Array ( [0] => 0 [courseId] => 0 ) Six Benefits of Six Sigma in Industrial Engineering

Six Benefits of Six Sigma in Industrial Engineering

Six Benefits of Six Sigma in Industrial Engineering

Six Benefits of Six Sigma in Industrial Engineering

Six Benefits of Six Sigma in Industrial Engineering

Be the Leader with Six Sigma!

Engineering is a broad discipline with varied streams categorized according to their application areas. The scientific knowledge implemented through engineering is evident in every invention you can think of but the task does not end up here. There has to be a process to optimize each invention, simplify complex processes and implement integrated systems of people, knowledge, money and equipment. This is when Industrial Engineering comes in the picture.

Before you question the existence of Six Sigma in Industrial Engineering, I would like to tell you that it was Henry Ford, Founder Ford Motor Company, who introduced the notion of providing financial incentives to employees to increase the productivity of Ford industries. A brilliant idea indeed but are you wondering what it has to do with either of the topics here. If you’re an Industrial Engineer, you have already read between the lines but obeying Six Sigma’s methodology to simplify complex tasks I would put down the following for you:

Industrial Engineering is all about making teams of non industrial engineers to work on improvement projects. Six Sigma is the one that lets you do that. The standardized approach of Six Sigma when imparted scales the count and level of improvement projects across the organization. Its data driven methods helps to pipeline the tasks at ease. Six sigma can offer help in the following ways:
  1. Statistical tools build an infrastructure of people in the company that are experts in all the fields and hence prove themselves useful to the industrial engineer
  2. Presence of experts eliminates errors along with reducing the variability in business and manufacturing processes
  3. Enhance the product quality that can be attributed to efficiently monitored workforce and streamlined processes

Six Sigma has undoubtedly become the need of the hour. Upvotes are automatically generated for people who are certified with Six Sigma. The advancement witnessed in technology today does not demands engineers but experts. The extra edge is a must and when you’re an Industrial Engineer you cannot possibly even think of lagging behind. After all you’ll handle a bunch of people. Moves are trusted when they are certified.

Last but never the least, 1.5 Million engineers pass out every year in India but they’re engineers not experts. So either you get to join the millions or lead the millions with Six Sigma.  

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