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10 Benefits of Six Sigma for Civil Engineers

10 Benefits of Six Sigma for Civil Engineers

10 Benefits of Six Sigma for Civil Engineers

10 Benefits of Six Sigma for Civil Engineers

Is a civilization possible without civil engineers? Can defects and wastages be minimised by induction of Six Sigma in construction Industry! Let’s learn more on it …

As per recently concluded survey construction industry has become the 2nd largest industry in India. During the last few years, enormous growth in infrastructure has been found .But how to Minimizing the waste to optimize the profitability is still a concern.

In Construction Industry anything which does not meet requirement is deemed to be called as a “ Defect “ and here Six Sigma Plays a pivotal role in meeting customer demand, reducing cost borne by the company, avoiding delays. Below are few staggering facts on construction industry:-
  1. 91% of the projects are delayed.
  2. 94 % of the projects overrun in cost by 15 to 20 %.
  3. And round by 99 % of the time expectations don’t meet reality.

All in All main goal of Six Sigma is to manage material, time, manpower and capital efficiently and effectively Six Sigma includes providing:
  1. structured methods of improvement to reduce waste,
  2. shorten production time,
  3. Promoting concurrent work, accelerating activities, improving planning and control and ultimately high levels of customer satisfaction.

By following below Six Sigma, construction industry can improve their profit & good quality of work for:-
  1. Better understanding of Project.
  2. Time line given to the project.
  3. What are the challenges in the project & plans to overcome the same.
  4. Safety of the work environment.
  5. Better knowledge of market rates.
  6. Better understanding of Competitors.
  7. What are the major wastes and delays?
  8. Where are the defects, reworks?
  9. Control & improve the quality of work.
  10. Compiles overall investment & benefits.
  11. Validate the results & saving after the completion of project.

There should be a lot of scope for Six Sigma in construction AS you can statically analyse the way workers perform their site activities, knowing the numbers of skilled workers you have on your team to meet task.

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