MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel

These provides upper hand in presenting data in effective manner with charts, graphics.

If you list out there are many more skills it is difficult to mention everything here, so we will choose some important domains listed down here & understand how these courses could be helpful according to the need of learners by which they can utilize these skills enriching their career graph in present organization in this pandemic situations.

There are few free certifications offered by Google in the arena of Digital Marketing & Amazon offers ATES certification(Amazon Certified Ecommerce Specialist) by which after certification you can join as seller associate & enhance your income for more details please go through

We will choose Professional categories like Software Developers, Sales & Marketing, Production, Quality, Finance, Digital Marketing, healthcare & writers.

Above mentioned categories could definitely take up general skills like business writing, email etiquettes, soft skills, leadership skills & many more topics to enhance their existing knowledge & become experts.

Courses related to Soft skills, Body Language, spoken English, writing skills, Public speaking are few essential learning topics for every one

If you take today’s Competitive world communication skills are mandatory & with effective communication skills one can express himself in better way be it Interview or any other situation

With proper body language you can face anybody with

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Considering the importance of today’s corporate needs you can find find best online courses in this article and below are some brief explanation about happening trends in Market

 Data Science

As the name suggests Data Science deals with Data Analytics, Data science   has proved its importance because of dynamics of Data changes & need for data Interpretation for various reserach and for analysing Data is very important for learner to understand certain basics which are listed below

Python and R Programing

There are best online courses mentioned in this article which you can take up & learn Data Science & explore opportunities in Data Analytics domain.

Below are few courses which are general courses which can be taken by any one who is interested to enhance their present knowledge base.

Course NameDetails of the course & provider Link to join the course
1)Build a Powerful English Vocabulary  Udemy Course gives confidence in the speaker using 5 important words obsolete | sporadic | ludicrous | tantamount | sceptical Course duration 40 minutes Mode : Online course
2)Speak English fluently with Idioms  Udemy Course gives outline how you can use idioms in day to day life Course duration 40 minutes Mode : Online course
3)English Grammar and Speaking Course: Essential Verb Tenses!  Udemy Course takes you through essential verbs which you can use for effective communications Course duration 1.5 Hours Mode : Online course
  4)14-day English language fluency course      Udemy Course takes you through all basic spoken English with proper narrations Course duration 3 hours Mode : Online course
Course NameDetails of the course & ProviderLink to join the course
5)Master Body language BlueprintUdemy After completing this course you will be able to improve your body language while public speaking & business presentations Duration 1 Hour 18 minutes Mode : Online course
      6)Email Writing- How to Write Effective Emails      Udemy How to draft effective emails & structure of email format Duration 2 Hours Mode : Online course
  7)Easy Excel Basics for Beginners – Get Started with Excel        Udemy Learn Micorsoft Excel basics Duration 40 Minutes Mode : Online course
8)PowerPoint for beginnersUdemy Learn Microsoft PowerPoint basics Duration 2 Hours Mode : Online course
9)Introduction to NetworkingUdemy Quick walkthrough in the arena of computer networking & basics of networking Mode : Online course
    10)Writing for BusinessUdemy Learn how to write effectively in business environment Duration 40 Minutes Mode : Online course
11)Becoming a Better LeaderUdemy Learn better leadership skills Duration 45 Minutes Mode : Online course
12)Photography is EasyUdemy Learn Photography Duration 1 Hour Mode : Online course

This is small list of general category courses which anybody can take up & learn to enrich their knowledge quotient.

In 2020 there is boom for Skills like Data Science, Devops & cyber security & Python, scrum master along with evergreen technologies such as Java, Database administration, Web design, Web development so below are some IT Courses you can explore & learn in this pandemic situation & become master

Below are handpicked Best Online course for learners –IT /Software

Course NameCourse details & ProviderLink to join the course
1)Web developer courseUdemy Learn HTML5,CSS,Java script with code illustrations Duration 5 Hours Mode : Online course
2)Introduction to Programming with Python – Revised  Alison Learn basics of Python Duration  4 Hours Mode : Online course
3)Introduction to PythonCoursera   Learn basics of Python Duration 1 Hour Mode : Online
4)Web Programing using PythonHarvard University Learn how to web programing using Python Duration 12 Weeks Mode : Online course
    5)HTML5 and  CSS3 fundamentals      Udemy Learn to Build website using HTML5 and CSS3 Course duration 5 Hours Mode : Online course
6)AWS  EssentialsUdemy Learn basics of Amazon web services Duration 7 Hours Mode : Online course
7)Devops EssentialsUdemy Learn Devops Process and Tools Duration 2 Hours Mode : Online course
8)Start Cyber security from Scratch in 2020Udemy Basics of Cyber security & its Importance Duration 42 Minutes Mode : Online course
9)Cyber security 2020Udemy Learn about web attacks & cross write scripting Duration 5 Hours Mode : Online course
10)How to build Mobile Apps without ProgramingUdemy Learn to build mobile Apps Duration 2.5 Hours Mode : Online course
11)Scrum BasicsUdemy Learn scrum basics Course duration 1.5 hours Mode : Online course
12)SQL FundamentalsSololearn Learn SQL Fundamentals Duration Mode : Online course
13)Data Science with PythonSololearn   Learn data science with Python Mode : Online course/Mobile App
14)Swift4 FundamentalsSololearn Learn swift 4 coding
15)Introduction to IT & CybersecurityCyberray IT Learn about Cyber security
16)Learn JavaCode Academy Learn Java coding Mode : Online course

All the above courses listed covers IT & General category of learning , further lets look at Digital Marketing courses which have equal importance in job Market

Digital Marketing person’s promotes products online using social media platforms & engage audience which his creative content & Social Media Marketing skills

Below are list of Digital Marketing courses offered by Marketing Institute & Google which are Free & after attempting exam you will receive printed certificate of completion

Course NameLink to enroll & complete the course
1)SEO Certification
2)Content Marketing Certification
3)Social Media Marketing Certification
4)Web Analytics Certification
5)Google Analytics for Beginners
6)Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Now we will see some courses in the field of Pharmacy/Healthcare/medicine

Course NameLink to explore the course
1)Introduction to Pharmacy
2)Nutrition & Medicine
3)Fundamentals of Clinical Trials
4)Vaccine Trials
5)Diabetes Global Challenge
6)Human Anatomy for medical students

We have given courses related to IT , Digital Marketing & Health care courses till now , we will see some courses for Technical people

Course NameLink to explore the course
Introduction to manufacturing Strategy
Productivity and Waste Management – Lean and Environmental Perspectives
Advanced Manufacturing Process Analysis
Digital Manufacturing & Design
Mechanical Design for
Non Traditional Manufacturing
Industrial Biotechnology

Looking at current trends in digital era there is great demand for Web development, UI/UX design, Biotechnology & Cyber security Professionals along with these there demand for Environment experts, Journalism, Fire and safety engineering we will see why these professions are in high demand.

Study Topic 1

Prasan is Fresh  engineering graduate looking to explore career in IT field he conducts lot of online research in finalizing course for his specialized studies that is cyber security

Why do you think Cyber security domain is Important & highly paid domain

Where ever there is website & server containing enormous amount of user & company data if data is hacked then it will bring down company’s image in front of customers & clients how do they control this? By Cyber security Professionals who helps them with effective cyber security methodologies protect Customer & client’s data & helps company in maintaining data as per cyber laws of the government.

We have lot of IT & Non IT companies & they require Cyber security Professionals

Study Topic  2

Sam is Fresh Graduate & looking for job in fire & safety domain as there is need of Fire & safety professionals in manufacturing industries where they are prone to fire mishaps

Considering today’s busy & heavy Production schedules due to loads & little negligence can lead to fire mishaps, it can happen in any place which could be fatal resulting in Loss of property hence Fire and safety engines gained lot of importance in today’s world, they fight & lay down safety measures to prevent fire mishaps

Study Topic 3

Data scientists gained lot of importance due to huge need for Data Analysis & Management & Data scientists are Analytics Experts, in 2020 it could be hot technology there are few courses listed above if you are interested to take online course as Data Scientist

UI/UX designers are gaining importance due to growing online shopping sites where these guys beautify the front page of the website by their designing skills

Lets talk about some Management courses which are necessary for management professionals

For Smooth Functioning or Organization & its employees HR professionals play major role hence below are some Best Online Courses for HR Professionals

Course NameCourse Details & providerWeb link to join the course
Create Dashboard in one HourUdemy Duration 1hour Online video course Learn how to create dashboards using Power BI , helpful course for HR Professionals
Crash course on HRMUdemy Duration 45 Minutes Online video course Learn basics of Human Resource Management

App based learning

There are many apps available in Google Play store where users can download these apps learn the courses listed in the application & after succeful completion of the course they can download the completion certificate

App descriptionLink to down load the APP
Tube study app
SOLO Learn

Below are certain courses which are essential for everyone

Courses are classified in to following categories

Health related courses

Courses related to your life style & for leading healthy life style following online courses are essential

Platform has many featured videos related to Yoga best website for yoga lovers, go through above link & learn Yoga to stay fit.

Basic computer skills

For many people who require basic computer know –how about computers and operating systems, office packages are very necessary below are some useful videos which can be learnt & understood by watching online videos , included few Financial Packages which are essentials for Accounting Professioanals

Video NameLink to watch the videos
Basic computing skills
Computer Fundamentals
Typing Tutorial
Introduction to Computers
Computer Course
Computer Basics
Tally ERP 9 Basics
Step by Step Tutorial Tally ERP9
VAT Explained

These are few courses which any body can explore & learn online for Free, this is small research though every thing cant be explianied in one article , here most of the happening topics 7 related online free course details are given, wishing Happy Learning

As furnished above there are few essential skills which can be learnt by exploring these free online platforms & increase knowledge base, many FREE IT Certifications are available in the area of cloud computing & Data science ,cyber security which is happening boom now a days, we have growing demand for Digital Marketers too as there is boom for online Marketing , since there is boom for Digital Marketing domain, areas like SEO, SEO Writing, Content markers are observing forthcoming revolution in business trends & lot of Digital markers provide free learning & encourage the learner to promote their presence in social media with ehich their band visibility is increasing and click through rate has increased.

Coming to healthcare sector lot of Paramedical courses including Yoga and physiotherapy is on High demand, due to online boom even they have come up with Apps which will encourage users to download from Google store & after trial period encouraging them for buying the product/services.

So what you are waiting for learn courses mentioned in the article & inculcate your knowledge base

Frequently asked questions

What are essential skills for strong business presentationsLearning MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Power BI, Tableau along with video editing skills., refer course mentioned in the article
How do we improve our communication skillsBy learning correct grammatical usage of terms, increasing vocabulary, refer free online courses provided in the article explore & learn
Any course to learn Digital MarketingThere are many free online  courses , in this article few courses are hand picked & given
How to draft good EmailsPlease refer courses furnished in the article & learn how to improve your Email skills.

                                                         Happy Learning to All Readers

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  1. Writing blogs like this is a very difficult process and your blog is successful in conveying your views in the aptest manner.

  2. Writing blogs like this is a very difficult process and your blog is successful in conveying your views in the aptest manner.

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  4. Writing blogs like this is a very difficult process and your blog is successful in conveying your views in the aptest manner.

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