Array ( [0] => 0 [courseId] => 0 ) Live life king size with Six Sigma

Live life king size with Six Sigma

Live life king size with Six Sigma

Live life king size with Six Sigma

Live life king size with Six Sigma

Why do you want to work for our organization?

Sir, I want to learn more and your company will enable me to learn as much as possible.

Really? You really work for that. Swear on your laptop and accept that the answer that got you hired was the biggest lie you ever told. Don’t shy away, you’re no more in a HR interview. While we all know that everything revolves around money, package, salary. The first thing you see in the job offered is the salary they offer you. right? Everything else is read afterwards. When you’re so keen about making money why don’t you do that one single certification that can get you not just a job, rather you’ll land in a world of success.

You don’t trust me, then let me talk to you straight with the fact sheet.

Six Sigma Black belt project manager

The average salary for the post is Rs 1,020,072 in India. The cherry on the top is that you don’t need to have a lot of experience to prove yourself for the post. All that you need is project management skills and that can be easily learnt with Six sigma

Six sigma certified Quality Manager

The salary ranges for this one from 540,250 – 1,694,160.

Six sigma certified process improvement manager

The salary range is 465,398 – 1,634,957.

Six sigma certified operations manager

The salary range is 528,738 – 1,992,000

Six sigma certified quality assurance manager

The salary range is 489,357 – 2,246,889

Still reading? Do I need to say more after the figures. Rush and be Six Sigma certified and then you’ll know what is Living life, King size.

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