The history of product development and project management has seen numerous methodologies and approaches, each having merits of their own. Let’s look at the benefits of using Agile.

1. When you look at a product development process, a project can take a lot of time, right from 3 or months to around a year. In this time, with the current rate of change in trends and innovation, it is highly possible that the requirements, collected at the time of initiation of the project, have changed. In Agile, the project team is constantly in touch with the customer, taking frequent updates. So, when the customer reports the change in requirements of feature, the feature list is updated. This greatly helps in making a better product.

2. It is very common for projects to take longer time to get completed and delivered, than was estimated and promised by the project team. That can be changed when you adopt Agile. In most cases, the time gets exceeded due to unforeseen errors, rework time, and the fact that team completes the entire product one phase at a time. In Agile, the development, testing and documentation of the product happen simultaneously. Also, the development occurs in cycles, with one feature or component being developed at a time. This narrows the scope of errors, and when identified, is corrected immediately. Adding to this, the frequent team meets ensure that the project is on schedule.

3. A good product is one that meets the set requirements and functions as desired. In order to make a good product, any errors or undesirable results must be removed. This process is called rework. Rework, when done for an entire product, is a very tedious task, and takes a lot of time and effort. The procedure followed in Agile ensures lesser rework and lesser time spent on rework, since the development is done one component at a time.

4. For any development process, the team is very important. A team should have members who share the same vision for the product and have the same understanding of what the product must look like. In Agile, the team is even more important. All the decisions in the project are made with the discussion with the entire team. Being a process methodology where the many teams work simultaneously on different tasks in the project and the team members are required to meet frequently to plan the course of action, Agile requires a great amount of team coordination. In this way, Agile contributes to forming better professionals who are capable of functioning smoothly in a team.

5. With great quality of products comes great customer satisfaction. When a product is of a high standard, the documentation has been done though roughly, the requirements are met, and the product is delivered properly, the project is said to be successful. Obviously, the main aim is to make sure that the customer is satisfied, as it ensures that the customer is satisfied, and creates a gateway of further business prospects.

Among all the methodologies followed in product development, Agile is one of the most modern and effective ways.

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