20 Best Writing Tools of 2020 : A Guide For Writers

Writing has been an integral part of human culture and civilization ever since our existence on this planet.

The earliest forms of writing were done using pen and paper and this later moved onto writing on a typewriter and then finally on a computer.

It’s important that when a writer is sharing his or her thoughts, they should have something which helps them avoid typical grammatical mistakes and formatting as well as spelling errors.

Writing tools and resources offer great assistance to polish a writer piece be it a blog-post, story, article, or any other written form of text and help make the audience understand and appreciate the work done by a writer.

Now, let’s list down some of the most important content writing tools which exist in the market today for budding and experienced writers:

1. Grammarly — this is a free plagiarism checker and proofreader tool that allows a writer to correct silly spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

2. Blog Idea Generator — this is a very quick, simple, and to-the-point generator tool specifically designed to shell out a 7-day full list of post titles within a fraction of time.

3. Papier — happens to be one of the best and most popular free resource tools for bloggers and article writers. It offers a very simple, clean, and distraction-free way to take notes inside a browser.  

4. Blog Post Headline Analyzer — this is one tool that if someone likes would eventually end up loving! It’s a small yet power-packed tool that helps a writer write better. It provides systematic feedback on a writing piece by checking text against a database of correct language.

5. Hemingway — this is a free proofreading tool that can be used as a level up after trying out Grammarly. It tests the readability of the content and makes adjustments according to the intended audience for which it has been written.

6. Capitalize My Title — it is a great tool specifically designed to correct your text ‘Title’ and format it as per the guidelines.

7. Reedsey Book Editor — this is one of the best tools available today for any writer who is keen on publishing their content to a wide variety of readers. It handles the correction and formatting issues even before the write-up has been finished!

8. Butterick’s Practical Typography — this is also one of the best tools amongst many others to help understanding style options and correct formatting issues.

9. Flowstate — if a writer faces a lot of issues related to distraction and getting lost in thoughts, then this tool can help as it deletes everything as soon as someone stops writing! A great tool for a niche audience.

10. Bear — this certainly is a grand tool for a writer who is pretty much on-the-go and needs software that can help keep all your thoughts, notes, and ideas in a single interface.

11. Squier — a one-in-all tool that gives a plethora of interfaces, motivational tools, and prompts that push a writer to finish his piece in 30 days!

12. Hemingway — a brilliant editor tool that focuses specifically on two parameters only — making your text bold and clear where required.

13. Readability test tool — it provides for a very fast and simple way of checking the readability of your write-up and giving a score based on the most widely used readability indicators.

14. ZenPen — is a free tool that is used for blocking distractions.

15. iLYS — stands for ‘I Love Your Stories’ an allows for writers to develop a pure writing flow.

16. Scapple — is also an excellent tool for tracking a writer’s thoughts and creating mind maps.

17. Evernote — this tool helps capture ideas, thoughts, pictures, and voice notes in a virtual scrapbook.

18. Cliche Finder — helps to avoid overuse and confusing language.

19. Google Docs — certainly a trusted tool used by many to help collaborate information.

20. StayFocused App — it is also a brilliant app to avoid distractions and increase productivity levels. 

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