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5 Tips to Write Impressive Web Content

5 Tips to Write Impressive Web Content

5 Tips to Write Impressive Web Content

5 Tips to Write Impressive Web Content

Writing web content is a different ballgame. Contrary to the printed text, web copy is usually glanced at. According to Neilsen’s research, only 16% of visitors read web pages word by word. 
“The web visitors are looking for information. They will just scan your copy and quickly decide whether to stay or move on. It is impossible to impress visitors if they don’t read the whole thing.” 
- Sonika Verma, Digital Marketing Manager.

If you are tasked with writing a web copy, you may have to revamp your writing game. Here are some tips to write great web content and attract web traffic:

Tip#1: Put First Things First

A web visitor will quickly scan your website and decide whether it is useful or not. So, always put the most important information first on your web page.

“It could be a simple statement describing what your product or business. Once the visitors know that it is what they were looking for, they might want to find out more.”
- Kapil Dhyani, Web Content Writer.


Tip#2: Be Simple. Be Effective
Stuffing clever phrases that require visitors to think doesn’t work for the web content. Keep your web copy simple and easy-to-follow. 

  • Use familiar words so that the people know that they are in the right place.
  • Write short sentences and short paragraphs for easy reading.
  • Avoid unnecessary words and repetitions. 
  • Use ‘You’, ‘Your’ so that visitors feel that you are addressing them directly. 

Tip#3: Write Each Page Like An Entry Page

Instead of reading your home page first, the web visitors may start with any page of your website. While you can’t know where people will land on your website, you can ensure that your web page is like an entry page.

  • Each page should be easy to scan and understand. 

  • The page should clearly tell visitors about your website. 

  • There should be a call to action on each page that tells people what to do next - go to the product description page, read testimonials, read another blog, buy the product, or contact the support team. 

Tip#4: Help Visitors To Find You

“The visitors looking for information can be your potential customers. You can help them find you by answering the question about a certain product or service.”
- Kanika Dewan, Content Writing Head.  

  • Use SEO tools like Adword or Google finder to find out keywords that the visitors are searching for. 

  • Provide useful information on one product on each page based on these keywords. 

  • Link each page to important pages on your website or other websites.

Tip#5: Make A Visual Impact 

“A visually attractive website not only influences web visitors but also, enhances the readability of your content. You can make your web copy more impactful by including videos and images.”
- Manik Paul, Web Designer.

  • While writing text, use different font sizes as people read the large text first.

  • Use experts or customers quotes to add credibility. 

  • Add white space and avoid complicated sentences. 

  • Write in bold, italics, or CAPS to highlight important information.

  • Break long paragraphs into numbered sentences or bullet points.

Writing useful web content is difficult. Keep these tips in mind to write simple, impressive content.


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