4 Hard Truths on Why Freelance Writers Fail

4 Hard Truths on Why Freelance Writers Fail

4 Hard Truths on Why Freelance Writers Fail

4 Hard Truths on Why Freelance Writers Fail

Freelance writing is a great opportunity for content writers looking for a way to make money without getting stuck in the 9-5 office grind. Whether you are a stay-at-home mother or a budding writer, you can pursue a career in writing and fulfill your responsibilities at the same time.

Despite the ease of work and a decent payout, only a fraction of writers succeed at freelancing while others don’t even make a mark. 

“No wonder, many new writers end up failing. Not because they had poor writing skills or missed deadlines but, because they forgot to update their skills and learn from their mistakes.
- Monika Thakur, Content Writer.

If you want to taste success as a writer, here are 4 hard truths on why freelance writers fail so that you can learn and put an end to failure:

Truth#1: You have to start from scratch.
If you thought that your career in journalism or experience in writing could earn you fat paychecks right away, you are wrong.
Don’t expect to earn big bucks on your first post. In fact, you have to develop your online reputation before anyone would actually hire you to write.

“You have to make a fresh start. You have to compete with hundreds of writers and prove that you are capable of standing out.”
Sanjay Soni, Freelance Writer.

It’s normal to accept low paying writing gigs at the start. But once you establish yourself, choose decent clients who are willing to pay your work’s worth.  

Truth#2: You have to learn new skills.
Even though you have excellent language skills and have a passion for writing, you may not have any idea about the online language.

“Companies want writers who can create persuasive and engaging content for their audience. Your high-school language skills will not suffice for this job. You have to learn new skills that will improve your copy on the website.”
- Rahul Singh, Content Coordinator. 

Learning about copywriting and online tools like Wordpress, Grammarly, Google Hangouts, Plagiarism Checker, etc. will put you on a road to becoming a successful writer.

Truth#3: You have to do all you can.
Before you take up freelance writing, you should see whether you are cut out for this career. People working full-time hours or having their hands full with other responsibilities should think twice.  The truth is if you can’t give it your all and can’t focus on your writing, you’re doomed to fail. 

Truth#4: You have to be persistent.
There will be times when things won’t work out. No matter how great your ideas were, you might not hear from your clients for days. But, that shouldn’t stop you from pitching yourself.

“You will land clients only if you keep on trying and build up your online reputation. No sooner you’ll get more work than you can handle! Just hang in there and don’t give up.”
- Ruby Jha, Content Management Team Head.

If you’ve decided to work as a freelance writer, don’t second-guess your abilities when going through a dry spell. Shake off your doubts and create an action plan and keep on pitching! No matter how rough it gets, never settle for anything you don’t deserve. 


Like any other profession, freelance writing requires a lot of backbreaking work and patience. Keep these hard truths in mind to become a successful freelance writer.

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